Top 10 Vodka Brands


could you give me like a bottle of

goldslick vodka yeah that's the one with

the little golden flakes in it yeah very

girly one classy traditionally made from

fermented cereal grains for potatoes

this is one distilled beverage we just

can't get enough of oh my gosh okay we

have to get this one it's made only from

potatoes that look like famous people's

faces welcome to and today

we're counting down our top picks for

top 10 vodka brands for this list we've

scoured the globe and narrowed our

choices to brands of vodka based on

what's considered the best tasting

best-selling and has had longevity in

the business now

break out the shot glasses and get ready

to pour number 10 hanger1 vodka United

States this is the tale of hangar 1

you'll learn about a vodka before we're

done in a man from a smaller German town

while the United States is more known

for their craft beers and wines hangar 1

stands out from the crowd

initially brewed out of st. George's

spirits in Alameda California the

brand's founder and distillers your

group and aunts Lee Cole decided to

tweak the method of making clear fruit

brandy known as odv and introduced

hanger1 vodka in 2002 this small batch

vodka is made using a combination of

American wheat and Vienna grapes giving

it a refreshing fruity flavor the

varieties don't stop at fruit though as

you can try many other experimental

flavors of hangar one such as Chipotle

and wasabi they're gonna find it hard to

only drink this amount number 9 Smirnoff

Russia fine call me when you learn how

to love someone

instead of kete at your brother's

college just because you had forced me

enough Isis and a bottle of Snow Peak

peach flavored boom move over America

here comes Russia the oldest vodka on

our list

Smirnoff begins its rich history in

Moscow thanks to distiller Peter

Smirnoff the brand has been passed down

through the Smirnoff family who

eventually sold it to businessmen

Rudolph qunit and the production of

Smirnoff began in the United States the

brand has consistently won awards and

continues to rank much higher than its

younger competitors over its many years

of existence

Smirnoff has experimented with a number

of flavors like green apple and espresso

to name just a few one tried real

Russian vodka try Smirnoff who made this

it's brilliant

number eight Absolut Vodka Sweden are

you calling me a liar bring another one

need a limitless variety of vodka at

your disposal look no further

initially established in 1879 Absolut

didn't hit its major stride out of its

native Sweden until its global release a

century later absolutely

various saw it's a brand new flavor from

Absolut in that you get flavors of

pomegranate acai berry of course a

little bit of white chocolate in there

as well Absolut has a lengthy list of

flavors and mixes from the traditional

blue label to hibiscus and even a

signature City series inspired by

locations around the world since hitting

the global markets Absolut has become

the most internationally well-known

spirit not just as vodka brand Absolut

proves that the Swedes can make vodka

just as well as Russians can if I had an

epic night it would have to be iconic

number seven Finlandia Finland

this is mr. Fiedler dia

and here's my personal friend it is time

to get back to basics originating in

Finland and available in the United

States and Scandinavia since 1970

Finlandia is quite possibly the best

unflavored vodka you'll ever slide down

your throat

the Altea corporation the Finnish

distillers behind Finlandia fight

themselves on their ability to offer

vodka in a pure form combining alcohol

with pure glacial water unlike our last

entry Finlandia limits itself to only a

handful of fruit flavors pushing its

original formula over the different

varieties hey global vodka market

Finland has arrived

number 6 Crystal Head vodka

Canada this is an accurate glass

rendering of a human skull venturing

back to North America the United States

is not the only country that can make

great vodka by far the youngest vodka on

our list Crystal Head vodka is filtered

not once not twice but seven times even

filtering through Herkimer diamond

crystals these semi-precious crystals

are thought by many to have metaphysical

associations to top it off the unique

bottle design definitely earns its place

as a centerpiece for any bar fun fact

this canadian manufactured vodka boasts

actor dan Aykroyd as one of its

co-founders we made this product for you

to step up and reward yourself we at

Crystal Head welcome you to enjoy a

unique experience number five show Payne

Poland Poland has been doing good vodka

for hundreds of years and the best vodka

for me there there's gonna be Chopin if

Poland knows plenty of anything it's how

to make vodka named after the Polish

composer Frederic Chopin this delicious

potato based vodka was introduced to

North America in 1997 Chopin is made in

particularly small batches and distilled

four times producing a clean tasting

finish Chopin vodka has won multiple

awards since its introduction

particularly in the 21st century and is

ranked among the best of its class

worldwide Poland we will see you again

soon polish vodka

best vodka in the world nos drawing

number for kettle one Netherlands well I

entered the company realized that nine

generations before me has spent their

whole life here two distillery in

SkyDome Holland for our next pick it's

time to jump over to the Netherlands

widely considered the most popular vodka

out of the Western European country if

you have been a fan of vodka for any

amount of time you would recognize

nollette distilleries unflavored

flagship vodka the master distiller

skillfully Crofts together the secret

recipe to create the distinctive unique

kettle one taste unlike our previous

potato based vodka kettle one is

distilled completely from wheat it is

then filtered through charcoal to

achieve the optimal filtration level

while the original and flavored vodka is

the most popular Ketel One also distills

flavors like kettle one Citrone and

Ketel One or Anya gentlemen this is

vodka number 3 Belvedere Paulette oh we

meet again Poland produce exclusively in

the Central European nation and

introduced to the u.s. in 1996 Belvedere

is considered the first super premium

vodka this is hard to argue as this

premium rye based vodka can be found on

the top shelf and bars around the world

while the unflavored is by far the most

popular Belvedere does market flavored

vodkas such as mango passion and pink


unfortunately Belvedere is no stranger

to controversy when it comes to

advertising at least but it has always

risen above it and returned to its spot

on the top shelf


number two Grey Goose friends when many

drinkers think of premium vodka Grey

Goose is often the first brand that

comes to mind introduced to North

America in 1997 the French luxury vodka

immediately jumped to the top of the

American liquor industry due to its rich

flavor in 2004 Grey Goose was bought by

Bacardi which further expanded the

brand's global influence fans and

critics agree that Grey Goose is a

top-shelf choice as it is often ranked

as the best-selling and best tasting

vodka in any given year this wheat based

vodka proves that France doesn't just

make great wine but superb vodka as well

the extraordinary belongs to those who

make it fly beyond Grey Goose world's

best-tasting vodka before we consume our

topic here are a few honorable mentions

this is [ __ ] Skyy Vodka passion for

perfection syrup for everyone here's to


50 mils smoke Queen there's nothing

better out there if I found a better

about drinking

number one Stolichnaya Russia no

surprise here as it is common knowledge

that Russians make the best vodka

Stolichnaya often better known as Stoli

is a unique blend of wheat and rye

grains with delicious artisan water

bringing us the flagship original vodka

you could argue about when Stoli was

actually created as claims have its

early origins dating back to 1901 when

the Moscow State wine warehouse number

one was opened but the exact year isn't

as important as this vodkas taste and

reputation need a break from the

original we recommend trying out Stoli

hot or Stoli raspberry for a change of

pace regardless of which flavor you try

you will not be disappointed

stole each snare a Russian Walker do you

agree with our list


what is your favorite brand of vodka for

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