Best Bookkeeping Software For Small Business

So you're looking for the best bookkeeping software? Well, that's great

to hear that you're looking to implement bookkeeping solution in your business

it's so important. In this video, I'm going to talk about the best bookkeeping

software that's out there today. And more importantly, a few things that you should

know about bookkeeping in general. So stay tuned.

So I can't tell you how important it is to have a bookkeeping solution in your

business and I'm so happy to hear that you're on that path. So very simply,

QuickBooks is really pretty much the best and really all that you really need

in your business. And once you start maybe getting to 50 to 100 plus million,

there are some other things that you would really need to do. But at the small

business level, QuickBooks or really do every single thing that you'll need in

your business. There are some other competitors out there and to be honest

they're all really good. I think what's more important is that you're actually

utilizing them and what's really more important is that you actually have

someone that is doing the bookkeeping for you and that you're not the one

doing the bookkeeping. As a business owner, you should not be the one that's

doing the bookkeeping in your business putting the information into the

QuickBooks. That time you should be utilizing to grow your business and

bring in more revenue. A lot of people get freaked out and releasing the

responsibility of bookkeeping to someone else, so on the trust side of things if

you're concerned about trusting somebody with most online banking today, you can

give somebody view only access into your bank account so they can log in, they

can look at your statements but they can't transfer or touch any funds. So if

you're worried about trust and you want to take that first step, I recommend

doing a read only or view only accounting type login into your business

bank account where somebody can just log in get your bank statement, so they can

reconcile your books but not move any money around. And you can even set limits

or different things where they can move up to a certain dollar amount or any

money that they move or touch you get an alert on your phone. Really simple on any

of the big banks that you go to have all these features and you can eliminate

that fear that you have. The second thing is you don't have to hire a full-time

bookkeeper and take on that expense. As you grow, you can grow your bookkeeping

department. In the beginning, you can use an outsourced bookkeeping service that

really only pay for the time that they're working on your books so you

don't have to bring on this big salary. So if you're asking yourself that

question now, "Okay, well what's the bookkeeping service? Where can I go? How

can I get that's done?" Don't worry, my company national business capital and

services are all about helping businesses grow through helping them

obtain financing but also helping them with a number of much-needed business

services and bookkeeping services is one of them. If you're interested in learning

more about bookkeeping service, we can help you get

your QuickBooks setup. We're also a QuickBooks reseller. So we can help you

get all that stuff set up. You don't have to run around and figure it out you.

Make it really simple. We do it very quickly and we could answer any

questions that you have. Check out that link below. You can speak with one of my

team members. I'm sure you have a bunch of questions, that's okay. They're very

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