Best GPS Tracker in 2019 - Top 5 GPS Trackers Review

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tract anything in real time with the

precision performance of the STI GL 300

real-time GPS tracker from spy tech this

unit is super discreet with a small body

size of only 2 inches so it fits almost

anywhere plus it packs a two week

battery life for less charging hassle

attach it to a person vehicle or object

and start tracking immediately from your

phone or computer and pair it with the

m2 waterproof case for easy magnetic

deployment on cars or out in the

elements with spy Tech's GPS tracking

platform you can monitor the activity of

your tracker in real time set up alerts

or even get custom reports summarizing

the data log in from anywhere to use our

advanced geo tracking technology in a

sleek easy-to-use interface there are no

setup fees or monthly contracts so just

use it as you need it get to tracking

with the STI GL 300 real-time GPS

tracker only from spy tech


car lock is an easy-to-use solution for

monitoring car security and location

it's a simple system that connects your

phone with a tracking device in your car

it watches over your vehicle while

you're away

the app alerts you of suspicious

activity like someone starting the

engine moving the vehicle removing the

car lock device or the car experiencing

unusual vibrations


car lock monitors troubling habits like

horse acceleration hard braking sharp

cornering and speeding

at the end of each month the driver is

given a report card it also tracks your

electrical systems and alerts you if the

battery is running low or experiencing

high drain it takes a lot of trust to

lend your vehicle to someone now you can

easily track routes your vehicle is

taken with an extremely powerful GPS


it's time to stop worrying about your


make your car safe today get car lock


when your business relies on your fleet

you can rely on links up GPS links up

delivers benefits beyond our accurate

real-time vehicle tracking you get

detailed reports that were deemed fuel

costs by eliminating unwanted idling

use route replay to review and improve

route efficiency improve driver safety

with drivers scoring and performance

report cards get real-time alerts on

unsafe driving activity through our

powerful mobile apps and manage and

reduce vehicle maintenance costs with

tools for tracking vehicle maintenance

schedules be alerted when your vehicles

enter or exit key areas that you define

and setup approved usage times so you

know if your vehicles are being used

outside business hours knowing where

your drivers are and for how long

helps you avoid customer disputes and

create more accurate billing with

detailed service reports take charge of

your fleet with links up GPS and stop

asking where are my trucks


recently I read research on driving and

teenage drivers and I found that parents

who helped coach their young drivers it

can actually reduce accidents up to 50

percent so I thought moto safety was the

perfect tool to help me Koecher the

statistics don't lie here are just a few

of the facts teen drivers ages 16 to 19

are four times more likely than older

drivers to be in a car crash within the

first three years of driving eighty-nine

point two percent of teen drivers will

have an automobile crash fifty two point

five percent of teens will have two

crashes within the first three years of

driving surprisingly alcohol is a factor

in less than 25 percent of deadly teen

crashes in fact 75 percent of teen

traffic fatalities result from driver


that's why we've developed moto safety a

great new service that allows parents to

monitor and coach their teen drivers

there is no way to protect against every

hazard on the road but moto safety gives

parents a powerful tool for taking a

more active role in helping to keep

their teens safe moto safety is a small

plug-in device that plugs into the

diagnostic port under your car our

trucks dashboard if you can plug in a

toaster you have all the skills you need

to use moto safety once installed moto

safety allows you to monitor and coach

key driving behaviors such as speeding

harsh braking or rapid acceleration moto

safety allows parents to monitor driving

activity through an easy-to-use

web-based interface moto safety gives

parents a daily report card that scores

your teens driving and alerts you to

activities that may be unsafe I would

say yes it does help me become a better

driver I'm out checking around

remember that I do get a report card so

I try to stay slow down and moto safety

is intuitive easy to use and most

importantly it gives parents a way to

increase the safe driving behavior of

their teen driver she is okay with using

it now

we have set guidelines for her report

cards and as long as she stays within

those guidelines we don't have her over

her so if you have a teen driver you owe

it to yourself to get moto safety today

put your teen on the road to safer



everybody how's it going it's rip with

land air sea and I'm here today to talk

about our latest tracking device the 54

real-time tracker the 54 is the most

versatile GPS tracking device that we

have ever created it can pinpoint

location and speed with incredible

accuracy so you can keep track of your

assets vehicles or any other object that

you need to keep track of it's also

small enough to put in someone's purse

jacket or pocket the 54 was designed and

manufactured right here in the United

States assembly is done using our state

of the art laser welding technology this

process that seals the device it makes

it completely waterproof

battery life has also been significantly

improved on this new 54 design the life

of the battery on a single charge

barriers with the amount of movement but

on an average you will get anywhere from

one to two weeks on a single charge but

like I said it all depends on how much

movement and how often you want the 54

to update its location if you're using

the 54 on a vehicle there's many places

you can put it in the glove box under

the seat in the rear pocket of the seats

the center console just about anywhere

if you don't have access to the inside

of the vehicle another benefit of the 54

is the powerful built-in magnet this

allows you to place the 54 on the

exterior of the car including underneath

it to show you how strong this magnet is

this stainless steel stand weighs 10

pounds and as you can see the 54 can

easily pick it up and because it's

completely waterproof you don't have to

worry about rain sleet or snow damaging

your device tracking the 54 is easy

using the land there's these silver

cloud app you simply log in and

instantly see the location of the 54 the

blue dot shows you your current

locations you can see where you are in

relationship to where the 54 is when the

subject is moving you will also see

moving along the map with location

updates as fastest every three seconds

you can touch the icon to get additional

information like when the subject is

stopped at a particular location the

address of that location and the battery

life percentage on the 54

when you select the icon you also have

access to some really cool features

shares 5 insta fenced in history share

spot will allow you to text your email

the real-time tracking to somebody else

so they can begin instantly tracking the

54 with their phone when the recipient

receives the share spot they can just

click on the link and they can view the

real-time tracking of the 54 insta fence

is also a really cool feature if the 54

is stopped somewhere insta fence will

send a notification to your phone or

your Smart Watch to let you know when

the 54 is on the move

you can also select history to get a

historical playback from the past few

days with its ultra compact waterproof

design built-in magnet and long battery

life the 50 force tracking possibilities

are limitless

anything 254 can fit inside or attach to

can be tracked keep the device in your

vehicle purse or luggage and you'll be

able to locate your property in the

event of a theft if you want to make

sure your child is getting to school

safely you can put the device inside

their backpack or their jacket pocket

and you will receive notifications when

they arrive safely at their destination

and how about your team driver simply

hide the 54 inside or attach underneath

their vehicle to see exactly where

they're sneaking off to at night and if

you suspect your partner cheating the 54

will tell all so I hope this video

provided some helpful information to

convince you that the 54 with all its

unique features and design is the right

product for you thanks for watching