What is the best Web Browser it's the one you use May 9th 2020

welcome to the windows and computer

channel and I get asked this all the

time and I get asked different questions

about browsers all the time so one of

the questions that comes back very often

is what browser I use a lot of people

are in the impression well you know the

browsers that I use must be good

browsers technically or the best

browsers and there's you know something

about browsers that is kind of

interesting because it is something that

people have the impression that you know

they need the best and here's the thing

the best browser is the one you use and

that's all but I will say a few things

about browsers though so first of all

what's the web browser because a lot of

people well I click here to go on the

Internet well to go on the internet you

are using a web browser and there are

several different browsers the most

popular browser around the world

is Google Chrome Google Chrome is

dominating at almost 70 percent of

people using it why it's simply you know

marketing strategy on part of Google

they have been able to have everybody go

on this browser is it the best browser

no it's not and I don't really find

Google Chrome that efficient honestly

but you know what it I'm not here to

change your mind if you're using Google

Chrome and everything is all right and

everything works great it's all that

counts nothing more

and the rest is really a personal

preference and you know a lot of people

have their habits and they don't want to

change their habits honestly so um what

happens is that people will simply use

whatever browser they have sometimes you

know a lot of the actually most of the

times people use the browser they have

on their PC pre-installed and are just

you know using that

so my to answer the first question

what's my favorite browser well I use

Microsoft edge the new version the edge

chromium it works fantastically great

and I'm very happy with it and this is

my main browser I would say that edge

chromium and I've got you know the

different insider versions also because

I'm testing and doing videos on the

insider Channel but the edge chromium

browser is for me my favorite browser

it's fast it's efficient it's good on

battery life but it's a question what

once again of preference D other

browsers that exist out there there's

tons of them but the most popular that

you'll encounter are Google Chrome

Firefox some people that like privacy

and have you know more control over what

they see on the web and everything used

one called brave that as an ad blocker

at has you know a lot of tracking

prevention and a lot of things to kind

of make it as secure as possible for you

to surf on the internet and it's all

dependent on you know what do you trust

and not trust on the Internet I'm not

the guy that goes very very overboard on

hype of you know companies tracking me

and so on I'm one of those actually that

think that the companies that you know

if I if I see an ad I rather see an ad

of something that I like then something

that I will never buy because I don't

you know because they can't track me so

they don't know what type of had to

display I'm not a guy going crazy over

that and over tracking in general I

think yes there's too much tracking I

think yes there's the companies go

overboard on some of the ads on some

websites but overall I'm you know not

the kind of guy that goes crazy with

that you know of course people will say

well you know what why do you have edge

chromium over any other browser well I

would say efficiency first of all and

edge also

is not related to the Google ecosystem

so edge doesn't you know have all the

Google tracking actually edge has quite

a few features that prevent tracking so

it's kind of nice then again some people

will say well yeah but you're on the

Microsoft ecosystem well I gotta tell

you one thing I'm less scared of

Microsoft tracking meat and Google but

that once again personal preference so

you know whatever you use is perfect and

it's nice and it's okay now what would I

recommend if I would have somebody tell

me what browser should I use if I want

to use a browser

well the edge chromium is nice once

again what is mostly important is that

it's updated and this is where people

fail and this is where people have a lot

of problems the browser you use needs to

have the latest updates

why not necessarily because of features

people don't care that much about new

features honestly they want to use it

and do what they can with it but having

a browser that is updated all the time

keeps you safe because of security

updates Google Chrome Firefox and so on

all have updates regularly and they have

tons of security fixes and these updates

that's why it's important to move on to

these updates and apply these updates

that's very important to stay safe and

last but not least what browser should I

not use Internet Explorer should not be

used if you are an Internet Explorer do

you think about moving on to something

else why first of all Internet Explorer

isn't actually the development of

Internet Explorer isn't going ahead

anymore that means less and less

websites are actually inclined and

having compatibility with Internet

Explorer so as time goes by less and

less websites work well with Internet

Explorer the other thing about Internet

Explorer it is known to be one of the

less secure browsers that exists

even Microsoft is constantly telling

everybody please move on to something


you know they're not even advertising

edge chromium they're just saying hey

move on to something else

because also an internet explorer at

some point in time one day will be

something that's not gonna be supported


so simple question what's the best

browser it's the one you use other

question what which one would you

recommend personally edge chromium but

whatever you use like I said I have no

problem with that if you enjoy my videos

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you for watching