Top 5 Best Car GPS Trackers Review in 2020


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real time deals number one most popular

spy tech GL 300 ma portable personal 4G

real time mini GPS tracker one of the

stumbling blocks that can put many

people off investing in GPS tracking

devices is the assumptions that they're

complicated to use fight that have taken

that notion and thrown it out of the

window which is extremely easy to use

device for one thing twice itself is

subtlety tiny measuring about three

inches in length and weighing about

eight ounces as far as GPS trackers go

that's tiny despite its small size

however it's good to see this model has

a good battery life in use it's nice and

simple too with the bundled software is

syncing with Google Maps when relaying

information that's useful to see as

Google Maps is by and large the template

map app that we all know and recognize

number two land air c-54 waterproof

magnet mount real time or g LTE gps


if you're interested in an exterior

mount GPS tracker for your car the tax

star will give you the durability that

you need the tracker itself has magnetic

case for chasis bumper and wheel while

mounting and it's waterproof to protect

itself from the elements the text R is

the website and mobile app for real-time

tracking which is accurate within 10

meters you can also use the website to

access up to six months of archived

location information this device not

only makes it great for keeping an eye

on family but it's also perfect for

businesses to track company vehicles and

logistic liens the rechargeable battery

gives you up to three months of standby

time or three weeks of working battery


number three GPS tracker for vehicles

thinks no monthly fee obd real-time 3g

car our next product comes from things

and this is a pretty high-tech little

device with a range of interesting

design points one of the more

interesting things about this model is

not actually a design point or a feature

however it is the fact that it's an

active GPS tracker without a monthly fee

a little more on that in a minute in the

meantime let's discuss the practical

aspects the spotter doesn't have a

battery as it plugs directly into the

car itself specifically into the obd2


this means that maintenance is virtually

non-existent as there's no need to

recharge you'll eat a bit of Connie to

hide a file you need a bit of cunning I

do know myself hurt or you just spit out

number four secret car 15-second updates

location tracking