Calculating Sales Tax

calculating sales tax okay so the first

part that we're going to do is really is

we're going to calculate what it went

real with a real cost of something in so

when you see a tag that says 999 you

know it's not really going to be 999

it's going to be 9 99 plus tax depending

on what province you're in tax can be

different right so if those provinces in

Canada sales tax is added on to the

selling price of most articles that we

purchase to calculate the total amount

of money we spend in order to buy

something with sales tax we must

remember the following equation original

price plus the sales tax is equal to the

total cost so we need to figure out how

much money so we didn't figure out that

the tax might be thirteen percent right

some contacts is thirteen percent we'll

just throw in the number and there we

actually have to find out we have to

convert that percentage of the sales tax

into a dollar value okay so in other

words what we're going to do is we're

going to try to find the percent of a

number that's really what we're going to

find so let's look at the first sample

broth okay so a t-shirt from hollister

costs 2299 if the sales tax is thirteen

percent what is the total cost of this

t-shirt now we are dealing with word

problems in word problems you're going

to have the word from and it will be

worth more than just one mark so here's

where you can earn some marks without

having your chocolate so let's say you

didn't have one has apparently the

problem in this class and even in my

other period class what's important to

start any word problem is to list of the

information so where is my word of

advice read the word problem once

completely second time you read it try

to pull out information so what

information was the first bit of

information that comes up in the first


exactly so original price right so

original price is equal to 20 299 now

what's the next bit of information we're

giving exactly so sales tax equals

thirteen percent thirteen percent is

also equivalent to what what is

employing 13 0.13 put that over here

because what do you think's in between

there what do you think's in there 13

over 100 right so what is the total cost

of the t-shirt what is it asking us for

obviously thee know the total cost right

so what is the total cost do we know it

no that's what we try to find that's our

? right that's our ? or that's our x

value now because we have the original

price right what we can do okay what we

can do is do the following you take the

sales tax okay as a decimal value and we

are going to multiply it square brackets

just so we don't mistake that x tax with

the time symbol so we take the sales tax

as a decimal and we multiply it by the

original price right so what is the

sales tax as a decimal we've already

said it 0.13 we're going to multiply it

by the original price which is 2299 when

you throw it into your calculator

what do you get give me all the numbers

2.98 87 right now what does that mean

what is that exactly is that the price

so now I was then a 2299 t-shirt is now

two dollars and ninety eight seven

that's the tax right so what am I going

to have to do with this value what am I

going to have to do with this value add

it to the original price now am I going

to use that entire number what am I

going to do are you an American the

tuition did you know decimal number

because if this is the money not normal

thing exactly so we need to turn this

into a money value number right so what

numbers do I need to keep what numbers

do I need to keep printing to anything

else 99 anything else aight i need that

but what am I going to do then then I'm

going to look at the number here right

so what is now the the actual amount of

the text 299 so the tax is 299 so 299 is

going to be added to the original price

right because remember original price

plus the sales tax equals the total cost

so 2299 plus 2 99 any coin sentences

between the numbers is it's purely going

to them they're not always going to

match that way so what is the cost of

this t-shirt what is the cost of this

t-shirt 2598 what's missing dollars

right 25 ninety-eight dollars down there

is one more thing missing what's missing

statement right so there's a statement

missing so in terms of marks one mark

I'm going to be looking for listed look

at that no calculator needed list the

information next mark pretty much is

going to be rounding down this

to this 299 your final mark will be a

combined of your final price and you're

there for statement so if you miss one

of them you will lose one mark okay so

make sure you include everything so

therefore what's it would be a proper

therefore statement proper therefore

statement therefore the total price of

the t-shirt t-shirt is twenty-five

dollars and 98 cents sorry for kind of

squeezing it in there so make sure you

include a therefore statement why do we

include therefore statement what kind of

question is it am I giving it's a word

problem exactly so all word problems and

therefore statement so let's move on to

the the next the next one okay a sample

problem you want to purchase a 16

gigabyte ipod that's selling 45 4999 at

best buy you saved six hundred dollars

for the purchase if the sales tax is

thirteen percent again will you be able

to offer to purchase apps how much money

will you need to save before you can

purchase it now there it's really wordy

alright so like I said we read it once

and then we read it a second time to

extract the information but not all the

information is valuable right away right

so what better information do we come

across that's important right off the

bat right off the bend

ok so the original price is 5 49 89 now

16 gigabytes is a number but it's

important it's just a feature of the

ipad right next bit of information that

is valuable mera ok so the tax and we

can just write down tax 13 / sent to the

equivalent to 313 over 100 right because

remember when we did the percentages I

showed you guys the other way to do it

and I will show you that also today that

will come in handy which is equal to 0.1

three just like we did before right any

other information and any other

information so you saved 600 but is the

600 going to come into play right away

no because what are we going to need to

figure out first how much it actually

caught it's going to cost so we've saved

600 so what we're going to do is we're

going to keep that in mind put that off

to the side all right so remember this

kind of thing we want to.we because we

want to go back to see that because

really the question isn't asking is what

is the actual cost of the the iPad we

want to find out can we afford it so is

there going to be money left over in the

end so in reality yes we are trying to

find the total cost but the real

question comes up once we've found the

total cost so the total cost as we said

right the tax as a decimal as a decimal

x the original price

so the tax as a decimal 0.13 x the

original cost 500 4999 what do we get we

multiply 4 9 8 7 so this is what units

do that does that represent what units

is that represented the tax rate so it's

money value so how much of that do I

need though how many of these digits do

I need what do I need print 4871 and the

49 we look at the number right after it

and it becomes exactly 71 dollars and

fifty cents this is the tax some people

will write that down and say this is the

cost of the ipad how is it that you pay

tax which is supposed to increase the

value and it becomes cheaper okay so

think of the logic with some of these

word problems as well when you're

working on your answer so 70 150 we're

going to add that to what we're going to

take this value we're going to add it to

one the original price so 5 49 99 plus

70 150 what is the

621 point forty nine dollars right now

what do you have how much money have you

saved six hundred can we give me just by

looking at can we afford it no we can't

not yet so how much more do I need to

save how do I figure that out how do I

figure that out exactly so I'm going to

take this value of what the end the cost

of the the ipad or the ipad is with tax

and i subtracted by 600 what will I get

well again 21.4 9 so what does that mean

and it's in there for statement you know

therefore statement therefore exactly

therefore I will have to save $21 49

the purchase so obviously we can't

figure it out but we can think of it a

go I saved 600 bucks right the ipad is

five hundred forty nine dollars i should

be able to afford it and you get there

and apples like well the total is 621 49

49 really but i only have 600 bucks well

you don't have an ipad come back when

you have a 2149 so it's really important

this is how you can figure out whether

or not you can actually afford an item