S02E03 - Type 2 diabetics need to know about bread. (2010)

hi so you're a diabetic well I'm a

diabetic I'm a type 2 diabetic but I

resolved by type 2 diabetes with

something called a glycemic index which

basically is just a sugar chart so I

wrote a 20-page paper about this subject

and I took a look at all the foods I eat

and that's how I was able to resolve my

type-2 diabetes now in front of me here

is bread and I use these all these

breads to make sandwiches with nothing

exotic here

that's a croissant that's Wonder Bread

or tortilla an English muffin a

hamburger bun and a bagel I eat them all

but they're not all the same so I went

to my grocery and I purchased all of

these and on the back of each loaf is

the product label the nutrition fact and

I took the numbers right off this

happens to be Wonder Bread I took the

numbers right off of this right off of

this label for each one of these

disquise aunt has 11 carbs per slice 2

slices here Wonder Bread 12 carbs per

slice 4 tortilla 12 carbs per tortilla

that's an English muffin 13 carbs that's

a hamburger bun 14 carbs per slice and

the bagel which is 25 carbs per slice

now the bagel may have a little higher

number because it is a bigger piece of

bread then everything else here but

that's not the important point we can

all read labels the important point is

how much load each one of these breads

puts on my pancreas because my pancreas

is the guy who's failing that's why I'm

a type-2 diabetic and what I needed to

do to resolve my type-2 diabetes was to

find out what I was eating and what had

the most load and let me explain that

down what's important about the load is

what my pancreas has to deal with and

why I discovered is what's important to

me and here's what it is that English

muffin has a load of five point one per


the Bamberger bun has a load of six

point eight per ounce Wonder Bread has a

load of seven point two per ounce

the tortilla has a load of 7.9 per ounce

the croissant

has a load of 8.7 per ounce and the

bagel has a load of 11.3 per ounce so

when I go to make myself a

ham-and-cheese sandwich the ham doesn't

have carbohydrates the cheese doesn't

have carbohydrates the lettuce doesn't

have carbohydrates and the tomato

negligible carbohydrates I make the

sandwich with the English muffin because

the English muffin is less load on my

pancreas yeah every once in awhile I'll

make a sandwich

with the bagel but I know the bagel is

harder on my pancreas than the English

muffin that's what's important about the

load and the glycemic index now I have a

website you'll see it listed here come

take a look there's bound to be some

information that will be helpful to you

and you can even purchase the paper if

you like come on take a look