SHOP Talk: Choose the Right Canoe

hi I'm Andrew with alder Creek kayak

canoe let's talk about canoes so what

are the distinct advantages of a canoe

one is that they're deep they're wide

and stable and they're very very

versatile you can have a number of

different seating positions being able

to move your legs around they're easy to

get in and out of and they're great for

throwing dogs little kids and dropping

big old coolers in so let's look and

figure out what style of canoe might

work best for you a recreational style

canoe tends to be deeper wider and more

flat on the bottom which is really where

you get all your stability if you've got

little ones dogs and like to bring the

whole kitchen sink weekend warrior style

more recreational style canoe might be

great for you

something about 14 to 16 feet is general

we're going to see this even touching up

to 17 feet if you need to bring that

much stuff or have such an army of

people with yet as we move along there

other style of canoes in addition to the

recreational may be a sportsman style

let's check those out now a more

sporting style of canoe is going to be

noted by a couple of features

particularly an increased beam for an

additional stability if you need to

stand up and cast out of your boat high

capacity in case you're hunting out of

it and maybe even a square Stern for

mounting a motor onto now if you do

mount a motor to your boat you will have

to register it like a motor boat outside

the sport in canoes which can run

anywhere from twelve to seventeen

eight-teen feet for huge cargo carriers

we start getting to performance boats so

solo canoes as well as high-performance

touring boats so let's take a look at

some of those all so looking new

generally we'll have just a single seat

in the middle only for one person you

can also add certain things to this boat

if we're doing down river paddling such

as flotation in it and we'll see

different styles of seats through all of

these boats as well advantages of the

solo boat are if it's just me paddling

most of the time that's a great way to

go I can use a kayak paddle with two

blades or canoe paddle with a single

blade as well nothing wrong with that in

addition to solo boats

in the performance realm we've got some

others over here that can be tandem and

solo some votes might actually have

three seats something like this here and

the solo plus is designed to be a tandem

dangering boat or a versatile solo boat

now the great part about canoes is you

can always revamp the whole thing we can

take the seats and the cross members out

moving around and make this boat work

best for us but out of the stock package

there are some things to look for if you

think that you'd like to solo your boat

here are a couple things to keep an eye

out for one is going to be tumblehome to

the shape in the middle of the boat it

brings the gunnels or the lip around the

side of the boat closer to the paddler

keeps us from having to reach further

out over the boat it makes paddling a

lot more comfortable another thing to

look out for something like the aurora

is it you can sit in one seat facing the

back of the boat which brings me closer

to the center we know we see in the

movies a lot

somebody paddling with their phone

squirting out of the water by themselves

but a little bit of breeze and that'll

blow your boat all over the place we

really want to balance or trim these

boats out to be more even in the water

so if you think you might want to powell

solo again maybe with your dog or a

little one look for something that can

allow you to put yourself more towards

the middle of the boat other things

we'll see in performance boats they're

trying to get a little bit narrower

sleeker and therefore faster for touring

and really long-term camping I'm going

to look for something 17 feet and up in

terms of capacity and then to speed to

get me from point A to B if I'm just

going on for a day or two maybe we're at

staying at the campground and paddling

the local pond or lake 14 to 17 feet

generally we'll cover that ground

remember longer boats going to be faster

and generally be able to carry more

stuff so think about who and what you'd

like to bring if you'd like to bring

extra friends and adults make sure to

have them sit nice and low on the bottom

of the boat to lower the center of

gravity rather than sitting up top and

make you all really tippy think about

the space as well

well we could fit four adults in this

boat the two in the middle might be a

little cozy so check with your friends

and make sure that you like each other

just enough for that there are a lot of

different features that you'll see

throughout these canoes now some canoes

have a tractor style or bucket seat as

opposed to our standard webbing or bench

seat a lot of these tractor styles might

afford you the opportunity to even have

a trim adjustable seat this is great for

making more space for packing gear as

well as again keeping that boat even in

the water while we have that in the

front of the boat sometimes we'll see it

in the back more often we'll get in the

stern or the back of the boat is maybe

an adjustable foot brace with this year

I can drive with my legs using my core

and get a lot more drive and power out

of this boat whether again I'm paddling

solo or tandem we like to be as

efficient as possible just have enough

energy at the end of the day to still

enjoy ourselves in addition to different

seat types you might find different

options and materials of gunnels getting

that gonna slip around the outside of

the boat that really keeps us boat from

folding in on itself aluminum is very

popular requires no maintenance and has

a pretty clean sleek look to it if you

really are a sucker for aesthetics you

might look at something with wood

gunnels and if you're like me you're

okay with a small weight gain and doing

a little bit of maintenance each year on

this boat but boy it looks good so maybe

you still would like to solder your boat

is any canoe can be paddled solo if you

still have a thought behind the bow seat

or bucket seats and you can't sit up in

the front face in the back to center

yourself maybe something like a drop in

a seat but just do the trip for you

it just Nestle's right on the sides of

the gulls and again allows me to sit

closer to the center of the boat just

easier to paddle now with the bench

style seat like this whether it be

physically installed or a drop-in you

always have the option of even kneeling

in which case I might not like a nice

kneeling hat to take the pressure off my

knees the advantage here aside from

being able to move around a little bit

more its lowering myself further in the

boat making more contact with it as well

in case it's choppy to give me more

control so to add to the comfort and

versatility of our canoes we can add a

lot of different seat options and a seat

back is a great way to give yourself

some back support as well as a little

bit of cushion something like this is

great that you can even unclip it and

take it with you over to the beach there

are styles of this for both bench style

seats and the bucket or tractor seats so

take a look at what kind of canoe you're

looking for and decide what kind of

extra accessories are going to make your

day just a little bit better depending

on what kind of performance you want out

of your boat if you'd like to be more

maneuverable say if you're paddling down

river or in Swiftwater or if you'd like

it to track or go straight very well for

longer journeys look about look for how

much rocker that boat has rocker is up

sweep at the end of the boat to decide

how much of the boat stays in the water

now a boat with more rocker means less

boats in the water it makes it much more

maneuverable but with less rocker

minimal to no rocker locks in the ends

of the boat and helps that boat track

and be fast remember that your seats

your thoughts and your yokes all serve

individual purposes but they also

provide structure for your boat know

that you can move them replace them and

exchange them but remember to make sure

that you have enough structure to your

boat to support it as it moves through

the water same with your gunnels and

your end caps at the very end also

notice that these small things that look

like thoughts at the ends aren't carry

handles you'll also see some boats with

built-in float tanks some might be large

some might be very small and

pending on the material of your boat it

might have flotation built-in with it

any kind of composite boat fiberglass

kevlar and the carbon will have some

kind of flotation built into the boat

and remember if you have questions about

what boats right for you how to outfit

it and what we can do to make it more


be sure to check in with us and alder

Creek kayak and canoe