Best Web Browser 2020 : The Fastest Browsers Rumble

what's going on guys gave here with a

view during today we are going to lay to

rest the best web browser in 2020 the

fastest web browser in 2020 now we round

up the 5 major players well there's

actually four major players and two

fifth one being brave browser which is

not a mainstream web browser but for

some reason it's gaining a lot of

traction and it happens to be a fan babe

especially in my comments so we've round

up the top five brave browser opera

Mozilla Firefox Microsoft edge and of

course Google Chrome now for those who

use legacy Microsoft edge it's time to

do the update you can go to the

Microsoft Store and download the all new

Microsoft edge and by the way that

happens to be based on chromium actually

all of these web browsers are based on

the open source project provided by

Google called chromium the only browser

not based on chromium is Mozilla Firefox

and they're based on their own engine I

believe they call it gecko and on a Mac

PC they use WebKit because Apple just

you know that's just the way Apple works

got to play by their rules


so my weapon of choice for this test is

an area 51 M this happens to be my video

creating laptop haven't jumped on over

to the Mac bandwagon and by the way

they're ridiculously expensive but we

have an i $9.99 hundred K processor but

the clock speed at three point six cake

three terabytes of storage and a monster

64 gigs of RAM

but that's a lot of RAM but hey I'm

doing video production don't judge me

so how do we calculate these speeds or

performance well first we're gonna jump

on to jet stream - now jet stream -

rewards web browsers we're loading code

quickly and loading websites quickly so

the faster the better therefore that the

higher the score the better

so our first entrant well we're just

gonna get it out of the way we have been

non-mainstream brave browser and this

scored a cool one hundred and forty six

thousand points which is very

respectable considering that google

chrome came in at 144 thousand points

next up we have Mozilla Firefox and

while Mozilla Firefox came in at a

hundred and five thousand points not too

sure if I was thrilled about that and

then we go on over to Microsoft edge

that one out at a hundred and fifty two

thousand points with jet stream - now

this doesn't tell the whole story

but it gives us a benchmark as to how

these web browsers perform executing web

applications so we know the jet stream

scores now we want to see how much of an

impact these web browsers have on your

CPU and RAM now web browsers are

probably the single most important

application you would have on your

laptop that is unless you're into data

crunching or video creation and or

gaming so the way we tested this is we

opened up 20 tabs at the same time and

we monitored the peak CPU usage and then

it's idle CPU usage along with its peak

RAM usage and idle RAM usage and get

these tests we found that Braves peak

CPU usage was 27% and an idle down to

between 1 and 2% its Ram if used between

1.7 gigs to 1.6 gigs so 1.7 gigs

pledget peak usage then we go on over to

Google which Google historically has

been known as a ram monster and just a

resource hog but what we found with

Google Google you're still a hungry

hippo because Google's peak CPU usage

was 73% and it idled out at 8% with its

RAM peaking at two point eight gigs and

idled out at about 2.7 gigs of ram and

then we go to Mozilla Firefox and rather

interesting enough Mozilla Firefox

peaked out at 16% on CPU usage and items

out between 1 and 1.5% and it's RAM

usage was the lowest of the bunch

peaking at 450 and idling at about 350

so that's not gigs guys that's Meg's

we're not even hitting gig territory as

far as RAM usage is concerned with

Firefox next up we had opera also based

on chromium and its peak usage was 53%

and I don't add or about 3 to 4% its RAM

usage ranged consistently at peak 1.7

gigs I'd out at one point seven cakes

and now we have Microsoft edge which

peaked out at 48% CPU usage and Leppard

off a tower about 7 to 8% its RAM usage

was comparable to Google at peak 2.8

gigs and I rode off at about 2.7 gigs

it's rather interesting that Microsoft

edge and Google Chrome you

use identical resources although

Microsoft edge did not peak as high as

Google Chrome but the similarities are

there they are both using chromium it

does seem that Microsoft has optimized

chromium a tad bit hence their jet

stream to score was a tad bit higher so

next up is how fast do we download and

for this test we use fast comp and we

took the middle score of all of the

browsers so first up we have brave which

came in at a top download speed of 580

megabits per second down and 870

megabits per second up in next up we

have opera which clocked in at 610

megabits per second down and an upload

speed of 530 megabits per second and

then next up we have Firefox which clock

570 megabits per second down and five

hundred 20 megabits per second up chrome

came in at 550 megabits per second down

and 580 megabits per second up and so

what about Microsoft edge Microsoft edge

touts as being the fastest web browser

on the planet and so what we see here

MECs off average 630 megabits per second

down which is in fact the fastest

downloads be topping opera and 690

megabits per second up which falls short

of brave browser soap when we look at

everything in its entirety Microsoft

edge scores the highest score on jet

stream - and has the fastest download

speed in conclusion which browsers the

best browser well you have an i3 i5 core

processor in half between 8 to 12 gigs

of RAM available I would have to reckon

and either Mozilla Firefox or a brave

browser now again Mozilla Firefox uses

its own ghetto engine but of the

chromium based browsers brave seems to

have the best overall performance so if

you're just used to the chromium

framework then brave browser

maybe the browser for you then we move

on to these resource hogs and I'm

talking to you Google Google is still a

resource hub Microsoft edge which feels

very similar to Google Chrome in fact

they can install Google Chrome

extensions on Microsoft and it's

performance is comparable when we look

at the resources available with

Microsoft clocking in at peak CPU usage

of 48 percent and peak ram usage at 2.8

gigs and idling all that like 7 gigs and

that is it guys as Microsoft the king of

the crop for different reasons but again

if you have a low two or admit to your

browser they have to recommend both

Mozilla Firefox and brave it anyways I

hope you guys learned something today

this is gaben for you dork I am signing

out peace