BEST BEACH in SIARGAO, PHILIPPINES! it's more fun in the Philippines :)



good morning puppies so cute because I'm

sniffing each other's books it's

actually the cutest little squad ever

the roosters are so let this morning to

celebrate today's beautiful sunshine we

are gonna have a bj

I want to go check out a beach up north

in char gal called Pacifico Beach a few

people told me that it was really nice

so I think we're gonna do that but

before we get started I want to go make

some breakfast I need to do a little

more work on a blog as well it's still

early I think it's like 7:30 a.m. that's

how I feel about this breakfast black

tea with almond milk apples with some

delicious peanut butter also I don't

know if you can see it but I woke up

with this really weird neck cracks yeah

see how it's red there I am such a

ginger like everything hurts me

everything like the Sun food whatever

the hell that is about I threw on a long

sleeve like over my over my dress it's

not the cutest look ever but honestly

this is not a fashion show this is a

don't get skin cancer show so I think

we're just gonna have to accept the fact

that this looks stupid

yeah bye-bye little air B&B today's bike

ride is gonna be the longest one I've

ever done I'm gonna take it easy enjoy

the journey to Pacifico Beach and not

worry about getting there too fast just

because I am still a very novice driver

all right let's go to Pacifico Beach 59

minutes okay I am about two-thirds of

the way through my drive and look what I

came across this gorgeous little village

how pretty very very cool spotted on



I had to fill over here oh my gosh my

hair is so crazy but look at this beach

that I just happened upon we're driving

along the coast now and it's just gotten

like crazy crazy beautiful it is so

gorgeous out there I cannot wait to get

to the beach okay so we have made it to

Pacifica Beach definitely surf town

vibes here there's a ton of surf shops

places to stay and I haven't even seen

the BTI we're literally just driving up

ditched my bike real quick whoo

[ __ ] holy crap I have never seen

anything like this in my life this is


look at it that is not photoshopped that

is not filtered that is just clear blue

beautiful heaven oh my god yes that was

hands-down one of the most incredible

drives of my life I felt like every time

I stopped and like took my camera and

filmed a bit I put it away and I'd be

like [ __ ] like I missed something else

amazing that was so so beautiful but

let's stop talking about the drive

because look at this freakin water I

cannot believe it as real currently


Pacifico bh is 10 out of 10 incredible

what I love most about it is how there

is absolutely nobody here but myself and

a few locals the water is like this

beautiful crystal-clear blue I can't say

enough good things about Pacifica Beach

this was worth the one-hour drive but

the thing I would say is if I was coming

back again I think I would book like a

hotel here overnight because honestly I

don't know if it's cuz I'm jet-lagged or

if I'm getting sick or something but I'm

exhausted right now like driving for it

ended up being like an hour and 20

minutes on the scooter because I kept

stopping but that was a lot of sun

exposure and yeah you girl was just

tired oh my god I can't get over this

Beach look how look at like look again I

can't stop filming it feel like I have

way too much footage at this point but

like oh so nice I think shark ow

literally might take the cake for my

favorite place I've ever traveled

I heard Xiao Gao was great but I never

expected it to be this great so I'm very

very very happy so I am coming back up

to where I parked earlier there's my

little scooty scoot water is so

necessary right now hi

can I sit thank you so I got this new

toy that I really want to set up and try


the dome for my GoPro and apparently

it's actually okay there she is

we have our dome set up and I want to go

test it out I watched a YouTube video

where some guy had one of these in his

footage looked really really cool so

naturally I had to buy one cuz I'm a

copycat I'm gonna flip you onto the

GoPro now I don't know what's gonna

happen this might be really weird

because I have this dome thing on but

Lucy maybe it's gonna be cool


okay so I'm not entirely sure how that


hopefully it looked cool I don't know my

like vision for buying that dome thing

was to get a shot of me snorkeling

underwater with like flippers so this

was kind of just like a trial run

splash I can't submerge my head

underwater for another few weeks good

luck to future me editing this and make

another okay so I am fully nerded out

again turtleneck long skirt but it's

necessary I feel like other travelers

look at me and they're like what in the

f is wrong with that girl why is she

wearing the turtleneck so we are gonna

kick off and head back to general Luna

so thank you so much for watching make

sure you leave this video a thumbs up

and I will see you in the next vlog


whoof almost lost you there