The BEST Business To Start Right Now

- What is the best business to start right now?

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Now the question should really be

what is the best business to start right now, for you?

Because, just because there's this great business idea,

it's a great business for someone else.

It may not be the best idea for you.

It may not best ideal business for you,

does that make sense?

So, you gotta think about, hey what is your background?

What is your passion, what do you like to do?

What are your strengths, what are you good at, right?

And also, maybe do you have any connections

in certain industry?

Do you have certain insight about certain industry?

You have to take that all into considerations.

That will dictate what industry you should get in to,

and what business you should start.

Just because someone is making money with an Amazon business

does that mean you should start an Amazon business?

No, hell no!

Right, does that mean, that somebody's making money

in real estate that you should start a real estate business?

Not necessary, you have to always know yourself

that goes back to self-aware,

right, being self-aware, self-awareness.

So, I'm biased, I think when it comes

to different business type doesn't matter

what happen in the economy, companies,

entrepreneurs always need someone

to generate more revenue and bring in more customers.

I like to be in business,

this is just my personal preference.

And just may work for me, might not work for you.

But this is my personal preference,

that I like to be in business that helps individual

to generate more income or helps companies

to generate more revenue, guess what?

When time is bad, companies always need more revenue

and they always need more customers.

It is recession proof.

I describe that as like a bartending business, right?

Meaning that when time is good,

people go have a drink, right?

When time is bad people go have two drinks, right?

So, those type of businesses do well

in good economy and also do even better in bad economy.

There are so many companies out there

that they need help with marketing,

with sales and that's why you notice this trend.

A lot of people starting

their own digital marketing agency, right?

That's helping companies to get more traffic

to get more leads, to get more sales.

Those companies, doesn't matter what happens

they will always be around.

It doesn't matter what happens

with artificial intelligence, with technology.

There are two things, robots and technology

will never be able to replace.

Write it down, number one, the ability to innovate.

Number two, the ability to relate to other human beings

in a number of ways.

I'll say that one more time.

Number one, the ability to innovate.

To come up with new ideas, to come up with new things.

Right, number two, the ability to relate

to other human beings, person-to-person, people-to-people.

In a number of ways, could be in communication form,

verbal communication or written communication.

That robots could never replace.

So, anything that has to do with that,

and that's why I am all in in those industries.

So, before you start your own business,

take those things into consideration.

But, that's my perspective.

So don't jump into something

because you see someone else making money with it.

You have to know yourself, and say, "Hey,

is this the right thing for me?"

- Boy, does it feel good to be here.

Everything that I've learnt so far

has just been fantastical mind-opening

and I can't wait to continue this journey.

Yeah, HTC for life, until the world burns and even then.

In the last two and a half, three months,

I've closed about 26, 28 thousand dollars

in equipment and membership sales.

But yesterday was the first time

that I did a, closed completely over the phone.

It was a unit and membership for $6885.

Big boom there, just so ecstatic.

I can't wait for more, more booms to come

and I can't wait to communicate

and connect with everybody to learn from and to work with.

I hope you all have a wonderful day.

My name is Greg and I'm a high tech-er closer.

- Good morning inner circle, boom!

Boom, boom, boom!

I just wanted to share with you guys today,

a mini boom that my business partner

and I had in our primary business.

So, since joining HTC, of course I'm learning so much

about the art of closing, asking questions,

positioning, tonality, (laughs) all of these things.

And it's absolutely exploded my business, okay.

Ridiculous, we've had an amazing week

or week and a half (laughs) we've had a few booms!

So today, well last, yesterday,

but I just woke up here in Russia,

but yesterday, together we closed $6000 combined

and our team did nine total.

Which is a quantum leap from anything we've done before.

And I can give 100% of the credit

to the training I'm learning inside HTC.

It's absolutely amazing, so thank you so much for this.

I'm loving the journey, I can't wait to continue

and I can't wait to just keep learning and growing

and meet more of you amazing people in this community.

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