Top 5 Best Bear Spray Review in 2020


if you're looking for the best bear

spray here's a collection that you've

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number one most popular safer

frontiersman bear spray 7.9 oz

manufactured by Sabre an established

company that produces pepper spray for

law enforcement frontiersman bear spray

is a solid option the seven point nine

pounds Kenneth has a range of thirty

feet although then went to ounce one has

a thirty foot foot range mister maximum

straight allowed by the Environmental

Protection Agency the spray was fuel

tested in Alaska and Montana and has

been proven effective against black

brown and polar bears the cat also glows

in the dark so you can locate it at

night the canister has a three year

shelf life and does not include Ulster


number two counter-assault epa-certified

maximum strength and distance bear

repellent spray at 10.2 ounces this is a

large can of get the hell away from me

and you can really count on couch result

seems to be the brand that i see the

most often on the trail that alone

doesn't make it perfect but it's a

testament to a bear spray done right

with the distance of anywhere between 12

to 32 feet

this spray squarely covers the distance

we need to be safe of course I can't be

sure exactly my testing factors they

used to determine those distances but an

average of 22 feet of range isn't bad at



number three you'd have a bear spray

with camel hip holster created by a

survivor of a bear attack for you laughs

bear spray formula improved on existing

products of the sprays an extremely hot

bio-based formula at a budget-friendly

price the 7.9 ounce canister has a range

of 30 feet of powerful fog second empty

out in four seconds as it enters the

Bears eyes mouth and nose stopping the

attack the bottle comes in pride safety

orange so it's easy to spot and includes

a camouflage hip holster that snugly

holds the canister for easy transport on

the trail several fires report that they

used to spray successfully to ward off

an aggravated bear


number four cart Alaska 9oz bear spray

repellent and pepper enforcement belt

clip holster cart Alaska's 9 oz bear

repellent canister offers a huge 4 year

shelf life while a 20 foot spray rage

ensures you can protect yourself from

afar rather than waiting for creatures

to get too close thanks to the addition

of the belt clip holster it's a very

practical solution indeed at 9.5 inches

tall in posting a slimline design the

bear spray is lightweight and portable

while the durable canister is built to

withstand knocks and bumps as well as

high heats this keeps you safe when the

product is not in use which is good news

as the spray will irritate your skin and

eyes for a good couple of hours


number five that bear spray saved the

orange with color Grizz guard holster

bear spray is about the last thing I

would expect to be customizable and I

seem to be wrong dude a breeze blowing

us away with one of the best and hoody

customizable berry holsters and sprays

I've ever seen okay I gotta be honest

most of the important facts I listed

above aren't lazy statistics purrs but

they are cool so how does it measure up

well it's hard to say unfortunately

despite claims of being the most trusted

bear spray around even a visit to the

company's websites in June of 2018

didn't list any real details nowhere on

the product page could I find it the

finish testing listing of distances or

spray time for more details click the

link in the description thanks for

watching the video


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