✅Air Fryer: Best Air Fryers 2020 (Buying Guide)

if there's one thing we can all agree

about fried foods are pretty darn


unfortunately they come dripping with

fatty grease which is not only a little

gross but poses potential health hazards

when consumed in excess and that's where

air fryers can come in these kitchen

appliances fry food without drenching it

in oil transforming it into delicious

crispy and almost impossible to resist

snacks all of this an almost unheard-of

speed and efficiency however like any

other beloved kitchen appliance air

fryers come in different sizes have

multiple features and are fitted with

varying interfaces while some don't so

to make matters worse the large lineup

of kitchen brands can distort your

clarity of choice and make the entire

shopping experience overwhelming luckily

we've compiled a list of the four best

air fryers on the market this list is so

simple that your brain won't get too

fried and it fills you in on all the

parameters you need to know about the

listed airfryer models as always the

links for all these products are listed

in the description box below check them

out and make your cooking easier and

more fun and now let's get started


at number one is the Philips XXL premium

digital airfryer this gift from Philips

to the culinary world certainly matches

the XXL name tag it comes with a hefty

footprint of 12 by 17 by 12 inches

making it big enough to tack a large

food without crowding another impressive

attribute of the Philips twin turbo star

XXL airfryer is the ability to combine

size with cooking speed

it's decked out with a powerful 1725

watt heating system which heats

instantly with the preheating

requirement out of the way you're able

to start cooking immediately which

significantly reduces the cookie time

the temperature dial is simple and

straightforward depending on what you're

cooking you can choose from a multiple

of preset cooking programs including

defrost steak chicken fish and cake and

of course there's a large LCD screen

display for cooking times and

temperatures as well as a heating up

light that glows once the fryer has

reached the maximum cooking temperature

for a more hands-off experience most

parts are removable and dishwasher safe

making it easier to clean additionally

the basket has a removable metallic mesh

which comes in handy when disposing of

food spills lodged in the basket area

it's clear that Philips spent time

researching how to give its users a

wholesome experience true to that this

appliance comes with a complimentary 30

recipe book complete with color photos

and by downloading the app you can

expand your recipe catalog by accessing

over 200 more unique recipes if you're

looking for a reliable and powerful

airfryer that can cook family sized

meals the Philips twin turbo star x XL

air fryer ticks off all the boxes it's

efficient and a snap to clean up at

number two on our list is the ninja AF

101 air fryer this 4 quart capacity air

fryer is one of the top line units

designed to meet the demands of a

five-member family it comes with a wide

array of features that are not commonly

found in contemporary units starting

things off is the pioneering dehydrator

mode the gentle 105 degree Fahrenheit

temperature and low fan speed under the

dehydrator function is a much-needed

addition to the AF 100 it steps up the

versatility of this air fryer making it

the ideal appliance when making beef

turkey fruit slices or snacks but the

added versatility isn't the only

positive thing you'll find in the AF 101

it comes with a coated ceramic basket

and grill which not only helps maintain

the structural integrity of the fryer to

withstand temperatures of up to 800

degrees Fahrenheit but it also makes it

scratch resistant for your health safety

the inert materials of the ceramic

coating won't react to fire to prevent

Teflon chemical contamination one of the

most common problems facing air fryers

is the release of hot steam while

cooking this hot air is then collected

or drips onto the kitchen countertop and

consequently damages them however with

the ninja AF 101 this will be a thing of

the past

all the removable parts of this air

fryer interlock properly preventing hot

air from escaping through the bottom

while cooking the AFS 101 electronic

controls are pre-programmed meaning it's

among one of the easiest to use and

operate on the market cleaning both the

internal and external surfaces is fairly

easy all the parts are removable and

dishwasher safe and they're nonstick

nature prevents the feed slime from

sticking to the surface to sum it up

it's extremely hard to find another air

fryer that matches the versatility of

the ninja air fryer af100

the crisping plate and dehydrating

feature makes it truly unique and the

precise cooking temperature ensures that

your food is cooked to the doneness of

your liking still haven't found that

cooking companion for you well stay

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and now let's push ahead with our list

at number three is the Cuisinart Toa 60

convection toaster air fryer cooking

with an oven takes ages kids start

throwing temper tantrums about waiting

an hour for dinner and it's really

unfair to blame them because after a

long hungry day the last thing you want

to do is wait for your appliance to

preheat or to consult your manual on

which knobs to turn but in the world of

kitchen appliances that promise to make

your life easier the Cuisinart Toa 60

convection toaster air fryer does

deliver this unique kitchen workhorse

combines a built in air fryer and a full

sized toaster oven that makes it more

versatile compared to your traditional

oven as it can bake broil toast as well

as airfryer most air fryers have been

criticized for their juvenile

performance in terms of holding accurate

temperatures which leaves food half

cooked however the Cuisinart Toa sixty

convection toaster air fryer has an

excellent temperature accuracy record it

uses the Cuisinarts element IQ to send

1,800 watts of heat across four quarts

elements for stabilized internal

temperatures these heating elements

light up depending on the cooking mode

and essentially adjust and redirect the

heat to where it's needed most another

great aspect of this oven is the large

holding capacity overall it can hold up

to four pounds which is sufficient for a

large family

additionally the high capacity side to

side space makes it ideal for large

braising pans cooking sheets and up to

five stacktrace

simply put it's possible to prepare

every meal of the day in

single sitting when air frying timing is

everything the Toa sixty comes with a

60-minute auto shutoff timer which gives

you the freedom to control the cooking

temperature the interior light enables

you to keep an eye on your cooking

progress and immediately after serving

you simply need to clean the basket and

crumb tray using hot soapy water and

you're good to go if you're looking for

a practical toaster air fryer combo that

doesn't need constant movement a

cuisinart TOA 60 convection toaster air

fryer is well worth the purchase it

comes combined with two units and one so

it's more likely you'll utilize it often

at number four is the go wise USA GW 22

731 air fryer this innovative air frying

system uses rapid air circulation

technology to evenly cook food leaving

it with crispy exterior that your family

will marvel at thanks to the huge 5.8

quart capacity the go wise USA air fryer

gives you the freedom to fry enough food

to feed a large family it's also large

enough to fit in decent sized chicken on

top of the large capacity this go wise

USA eight and one electric air fryer

comes with eight programmable cooking

settings additionally the fryer has a

temperature range of 180 to 400 degrees

Fahrenheit with an integrated 30-minute

timer and adjustable alarm function this

is particularly important as it allows

you to cook multiple food variations

without having to change appliances

moving on to the body the large digital

touch screen of this fryer conveniently

displays the temperatures and cooking


additionally the handle and housing are

made with cool touch technology meaning

that you can check the progress of your

food without burning your fingers the go

wise USA airfryer also comes with

multiple safety features that may be of

interest for you for starters the

non-stick pan is FDA and PFOA certified

to prevent contamination

better yet a cooking basket is easy to

detach and is fitted with an integrated

button guard to prevent accidental

detachments if you're looking for a

well-made beautifully designed air fryer

the go wise USA GW 22 731 air fryer is

an excellent choice it has a large

capacity among other special features to

blow your mind

over the last decade air fryers have

emerged as the most revolutionary

cooking appliances and many people are

willing to die on this help their speedy

cooking and versatility have completely

changed the way we cook if you're in the

market for an air fryer we hoped our

list help you choose the right model we

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