the best store-bought bone stock options :)


all policy Terina here i want to talk to

you today about store-bought phone stock

options if you've been in the real food

slash holistic roam for any significant

period of time you're gonna know and

hear about the benefits of bone stock

and so this is not intended to go into

detail about all the beneficial

nutrients you know i typically don't

like to get that granular with all the

different benefits and amino acids and

things like that i mean it's interesting

stuff i could take a rock and put it

under a microscope and tell you all the

different nutrients that are in it but

what i like people to understand is the

bigger broader concept alright so if i'm

trying to mimic the evolutionary

template then i'm trying to eat an

animal nose-to-tail and the reason for

that is i want a broad spectrum of

nutrients this is what my body

anticipates and expects my body requires

a lot of things to make it properly and

a lot of things to function properly and

the broader that expectrum of nutrients

the more than I can mimic eating things

that resemble what makes me me then the

more that I give my body what it needs

to make me okay

so one of the big reasons we want to

consider consuming bone stock on a

regular basis is most of us typically

only eat muscle meat when it comes to

animal meats and muscle meat meaning

like chicken breasts and ground beef and

steaks and things like that you know we

usually recommend consuming bone-in

skin-on and fatty cuts because that

starts to mimic more of that

evolutionary template and I'm getting

more and more and more nutrients into it

so I want to think bigger picture I want

to think getting an entire animal or as

close to that as I can possibly get so

when I consume bone stock I'm consuming

the liquid of simmered bones and when I

simmer bones those bones typically

ideally are going to have connective

tissue like cartilage and tendons and

things like that

and so when I simmer the bones then all

that stuff dissolves and getting into

the water and then when I consume that

liquid that I'm getting all those

beneficial nutrients and most of those

nutrients I'm not getting from muscle

meat so again bigger picture you know

I'm not going to talk about all the

different you know amino acids and


some benefits of bone-stock it's

extremely helpful and the big picture of

reason why it's helpful is because it's

giving me a balance of nutrients that

I'm not giving when I typically eat

muscle meat okay so now when I started

teaching this stuff five years ago you

know we were all making our own bones

talk all my practitioner friends and

there weren't any store-bought options

available you know like there was

Swanson chicken broth which is not

really bone broth you know oh by the way

did you know the difference between bone

stock and broth stock is the liquid

without seasoning and then once you

flavor it up that's broth from what I

understand so but anyway when we started

doing this five years ago you know we

were all making our own stuff but there

weren't any store-bought options but now

that this holistic health you know real

food grassroots movement has taken such

a strong hold there's so many people

involved in it now we see a lot of

different options so and you know bone

stock is like so popular that you go to

a grocery store shelf and and sometimes

you'll see like an entire section

dedicated to it now within all those

different options the question is

whoever's making it do they understand

what we really want what we're looking

for out of it a lot of stock options out

there are nothing more than water with

meat flavoring or chicken flavoring

you know it's they're not even really

making it the right way so what we did

is we went out and we purchased just

about every brand you could think of and

made some phone calls and figured out

which ones were legitimate stock options

like using that word stock options

alright so there are a lot of options

out there the majority of them were

either made with inappropriate

ingredients or they weren't made the

right way they were either just

simmering muscle meat to get the flavor

of the meat into it or they were using

what they call meat flavoring which was

synthetic flavoring and maybe there's a

bunch of other stuff included in that so

these companies here are a simplified

list of quality stock options made the

right way these people know what we're

looking for when we want this kind of

stuff so my first top pick is bonafide

provisions bonafide provisions you can

see here refrigerator like completely

gelatinize if stock gelatinizes that

when it's chilled that's a clear

indication that it's got a lot of the

connective tissue and collagen and stuff

in it so it's almost proof that it's

made the right way

if it doesn't gelatinize that doesn't

mean that it's not legitimate stock

because it could be a matter of diluting

it so if I make some stock on my own and

I have some bones in a crock pot and I

just barely cover those bones with water

that liquid that I get out of it is

going to be extremely concentrated and

more than likely it's going to

gelatinize if I make the same batch of

bones but I double the water I'm still

getting the same nutrients and the same

benefits out of the bones and connective

tissue but because it's so diluted it

may not gelatinize so if it gelatinizes

then it's an indication that it's made

the right way if it doesn't gelatinize

that doesn't really mean one way or


all right so bona fide provisions they

have a chicken a beef they have a

frontier blend which I love it has a

bunch of different kinds of animal bones

and you can see here gelatinizes really

well this company was started by a

classmate of mine

Alexandra Raines and I'm pretty sure in

our ntp class nutritional therapy

practitioner course I'm pretty sure I

taught our classmates how to make bone

stock and how to make kombucha and so

she started her own company and it's

doing really great it's in a lot of

health food stores definitely all Whole

Foods in the frozen section I keep

several bags of this in my freezer and

this is what I consume on a daily basis

I consume about a quart of stock a day

and so this is my top pick like made the

right way very trusted source and I

absolutely love it alright my second top

pick is gonna be kettle and fire and

kettle and fire same thing these guys

know what people are looking for they

use organic grass-fed pasture raised

bones chickens beef pork all that stuff

and and this is a really high-quality

product when you put it in the

refrigerator it gets thick it doesn't

completely gelatinize the beef

gelatinizes a little bit more but it is

made the right way what I love about it

is it's completely shelf stable so the

way they package it is vacuum-sealed the

containers biodegradable non-toxic it's

vacuum sealed and it's designed to be

shelf stable so I keep this as some

fresh options in my freezer and I

consume this most days I keep this as an

option at my office and in my pantry and

I love to take this on hikes and camping

trips because again it's shelf staple it

doesn't go bad until you open it once

you open it you need to consume it you

know within three to

five days or something like that so so I

keep a combination of these two I always

keep some of this in my freezer I always

have this on hand another great option

that you're gonna find in a lot of

grocery stores I think I've seen it at

Costco and some other places is Pacific

made a phone call to their headquarters

and talked to some people in there

Quality Control Department and they make

it the right way they use organic

free-range chicken and turkeys they

simmer the entire bones feet neck they

just don't have organs in there and and

the chickens are organic free-range from

turkeys organic free-range so really

good quality option you can see here

it's thick it's still a little bit

liquidy so maybe a little bit diluted

but it is made the right way so that's a

great option I don't think as great an

option as these two but still a good

option and then finally stock options is

another one made the right way and you

can see here it's relatively thick it's

kind of getting warmed up from being at

room temperature here the reason that

this is last in our list is because it's

not organic pasture-raised grass-fed

bones so so hopefully that's helpful the

big takeaway from this is remember once

we've been down this real food path for

a while we want to start to upgrade our

quality choices and start to mimic this

evolutionary template and getting a lot

of beneficial nutrients a broad spectrum

of nutrients we want to think when we

eat animal meat especially we're going

to think about eating organs and we want

to think about getting skin and

connective tissue and glycine in college

and and all the things that we need to

make me because I am more than just

muscle meat I need stuff to make my

joints and skin and and all these other

things and so if I consume stock in

addition to eating my variety of meats

and trying to get some organ meats in

here here and there then I'm broadening

my nutrient spectrum and I'm giving my

body a lot of what it needs and that's

what we're looking for okay so thank you

so much for tuning in if this

information is useful share it with

somebody people need to know this stuff

you know I'm saying alright love you

guys we'll see you soon