Top 5 Deep Web Sites 2020 | Exploring Deep Web / Dark Net TOR Browser




hi everyone is Adam here from ass

productions and these are the top five

deep websites for 2020 first of all I'd

like to give a shout out to the hidden

wiki the hidden wiki is essentially a

directory of different categories of

Deep Web sites in onion link format so

you can go on there look at the specific

category that you're interested in and

follow through the onion links on the

tor browser a lot of you in the comments

for my previous deep web videos have

said please give us links to this please

provide onion links to that I would

rather you go through hidden wiki and

search it for yourself instead of

relying on me handing out links just

because it's almost then facilitating

people to say hey check this site out

here's a link if you're going to go on

the Deep Web and you're gonna go on

onion sites you're gonna do them anyway

I just don't really want to make it

easier I guess not that I'm saying don't

not as I'm saying do I'm just don't want

to get involved in that process I hope

you can understand that the hidden wiki

is not gonna have every single deep

website on there but it's a good

starting point if that's the Avenue you

want to go down the first is a

relatively harmless site and it's called

forsaken fake ID it basically gives you

a template of a fake ID which gives you

loads of different categories like you

name your date of birth your childhood

best friend and loads of other details

that you can use to fill out false

information and create a fake persona

now they advertise this as being used in

like fantasy games and things like that

but you can obviously imagine that

there's more nefarious uses for it but

it in itself generates a whole bunch of

fake ID and information about people but

none of it that you see on the screen

and every time you generate it none of

it is real so you don't have to worry

about getting hold of this information

and like for example it's on the screen

now none of that stuff you're seeing on

the screen now is real it's all been

generated so you can see why you would

use it maybe for various like video game

development all your dodgy uses that we

won't talk about

it's there for you to use as a tool this

one's called forsaken fake ID next up is

a site called bit farmer which is

basically an online pharmacy but not of

the legitimate kind let's say you're

free to buy substances on here and you

can see on the screen that there's no

limit on what you can buy don't go on

this site don't buy from here it exists

bit farmer if you're in the market for

PayPal accounts that have thousands of

dollars on them for not much money at

all then you want to visit the PayPal

cent but in reality most of these are

probably a scam anyway but the site

called the PayPal cent exists and it

allows you to do just that so you can go

on there in this table format you can

see all of the PayPal accounts all of

the balances and the price that they're

selling it for so use your common sense

and don't be an idiot but you can go to

the paypal sent to by PayPal accounts on

the subject of finance there's also the

site called Bank or be a MK hoe are on

this site you can buy two credit cards

prepaid credit cards PayPal transfers

and Western Union transfers essentially

if you want money to end up in certain

accounts or you want to buy a thousand

dollars of PayPal to be transferred to

you or to someone this is where you're

probably going to end up bank or is the

website and finally there is a site

called financial os's this is quite

similar to Bancorp it allows you to get

hold of things like pre recycled notes

prepaid debit cards PayPal accounts and

Amazon gift cards all of the sites that

I've just mentioned in this video can be

very very easily found with a few Google

searches I don't recommend going to any

of them I just wanted to show you the

sort of websites you can expect to find

on the Deep Web in 2020 thank you very

much for watching and if you have any

requests about upcoming videos related

to the Deep Web please leave them as a

comment below and I will review them and

get on to the ones that I like the idea

of so I'll see you guys in the next

video thanks very much for watching this

has been Adam from ads productions where

the top five Deep Web sites of 2020