Which Bottled Water Is The Best For Your Health? (TESTING EVERY WATER BRAND)

alright guys idiots dear hydrated ADHD

very hydrating ADHD back with another

video I hope you guys are having an

amazing day camera flips daily we're

getting right into it today we're going

inside because cuz I didn't know your

boy like to drink that water you like to

drink that water

yeah you're gonna smile like that less

you are very very hydrated man he loves

that water yeah doing its today we got a

lot of water prison so we're gonna ride

it as if a lot of these water brands and

I'm sure it's someone your wife you've

seen one of these water brands and if

you haven't you're a liar and this is

weird but its water do you drink are you

okay oh yeah I love this sunny man right

here it is sunny okay so me we're

probably wondering that's the big

question here right you're probably

wonder I know you're very curious or you

don't get the help but what water brand

do I drink I actually love to drink this

one right here whichever water has the

lowest amount of money I do spend to get

it the water I drink we're gonna be

testing out all of these brands which

water bread is the best to drink so

we're gonna be testing it we're gonna be

using this right here is testing the

purification per square inch of water

and this right here will judge the pH

balance of water so we can find without

a shadow of a doubt which water is the

best for me so I'm gonna find out if my

water really is disgusting as Parker

says it is or if Dasani is just wrong

what is the body see that water you're

poisoning is so every day you're

poisoning yourself right now we're gonna

test these all out guys so before we get

into a go guys we have them separated

these are like the top ten brand you

know man yes P for everybody but for us

we see everywhere we go as these brands

right here in this row yeah and this

front row right here this back row is a

lot of different specialty water and are

like cheap waters if these don't see all

the time that we have this pH water

which on top says bring you know 8.88

p.m. that's a good one from CVS you know

people don't even know what that means

it's just like they're confused you with

science man that's what they do these

water brands they know everybody on my


walking around which water should I get

well this is pH on it yeah smart water

that's not for me

we're double water so then they walk

around and they see what's in ship it's

gonna help symbol on it it says

overachieving h2o that's for me often

three times of money no more today

we're finding out which one the best of

it says the man Parker are gonna be

taking all this branding away the

branding is gone no more branding all

this market yeah all this marketing so

me and Parker are gonna do a taste test

on the 10 base water so hi Lydia Parker

taste test of all the waters and he's

got telling me give me a blindfold us we

can't see oh

aquafina put the light blue thing it

makes it look cleaner dark blue we're

gonna be blindfolding him and he's that

tests all the waters out he's gonna tell

me which water tasted the best so that

way we know what Parker's opinion is

just terrible or good I'm gonna do the

same thing and he's gonna know which

water I think you guys are gonna know

which one we're both big but I'm not

even know which water I pick until it

gets tested so anyway let's get started

all right guys so I'm gonna get Parker

the test right now easy to be drinking

all these different waters I'm not gonna

dumb a spare you guys time you just be a

lot of videos of a man drinking water so

we're gonna go ahead and cut him out but

I'm gonna help him determine which one

he says is the best and we'll see where

that falls on the line here so I'll get

started testing and we'll find out what

Parker's favorite water is right now

alright guys so I just got done finished

testing Parker and this is the guy that

always talks about water quality Oh

water this water that so this result the

ones in the middle are the ones he said

we're like neutral they were like

somewhere between a rating he gave it

kind of 4 and a 7 so these are his

ratings the one in the back here is the

one he claimed the worst he gave it a

two out of three and the ones in the

front are the ones he gave the best

grade which are these two right here he

gave an 8 so what I'm gonna do now

you're gonna go and reveal your love I

belong show you which one you gave the

best grade yeah the one you gave the

best grade was Arrowhead water one of

the cheapest waters you can get

Arrowhead water he chose as a

a his second one isn't even a water

really it's black

you gave Fiji was the most expensive one

here of freakin six that was the last

one he did you like really special about

it and the one he said was the worst was

just what I did just from the diver

tizen ten you know what just what I just

I still it was just bad so this is why

I'm saying guy this is why I drink this

water because he is the water guy he's

always talking about water quality

judging me of my water choices and he's

at airway to the bed so that's why I'm

saying guys water is just water we're

gonna find out today we're gonna find

out the test right now I'm gonna go up

net okay see that's what God cannonball

and pull this and water my mouth that's

just three things like full water

all right guys so Justin my water test

partners going to show you why I said

was the best water which ones I said was

a medium water which myself wasn't the

worst water here they are now alright so

in the front rows you got your 10 June

is your eights these are the best waters

and this is from left to right the first

water the tea drank all the way to the

10th so here's the front or the front

row here's all the sixes this fours and

here's the worst waters he said the

worst waters he tasted and this is a

little graph of how it goes so we're

ready when you are

so this was like you're the highest

grade you gave that at that was good

dude so was not bad whatsoever you know

I just gotta say I think this is weird

what else oh this is great that was

disgusting alright guys so here's what

we're gonna do guys I have a whole list

right here I'm just doing Dasani first

what we're gonna do is the lighter the

colors right here this is best for this

the color you want it's like the best

possible and then the wider you get us

the more acidic

water actually isn't the worst that is

for you so this area right here is the

best for your health

we're also gonna be using this to test

how pure the water is at tents how many

particles are than a square inch of the

waters how many particles right just cuz

they're particles doesn't mean it's bad

but we're still gonna add that into the

equation so let's go ahead and see what

just hot water all right party nervous

is the water angry I am very nervous

actually this is the water Parker drinks

every single day he comes here any

brother you start bragging oh I start

graphic routine I have our keys your

broke ass just got some 7-eleven water

let's see what he has right here so

purity below is zero zero six is what is

good purely clean water

oh we're out of 30 okay we're out of 30

which isn't too bad you're better than

your coke yeah so there we go now let's

see the acidity you ready for this oh

that's real here really yellow that's a

5 5 that's not a good color though and

we're gonna add all these things

together and decide which one's the best

let's keep it going here so right here

this awning alright next one up is

Crystal Geyser this is the water you get

the 99-cent store let's see if Parker's

high quality Dasani is better if the

purity test here first oh dang okay

no 101 that's really pretty bad let's

see them but what if the balance is

better than the Basanti though that's a

seven so that means Crystal Geyser is

better than Dasani as far as the pH goes

the saw me is more City

alright so Crystal Geyser is ahead

alright next one is aqua hydrate which

partners does he's a bias towards you

love this water I love it I've never

even tried this water you drink all this

would be interesting cuz this advertises

a pH 9 plus oh damn again just because

the minerals are high doesn't

necessarily mean it's bad it could be

positive Mason yeah sometimes really

yeah they're particles to be good

particle Oh

nothing is a solid blue the residents

drop that is a solid color that isn't

eight and what is it advertised at nine

no 8.5 that's so far it's the best pH

balance and the most balanced the water

but again you're paying for that that's

expensive paying for all of this

so here's what I think is probably gonna

be the best one is Fiji here we go yeah

139 again that's not a bad thing but it

is still not just the water that's a

seven that's another seven and it is

like yeah this is advertised the pH

water this is just water it does seven

but hey we both agree that that tastes

great yeah and it tastes great

all right seven for Fiji next up the

terminal water first up I've never heard

of this this is the most expensive one

we bought in some place this is $5 a

bottle okay that's close to this water

we're seven yeah forty-seven okay that's

not bad at all

that's like yeah it's about the same I

think we put more could you put more

drops in that one it's more of a defined

color yeah so I would give that it's

sadder than two yes so they're both like

seven to an eight this is the one I'm

curious about this man will submit on

Instagram be posting his water just

water always talking about this me bar

both give it don't work I swear it

tastes like laundry water sounds like

someone like it tastes like water that's

been sitting there for three weeks

doesn't bad water let's see what the

grid is though so we're testing the

purity right now again not necessarily

everything but 64 now this is what I'm

curious about is the acidity level let's

get it yeah that's not too bad for just

water that's not too bad how does it


that's actually better than Fiji that is

yes it's wow that's the solid blue which

means pH is eight I gotta give it to

Wilson its water it may taste like

absolute but you know what I still ain't

drinking it is not bad for you so smart

water is known for being or smoke

reverse osmosis so I'm expecting nothing

less than a zero zero zero as far as

purity goes if there's no zero zero zero

that makes me question they're distilled

vapors oh dude that any Bonnie five that

is way too high for a distilled water

distilled is supposed to be like nothing

in it no good no bad

does to water it must be zero zero zero

we're at 25 that's not looking good

smart what were smart of you home that

wasn't very smart or design next one

let's get this acidity oh damn looks

like yeah dude bad yeah that's why it

was sick so you're basically if you look

at our stoop scores here that's the same

as crystal geysers you're basically

paying and bar water is not cheap it's

not no you want a cheap water it's like

a two to three dollar water dollar

they're very close to comparison that's

scary that is not a good brand come on

not buy I'm not nuts not not reverse

sponsoring but I wouldn't buy smart

water I messed up those tests next thing

right here is Arrowhead water as weird

as nozzle I'm expecting nothing less for

this to describe good so let's see what

Parker's opinion looks like on paper

what what no way no way that stuff is

good it's actually eight that I can't

believe that that's almost that's the

same grade as it just water which is

expensive Wow for price value just walk

or IRA add water in your highest pH

water well you guys partners taste isn't

too bad we got our pH right here I could

taste the P that is our highest right

now but this is the one I am serious I

am very curious about ascension this one

gives it higher than this one is a nine

it says we are 9.5 p.m. higher purified

water see how true this is and I

actually love this water too I never

have you tried this water because I'm

too cheap let's see that's good water

yep that's solid water so our current

winner I'm gonna put right over here for

a dollar I mean yeah this is gonna

higher score but I'm talking about

dollar value per quality arrowheads in

the lead Kirti level let's did it okay

44 48 it's not too bad

alright now for the main thing this

should be the closest thing we have to

that dark deep purple which is a 10 oh

that's straight purple oh that's a

sorry Myrtle I don't know if it's a ten

no I don't think it's a ten oh yeah

that's way they c95 let's step up the

aquahydrate was a little darker oh this

one's pretty sure that one's definitely

darker yeah okay yeah they are with the

advertise how much is essentia bottle

unfortunately it's expensive dude there

you go

so here's our number one as far as

scores next one is Avion that's a water

very very popular around here I don't

know very else but this waters been

around for a long time let's see what

they can do

oh damn aside to eight we await help 285

to me that's all for 300 that can be

good that's not bad

I'm going to go run tell mom about that

speech level and it's cheaper next up is

why was it just in its core this is the

funnest looking bottle this looks like a

fun thing to drink and this is very

popular in our area yeah a lot of people

drinking this alright let's test the

purity oh man we're at a hundred and ten

acidity looks good if they advertise a

7-point for one city point for that I

mean that looks kind of about that so

poor is not lying is the best dog value

no no because that's a you can get you

can get those on deals but I'm pretty

sure like if you got aqua hydrate or

Sencha it's probably better for your

value yeah this is one curious support

this is a cheaper version a because of

the plastic bottle but in a glass ball

these can run you anywhere from three to

five bucks a bottle

okay okay okay for twenty four thousand

one of our lowest one this bar is the

particles go oh dude that is super low

for a pricey it as it is that's a six

that is a six all day that is bad that

is the second lowest we've had next one

up is my waters water I drink the

7-eleven purified water I think really

surprised oh good this is okay well no

is that that's like somewhere in between

the two we're gonna green that that's a

seven hey hey man I'm drinking better

you're paying for Dasani and I'm getting

the better water with this 7-eleven why

just drink what's in the fridge so

between burgers water is designing my

water it's better it is cheaper a mess

one time you water

next up aquafina classic everybody's had

an Aquafina you have an auto Aquafina

before you're just lying

you had to head off the pinna before

everyone's had it you had to you have to

yeah you had that oh dang no one leaves

water so far had a one I was expecting

smart water to be the one that had less

than a five Wow

a one now that's the only one here that

states to drink by this thing standards

yeah okay that's the worst one that is a

five that is the worst thing we have

tested so far

aquafina had a five next one is body

armors got a pH of 8 it's got

electrolytes supposed to be the best

water for a sports player let's see what

is I'm a sports player let's see what

comes out of it it's 50 ok see the 32

I'm gonna go guess this one's on part so

far the advertiser is gonna create

credit that works that's an 8 that's a

solid eight all day that was expensive

that bottle was three 43-foot no no it

was not buying it water yeah this one

was the most expensive water we got

alongside this one and now next up was

how much your house is gonna work but

black waters so advertised a pH of 8 and

higher will fund up high makes burgers

don't have the most amount of particles


Oh 148 yes that is if there are ones on

here that are colored more particles

than that that is sad actually

haha now the test the pH in my shirt

will be able to see it or anything

I'll have to just try our best to that's

just in blue too I mean you can't really

see it too well guys wat water was

that's what was worrying me about this

black water is whether or not it really

is what it says how could you test it

exactly yeah I mean but that looked nice

awesome blue so I'm gonna go give it a

meet alright guys so yeah boys ADHD

science team right here we're gonna go

ahead and crunch some numbers and define

what is the highest quality one our

worst quality one and also what's the

best one to buy with the outfit first

let's get it

alright guys so we've covered our

numbers here the best water for you is

essential this is the best water for you

it is pH balanced cuz good quality a

good amount of minerals that is

advertised just as advertised this is

the best water for you but not everybody

wants to be spending you know upper to

two three four four

a bottle so that's not a winner though

so the winner is arrow and it has the

worst purity but it's also mountain

spring water those could be good

minerals but hey that's solid of a

colors when the best ones we have on the

board here clear this one of the best on

the board and they're only a dollar true

it's cheap a dollar you can't beat that

the only one competing with it is

Aquafina which is the worst this one

right here yeah that yellow one yeah so

go to the Nansen store you're on a road

trip you need to get a water you're on a

budget arrow it's a winner