hey guys welcome back today we're going

to be chatting all about my

top favorite drugstore blushes so i've

done a couple like

top favorite videos i did concealers

foundations i've done highlighters i've


almost every category and i wanted to

talk about blushes because i'm a big

blush fanatic

i wear it every single time i do my

makeup no matter how natural

simple or dramatic a makeup look is i

can never miss out on blush

i really feel like it completes your

look and lately i haven't been doing a

ton of highlighter so i've been going


with the blush and bronzer so i just had

to share with you guys my top favorites

i think i have like 10 here

in today's video which is very exciting

so hope you guys enjoy

definitely grab a snack and of course

leave me your favorites

because i always love your

recommendations so if you guys have any

must-have blushes

leave it down below so that is it get

cozy grab a snack and let's get into my

favorite blushes okay so i'm going to

start off with

two palettes these are actually from bh

cosmetics i wasn't going to talk about

them just because they're not dedicated

blush palettes but obviously there's

blushes in them

so the first one is the glowing and

grease six color blush and highlighter

palette so this comes with highlighters

as well which i think is even better

honestly because

you get variety it's kind of like a one

and done palette you have your blushes

you have your highlighters

you're good to go so we have three

really beautiful like peachy coral kind

of blushes these are my favorite blushes

in general but especially in the

summertime i think they're so beautiful

especially on tanner darker skin tone i

love these kinds of tones

but these blushes the formula is really

silky it's a matte formula but it's not

drying it's not powdery

they melt into the skin really nicely

and all the blushes i'm going to mention


last a really long time on the skin

which we love so

yeah this is just all around a really

great palette i love the formula and i

love how you have

highlighters in here as well so you

could use these as eyeshadows even the

blushes you can use as eyeshadows so you

can mix and match and

it's just a really cute palette this is

the most expensive palette that i'm

mentioning today i think it's like 16

at ulta but it is well worth it i think

for everything that you get the price is

amazing so

definitely check out this palette

especially if you're into palettes you

like having kind of everything all in


this is really great so another option

for you guys if you're not into those

bright peaches but you still

want a blush palette blushing in bali


bh is also really beautiful these are a

little bit more pink mommy tone blushes

but i think they're still beautiful

nonetheless depending on the look that

you're doing and nowadays i like to

match my blushes with the crease color

or the kind of makeup look that i'm

wearing or clothes that i'm wearing

i kind of just like that vibe just adds

a little something next up i have

two bronzers that are labeled bronzers

but they're not really bronzers okay

these are the cookie cosmetics matte

bronzers quote unquote but when you open

them up

this is not a bronzer this is a blush

okay this i would personally never use

as a bronzer

in my opinion the finish of it the color

it's a blush to me like when i first saw

these i was like oh that's a blush you

could use it as a bronzer you could use

it as an eyeshadow you can use whatever

you want

but i like these as blushes because i'm

a big like

bronzer blush kind of girl like i love

that blush that looks like

a bronzy kind of toasted color on the

cheeks i think that is so pretty

especially when i'm doing a very neutral

makeup look like not a lot of eyeshadow

a really glossy nude lip throw on one of

these blushes and you are

toasted and ready to go so the shade

sunlit peach

is one of my favorites because it really

is that perfect peach

it's a very neutral peach it's not as

bright as for instance

the glowing and grease palette which is

a little bit more bright as you can see

so the one from koki is a little bit

more on the neutral side which i think

is really great if you want to

experiment with some

a little bit of like a bronzy peachy

kind of blush but you don't want to

commit to something super bright i think

this is

really really beautiful the formula is

great this one has a slight sheen to it

nothing crazy it almost looks matte in

the pan but then when you apply it you

get a little bit of a sheen to your

cheeks which i think is really

flattering but

it's nothing too much so it's definitely

a good blush for every single day and

then a toned down version of that color

is the shade stay golden

so this one has a little bit more i feel

like of like a yellowy orange base

really pretty especially if you have

fair skin i think you would really like

this because it's not a full orange or

full peach bronzer

blush kind of shade i like to mix the

two personally

on my skin tone i don't really use this

one on its own but i like it as an

eyeshadow i think it's really pretty

check these out i believe koki is also

now available online on

and i love

this formula and i love these colors

because they're not as bright as a lot

of like traditional peachy blushes

on the market and like a lot of ones

that i'm going to show you so if you're

fair skin

if you're super light and you want to

get into blush that's a little bit more

bronzy but you don't want something too


you will love these and literally on the

back it says it's going to give you a

sunkissed look and i agree and

my favorite way to apply blush is using

a stippling brush or a duo fiber brush i

feel like it just applies the product

so seamlessly on the cheeks i like to

use brushes like this because it picks

up the perfect amount of product so i

don't get too much i don't get too

little and then when i'm applying it

it's just so natural and it blends into

my bronzer really nicely so

this one's from la girl it's the 103

brush elf also has one i feel like you

can get these

anywhere they're amazing and they're my

favorite it's all that i use

for blush so that's a great one next up

i have a classic blush that i just had

to mention this is milani's luminoso

and if you guys go back to some of my

really old cringy videos i have loved

this since high school

this is just like that classic coral

blush i feel like every single

youtuber on the planet loves this blush

but with good reasoning

it is so universal it is so pretty it's

very light

even though it looks really intense in

the pan it's going to give you the most

wearable wash of color and i really like

this one too because it has a really

beautiful golden

sheen finish so when you apply it it's

going to almost look like you applied a

little bit of like a natural highlight

to your cheeks

it looks so pretty so melania has a ton

of different colors as well and i just


the formula this is one of those blushes

that isn't super pigmented you

really have to build it up to get a lot

of color but i think that's pretty so if

you want to get into like a peachy coral


but you don't want something too bright

or too intense or bright colors scare


you will love this one this is this is a


at the drugstore it's so good speaking

of gems you guys already know if you

watch my videos

burt's bees blushes are my favorite

whenever i don't know what kind of look

i'm doing or

if i just feel like i need a little

something added to my face

i will add these blushes and i'm like

golden so

my favorite blush probably of all time

the one that i get the most use out of

out of all the ones that i'm mentioning


is burt's bees toasted cinnamon so this

is like that

perfect bronzy blush kind of like

the one that i told you guys about from

cookie but the one from koki is a little

bit lighter so again if you're more fair

you will love

the cookie one if you are tanner if

you're my skin tone you will really

really like this one because it is so

bronzy and delicious on the cheeks it is

very long wearing the formula is silky

when you touch it it just feels like


reminds me of a high-end blush and it

lasts like a high-end blush as well so

this is just like my perfect

bronzery kind of blush that's what i

call it so if you're not into

that and you want like a more

peachy-toned blush i really like the

shade just peach from them as well

just peach is really pretty too because

it has a peach undertone but it also has

a little bit of pink in there so it's


full on like peach orange coral shade

but i think it's really beautiful

i will mix these two from time to time

it's a perfect like

natural peach not too peach not too pink

not too orange

it's perfect i have another single blush

that i really like this one is from

catrice it's their

blush box water and sweat proof blush

another go-to peachy blush of mine that

i really like this one's in the shade

golden coral

i really like this one too because it

has a nice silky matte finish so this is


identical to milani luminoso the colors

are the exact same the only difference

is the finish of them so if you like

milani luminoso

but you want a matte finish of this this

one right here from catrice is identical

it's perfect the formula is great

and it's a very natural peach so it

actually looks brighter

in the pan versus what it actually is

when you have it on your cheeks so

really really great option to milani

luminoso again if you don't want that

finish to it

that one is great next up i have another

catrice product this is the catrice and

amman blush palette so they actually did

a collab they did this palette

highlighter palette and eyeshadow

palette and it

is one of my favorite youtuber collabs

the colors are so beautiful they did a

really great job they absolutely killed


and this is one of my favorite blushes

and the reason i wanted to mention this

is because i love this in the summertime

i know it's intense but it is so

beautiful it is a very pigmented palette


a little bit goes a long way i have to

always tell myself that whenever

i'm using this but just use a little bit

on a brush and you'll be good to go

i wanted to talk about this though

because i was looking at some of the

reviews and a lot of people were saying

that this is brown skin friendly which

makes me so happy so if you're

deeper darker tanner you can get this

palette and you can rock it because the

formula is amazing it's not chalky it's

not ashy it's gonna last it's gonna show


it's gonna wear really nicely throughout

the day so i personally can make this

palette work just like i said be really


but if you are darker this is going to

be beautiful on youtube next up i have

the la girl island

hottie blush palette i love this palette

this is like one of my rider dies

next to toasted cinnamon this is like

the second blush in my collection

that i get so much use out of so i

actually for a while

i only used these two colors in the

palette but now i

love all of them especially these i'm so

into these really light kind of neutral

tones i think they're so beautiful

especially when you're doing something

so natural on the skin

i think a color like this it just gives

you that perfect wash of color this is

an exact dupe for abh blush trio the


love palette this is the same exact

thing like the only difference is the


the packaging and this is actually

better because the shadows or the

blushes are bigger

glides on the cheeks it lasts all day

and it looks really really natural it's


too bright of a palette the two most

pigmented palettes that i mentioned in

today's video

for sure are the catrice and amman

palettes and then the bh cosmetics

palette so

if you're into really bright blushes you

will love those if you want something a

little bit more toned down

this is the palette for you i love it

for every single day it's so wearable

and it looks so pretty on the cheeks now

if you don't want to commit to a full


i understand la girl also does have

their single blushes these are the just

blushes so i have the shade just glowing

and just peachy

these are basically identical to the

blushes in the palette

i personally am a big fan of palettes

but i know not everybody likes that so

if you don't want to commit to all the

shades i recommend going in with their

single blushes because the formulas are

consistent all across the board

and the colors are amazing this one also

has a really pretty like sheen to it so

it's kind of like

milani luminoso you're gonna get that

light wash of color it's gonna look like

you got a little glow going on but it's

really just

your blush it is so beautiful i love

this color i like mixing these two i

think these are really great

the peachy one is so pretty and this is

a matte

color right here this is actually

probably very similar to

the one from catrice yeah

basically so very similar the one from

catrice is probably a little bit more

natural than the la girl one the allegro

one is slightly brighter i almost forgot

to mention this blush and i can't

believe that this is truly

a gem this is the essence satin touch

blush in the shade

satin love this is so hard to find i was

trying to find it online and i hope that

it's still available i know that it's on

essence website

anytime i would see this blush it's

usually in stores when i would go into


or cvs this is that blush where you just

got done being outside

in the snow there was a big blizzard now

you're coming inside

drinking hot cocoa by the fireplace with

your significant other and you got a

little color

from being outside like your cheeks are

a little cold and red that's the vibe

that this blush will give you or

you're in the classroom your crush just

walked in he says hi to you

you're not beat red but you're blushing

from within

that is the vibe that you will get from

this blush it is

so pretty it's so natural it looks so

boring in the pan but i'm telling you it

is beautiful when you have it on your

cheeks even the swatches don't do it

justice something about it

is just so effortless i love this also


natural makeup days no makeup makeup

days it looks so natural like just

you're naturally blushing i think blush

is essential

whenever you're doing any kind of look

but especially a natural makeup look

because it adds to that

natural kind of vibe like you just woke

up like this so great formula it's

three dollars it's so good so that

completes this video those are my top

favorite drugstore blushes and blush

palettes i really hope you guys enjoyed

this video if you have any other


feel free to let me know let me know if

i should do another category next i've


setting sprays powders primers

lip colors i've done a lot and i just i

knew i had to do blushes so

let me know what else you want to see

thank you guys so much for being here i

hope you're all doing well

i love you all and i will see you very

soon in my next one