Best Coffee Maker in 2019 | Make Coffee In Your Home Or Office!

today I decided to review the top 5 best

coffee machines in the market for this

year I made this list based on my

personal opinion and I tried to list

them based on that price quality

durability and more to see the price and

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latest technology reviews okay so let's

get started with a video at number 5

it's the ninja CP 307 the ninja CP 307

is a coffee maker that brews tasty drip

coffee lattes complete with froth milk

hot tea and makes chilled drinks after

all that versatility this countertop

machine can also serve drinks in

multiple sizes ranging from small cups

to full crafts the machine is shaped

like a rectangular block it's a little

taller than it is wide

but it's still small enough to slide

under low kitchen cabinets it's still a

very compact coffee maker and I managed

to do that by tucking many of its

special tools in to do that by tucking

many of its special tools in hidden

pockets and recessed compartments the

safety 307 is basically an automated

coffee maker the only thing you can

select on this machine is the amount of

water it uses the rest is all automated

there are some size options you can

choose from such as small cups larger

cups travel mugs multi serve containers

half carafe and full carafe the thing I

loved about this machine is that can

make tea to the new Jo system separate

tea filter can accept both loose-leaf

tea or tea backs the machine detects the

filter when you insert it into its slot

you then choose between herbal black

long white and green presets to match

what you'd like to brew the ninja is

really a first of its kind coffee and

tea maker that brews an entire menu of

hot and cold drinks fresh when you want

them you're able to create cold brew

coffee and tea matcha masterpieces

macchiato style specialty brews and more

the system features a program brewing

system that compresses quality drinks

using their new advanced thermal flavor

extraction automated brewing technology

this method allows the ninja to know the

precise temperatures correct bloom times

and proper levels of saturation

for a wide range of beverage

combinations to ensure a great taste for

every sip the ninja features different

modes such as classic rich over ice

specialty and the new cold brew mode the

over ice brew is not new and continues

to operate similarly to years past it

brews extra rich since you'll dilute it

with ice it brews at similar

temperatures as regular coffee overall

I'd say it's a pretty nice coffee

machine it's not cheap but you

definitely get value for your money at

number four it's the Nespresso virtu o

if you hate normal coffee and want

something to boost you up in the morning

then you need to start drinking espresso

the Nespresso virtue is one of the best

machines in the market for that purpose

when I first saw this coffee machine it

caught my eye at Mi I it has a very

unique design that looks futuristic it

has a very sleek minimalistic design and

it would be a great fit for any kitchen

living room or office one of the main

reasons why you see this coffee machine

in many best product lists is that it

uses an espresso centrifuge and

technology this means that all the aroma

and taste that is in a Nespresso capsule

is properly extracted so you can have

the perfect espresso because of an

espressos years of experience in the

market they know what you're looking for

the drinks you make from now on may even

rival your local coffee houses products

brewing is very easy with this machine

there are no complicated procedures

because you simply have to press a

button once to initiate brewing an

interesting feature that really caught

my eye was the intelligent scanning

system it identifies the blend you

picked via barcodes on capsules this

means that it'll automatically adjust

brewing to accommodate your selection so

the final result is the best it can be

Nespresso definitely takes espresso

making by allowing barcodes to dictate

how your next cup should taste and if an

espresso is the ultimate way you reward

yourself at the end or start of the day

this machine with its effortless brewing

features will complement your kitchen

because Nespresso is known for its

exceptional espresso products you know

every cup will taste

great the bad side of this machine is

that it's limited to Nespresso capsules

only and you can't use ground coffee or

any other capsules because they won't

fit I didn't have a problem with that

because the capsules themselves tasted

amazing and I doubt anyone would look

for any other capsules maybe there are

cheaper capsule options out there but my

coffee is one of the things in my life

that I want to be perfect so I don't

care about the price don't get me wrong

they don't have astronomical prices but

it's still a thing to note overall I

would recommend this coffee maker to

everyone that loves great tasting

espressos in the morning at number three

it's the technical maca master 5 9 6 9 1

the technical maakad lot always in a

hurry no one likes to wake up one hour

earlier before they have to go to work

just to eat a healthy breakfast drink

slowly brewed coffee and take a shower

if you're like me and you wake up 15

minutes before you have to leave then

you definitely need this coffee machine

the maca master is one of the NCAA

approved coffee makers that you can

trust to mate you the best coffee at the

exact right temperature with the best

flavor the maca master offers 3

different settings which can be

controlled via a switch on the front of

the brew basket it allows you to adjust

how fast you want your coffee to flow

this is important because the taste of

your coffee depends on that a lot you

can choose to keep your coffee brewing

for a more extended period or you can

manually close the brew basket while the

brew is still brewing to put a stop to

the brewing process it has a 9 hole

outlet arm which pulses water at a

temperature 496 degrees to 205 degrees

Fahrenheit this also leaves users with a

smoother and more flavorful cup of

coffee starting from the very first sip

of coffee starting from the very first

sip to the very last one of the main

things you should look for when shopping

for a coffee maker is the water

reservoir the maca master has a large

forty ounce 10 cup 1.25 litre water

glass reservoir which should be more

than enough for your needs earlier I

mentioned that this is a very fast

coffee machine let's talk numbers

it can easily through up to 10 cups in

just 6 minutes this means that you can

turn the coffee machine on while you're

dressing and brushing your teeth in the


and your coffee will be ready the best

part is that this machine is very quiet

so you don't have to worry about

annoying noise in the morning everyone

likes coffee machine sounds when they

wake up right

basically it's simple practical and up

to the task when it comes to brewing a

delicious and well extracted coffee if

you run a household full of coffee

lovers then this machine will be a

favorite among you and your loved ones

it even keeps your coffee warm and tasty

for hours after the brewing has been

done at number two it's the Bunn GRB if

you are a small kitchen and you

desperately need a coffee machine then

look no further because you won't find a

better machine than the bun GRB even

though it's smaller than its competitors

this coffee maker does make a lot of

coffee so it's got enough capacity to

please most consumers it also keeps

internal water hot so that it's ready to

brew at the touch of a button like so

many coffee makers this model works well

when it's used how the manufacturers

intended some products are meant for

occasional use and some for heavy use

this is for heavy use that means the

warming plate that keeps the coffee and

the carafe hot is on all the time indeed

it has to be likewise the hot water tank

is always keeping the water in the

reservoir hot so you can produce a

piping hot cup of joe within three

minutes at any time the machine is on

while Bunn themselves have marked this

model for domestic use

it's ideal for serving an office full of

people as well as a large family an

office full of people as well as a large

family or in any environment where

people are regularly helping themselves

to a brew this coffee makers body is

made of tough durable plastic this means

that it's not only long-lasting but it's

easy to clean to just wipe down the

exterior with a sponge or damp towel the

GRB velocity brew is built with the same

rugged materials the company uses to

make their commercial models this

machine will give you years of use as

long as you clean and maintain it

properly the only disadvantage I see in

this coffee machine is that the heater

stays on all day to keep the water hot

and that's fine if you plan on brewing

multiple pots of coffee per day if

you're only a morning coffee drinker

please suggest turning off the machine

unplugging it when you're not using it

otherwise you're just wasting energy

overall I would say that it's a pretty

nice option if you're looking for a

coffee machine which has a lot of

features and it's pretty small as I said

before if you live alone then you would

probably look at some other models

because it's not really efficient for

their office which has more than three

people in it then definitely go with

this model and number one it's the

Breville B s 870 XL I saved the best for

the last the Breville BES 870 XL is

definitely one of the best coffee

machines out there no matter if you plan

to use it at a coffee shop at home or at

your office as mentioned by C net there

are two types of espresso drinkers the

first set doesn't care where there

elixir comes from how much it costs or

how it's made as long as they get it

fast a second group dreams about

duplicating espresso alchemy at home on

the cheap and are more than willing to

get their hands dirty if the latter

sounds like you than the semi automatic

Breville barista Express a special

machine is a dream come true

to prepare a great espresso the grinding

should be both fine and quick the es 870

XL comes with a burr grinder

that can grind coffee beans in a few

seconds and sends their espresso within

minutes if you're a beginner you'd love

it's two dual wall pressurized filters

that regulate the pressure and optimize

the extraction leaving you with a

perfect espresso without worrying about

complex functions the Breville is a semi

automatic machine this is an important

point as it can leave several other wise

programmable things in your hands such

as dosing or steaming a semi-automatic

machine is a great way to increase your

overall espresso brewing experience but

if you're just looking for quick and

easy yet quality espresso without

heading to the nearest cafe you may want

to consider another model from the ones

we mentioned earlier

a brush stainless steel body coupled

with a 1600 watt thermic oil system

allows the water and espresso to

maintain an optimum temperature through

the elite PID temperature control this

makes all the difference when you need

your coffee delivered with consistency

and without a fuss even though this

machine is a powerful flexible espresso

maker it requires a little experience to

master all the new answers so if you've

never used a similar all the new answers

so if you've never used a similar

machine you're going to struggle the

first time you use it that's why I

recommend you watch a few videos on how

to use it if you're unsure with that

being said it's up to you to decide if

it's worth it for you I would recommend

this to extreme coffee lovers any day

thanks for watching I hope you liked the

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