Bootcamp Vs Parallels For Mac

I wanted to make a quick video for all

of you outlining the differences between

running Windows via bootcamp and running

Windows via parallels on a Mac and this

video is intended only for mat people

that are looking to install Microsoft

Office for Windows and having that

option outside of running Mac OS X on

their macbook so they're going to need

Windows for all of you that already have

a PC running Windows this video is not

for you you're good to go all you have

to do is take those Excel plugins for

the MBA 701 class and you're good to go

for all the Matt people that are still

looking to add the Microsoft Windows

version of Microsoft Office this video

will help you out a little bit if you

need some direction so things you'll

need before we get started you'll need a

copy of Windows for installation so

you'll need to find somewhere to get a

legal copy of Windows you can get it I

think in a disk form still maybe but for

sure you could buy it from maybe the

University and get it in a digital

format and just download it either way

it needs to be an installable copy of

Windows and you can have it on your hard

drive and it should be fine even from

there you'll also need to decide if

you're going to use boot camp or

parallels and parallels actually is

going to cost you at current $79.99 from

their website so I'll show you what it

looks like here this is parallels

desktop 11 for Mac when you go to buy

now a tell ya there is $79.99

I think it's worth it but I understand

if you're on a budget and that's why

there's another option for you which you

have Windows you have the Mac boot camp

option which is built-in so if you go to

your Applications folder and go to other

you'll see the boot camp assistant here

and this is where you go to install

Microsoft Windows on your Intel based

Mac you have to have windows ready to go

and then as you continue on you know

it'll just go from there so some of the

pros and cons to boot camp versus

parallels well obviously I mentioned one

but boot camp is free it's built in

software with Mac OSX

you don't need to pay anything you just

need to have your Microsoft Office copy

of that for Windows and then Windows

itself and speaking of which before I go

further there's several different copies

of Windows you have I wouldn't go older


mr. XP I mean I wouldn't go back that

far at all but I'm using Windows 7 for

example I think it's the most stable of

all the windows that we've had recently

I mean I think it's great Windows 8 is

really complicated it's more mobile I

don't know it's made for touchscreens

they kind of perfected that with Windows

10 but Windows 10 is still got a long

ways to go before I consider jump into

that from Windows 7 so if you're able to

get Windows 7 that's what I would get I

know that Windows 7 is actually the

official operating system for most

businesses still and for the university

at UNCG so that's the one I recommend if

you can get Windows 7 get that or else I

mean if you had to get another copy I

would go with Windows 10 but do not get

Windows I would avoid Windows 8 at all


so get Windows 7 or Windows 10 so going

back to boot camp it's free it's built

in another Pro to boot camp is it

actually uses the full computer power so

when you launch Windows in boot camp

you're literally leaving the entirety of

Mac OS X from the beginning and

launching windows from the start so I'll

show you you'll hold down the option key

when you open up the mat when you press

the power button you hold down option

and then you actually select the

operating system that you want to boot

into so I think you can actually see

there's a recovery drive and then

there's Windows you'll tap over with

your arrows and then you'll hit enter

over Windows and it'll literally launch

the copy of Windows straight from your

mat book so that's boot camp it runs at

full power parallels however shares PC

power with Mac OS X so Windows 7 on mine

for example with the parallels opens

like a program would and acts just like

a program you could leave it like

program and there's benefits there's

pros and cons with that it's it's

technically slower because it has to

share power with the Mac operating

system but it's just more of a seamless

experience and it don't you don't have

to worry about partitioning your hard

drive and that's what out my next point

when you run boot camp you have to

partition which is dividing out a

certain section of your hard drive to be

only usable for Windows and when you

make that partition when you divide out

that storage you can never use that

storage under that partition format

you'll never get that back which brings

up another point if you decide to use

the free boot

option or you just prefer that option

make sure you backup your Mac I would

back up everything with Time Machine or

whatever you use to backup your software

whatever I would back everything up

before partitioning your hard drive just

in case you decide that maybe that was a

mistake so so that launches it start up

with boot camp parallels launches like a

program and I'm going to show you what

mine looks like right now I'm going to

go ahead and launch it up so it's

actually opening now parallels desktop

one really cool thing is I actually had

an option for mine where it shares the

same desktop so it doesn't give you a

Windows window like you would see like a

little program window with a desktop

within a desktop it actually shares the

exact same desktop with my OS X

operating system so it's launching up

now I'm gonna let it go doesn't take too

long it just mounted the hard drive

which is the C Drive for Windows 7 and

as you can see this has been here on my

dock the whole time but I have a Windows

7 Applications folder so it kind of

shows me all this stuff it's already up

here it's always up but if I click on

these things without Windows being open

it'll say well we have nothing that

could run this file site well duh

because Mac can't read it so you have to

make sure that Windows 7 is running

before you launch anything out of the

Applications folder now this just popped

up here this is a Windows 7 little

window a little preview of the desktops

kind of like a never-ending loop but

when I click on it hey there's the

familiar Start menu we all know and love

from Windows so there you go and I'm

going to go ahead and watch Microsoft

Office Excel for Windows and there you

have it and when I even minim some

reasonable clicking and dragging when I

minimize the program it will even

minimize to my dock so it's really

organized actually thought this was a

lot more seamless than boot camp and I

don't mind taking a little bit of a

power hit I'm only going to be running

Microsoft Office out of it anyway for a

couple of classes so I thought why not I

can even open Microsoft Excel for Mac at

the exact same time and I can show you

the differences between the two it's

very interesting they look a little bit

different looks more bland for the

office for Windows

but apparently it's better so we'll

cover that all right and like I said

that is the Start menu right here and

you actually shut down from it as well

so when I shut it down it'll unmount the

hard drive and shut down like Windows

normally would so it's leaving Windows 7

and that's it and that's all I had to

mention for this little short video if

you need help installing everything or

have any other questions I'll be on

campus tomorrow and I'll be there in the

afternoon from 1:00 to 5:00 after I get

off work with the exception of an

interview that'll be unavailable for

around three o'clock so thank you for

watching the video