“Gaming Web Browser”… R U kidding me?

it's a browser what's gamer about it

it's for playing farmville on Facebook

it runs better it's got how do I turn

that on that's important and the UI is

just of course probably thick gray it's

the most dark mode II I could customize

the browser

raise your chroma what I can move it

anywhere I want believe you can't see

for you little bit well that's good you

know castles crypto JavaScript O's Ram

limiter Oh as I can tell it no don't

take my RAM good gravy this is awesome

Wow very excited to not install this at

home the video game industry is now

bigger than both the film and music

industry so naturally everybody wants to

cash in

there's gaming chairs gaming desks and

even gaming socks for pete's sake and

now finally we've taken it to yet

another level a gaming web browser that

is no kidding what opera GX calls itself

and no actually it is apparently not

just for playing the most demanding

browser games on neopets it comes with a

ton of features that opera claims are

designed for hashtag that gamer life

like a CPU and RAM limiter the question

is is this as stupid as it sounds and

looks and the other question also is can

you trust opera because the companies

allegedly been doing some pretty shady

stuff lately

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what are we looking at here on a very

basic level opera GX is a custom version

of the chromium based Opera browser and

it actually launched last June but we're

covering it now because frankly speaking

we just didn't notice which kind of make

sense I mean I know we joke about no one

uses Firefox but nine percent market

share looks pretty great compared to

operas one point four six percent which

doesn't mean that opera is bad it

differentiates itself by having some

features baked right in that you would

normally have to add with extensions an

add slash tracker blocker screenshotting

tool messenger mini apps and even a

cryptocurrency wallet and a VPN it's a

sake VPN both because of how it actually


and because opera might not be who you

want to trust with your data given their

recent predatory loan related scandal

but we'll get to that more later for now

just know that this is essentially opera

as you may or may not know it plus some

additional features and aesthetic tweaks

for gamers now the aesthetic side of

that is obvious here because we've got a

lot of angular lines and dark color

schemes and even Razer chroma RGB

synchronization and that's all without

messing with the rendering of actual

website content here's a neat site

lgt look at these great and

fashionable clothing products also in

here are a few options for the default

background including some animated ones

which is kind of cool and then there's

like some baffling stuff like an option

to change the animations for the speed

dial shortcuts I guess is fine on its

own but then they also have their own

associated sound effects that are

composed in collaboration with sound

designer Reuben Rin Khan and the bend

Berlin 'test who recently received a

nomination in the BAFTA games awards for

the original game soundtrack to Gris

they all kind of sound like wishes to me

but okay

as for the features with some more

substance the main attractions are the

limiters clicking the speedometer icon

in the sidebar will pop out a UI where

you can monitor and

a cap on how much network bandwidth RAM

and CPU power opera GX is allowed to use

we tested this by playing city skylines

which is very CPU intensive with 50 tabs

open in the background just to see if we

could observe a difference between opera

GX and chrome and in terms of frames per

second at least we didn't but that

doesn't mean that the feature didn't

work as intended and that you won't see

a difference we did notice that task

manager consistently reported Opera G

X's CPU and RAM usage as a bit higher

than what opera said it was using and

our machine equipped with an 8700 K was

powerful enough to chug through our

workload regardless of limiters but

Chrome ended up using measurably more

resources than opera GX did once it had

those features enabled so obviously

whether this has a noticeable impact on

your gaming experience depends on your

situation but I really can see this

being useful if say you're downloading a

game through Steam and you want to limit

your browser's bandwidth so it comes

down as fast as possible or if you've

got an entry level system and you want

to keep a bunch of tabs open so you

don't lose them but you don't want your

browser to hurt your gaming performance

the other main cool feature in opera GX

is the pop-out video player which lets

you resize and place YouTube twitch or

other web videos overtop of anything

else on your desktop this seems

especially useful if you're running low

on monitor real estate allowing you to

keep watching something without having

to resize an entire monitor window and

be left with only a tiny sliver of

actual video it also stays always on top

of all of your programs including games

which is pretty awesome for single

monitor gamers if they happen to be

gifted enough to be able to

simultaneously watch a video and play

video games I mean nobody does that

right ok no that is a gist and more

importantly it is a dead meme Twitter

said so and Twitter knows and there's

some more little game reach weeks that

might make this attractive to a certain

audience a twitch sidebar shortcut that

notifies you when streamers you follow

go live as well as GX corner a regularly

updated page that keeps

back of upcoming game releases news and

deals although I guess they're still

working on the deal section because it's

not there right now so he started out

with this video thinking this was just

gonna be like a rant about how stupid it

is but it ended up not being that stupid

which doesn't necessarily mean that you

should use it here's where we get back

to the whole Opera non GX the browser

has a long history having been

originally built using the proprietary

presto engine back in 1995 it switched

to using chromium in 2013 and then in


Opera Software was acquired by a

consortium of Chinese investors known as

golden brick capital private equity fund

limited partnership I mean with a

trustworthy name like that how could you

not sell to them right things actually

seem to be going pretty smoothly for the

most part until just recently when

hindenburg research published a report

alleging that four of opera software's

other apps were doing some sketchy stuff

that was in violation of Google Play

Store Policies these apps

apparently were targeting people in

India Kenya and Nigeria with predatory

loans offering APRs of 33 percent when

the actual rate was as high as four

hundred and thirty eight percent the

report goes on to suggest that opera was

resorting to these shady practices in

the face of a drastic drop in their user

numbers and revenue and also remember

that sucky VPN we mentioned so it's not

actually a VPN it's more of a proxy

service and it tanks your network

performance while having a suite of

benefits that are dubious at best on top

of all of that the current opera CEO is

allegedly involved in another Chinese

lending business that was accused of

fraud and illegal lending practices so

here we are then opera GX the product

actually shockingly not terrible but it

still doesn't seem like this is the best

time to support this company even if it

might make it easier for you to watch

your anime music videos while you wreak

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