Which Car Jump Starter Is Best? Let's find out! NOCO GB40 vs Duracell vs Audew

should you just throw out those old

jumper cables and buy yourself a

portable jump starter after all some of

these products claim to provide up to

2200 pants that's about twice as much as

a car battery are they really just that

good or are some of these products just

not going to deliver on the results they

promised today we're going to be testing

eight different brands to see which

brand is the best and the first test

will measure the cranking amps produced

by the portable jumpstarters at

seventy-five degrees Fahrenheit will

compare the lithium jumpstarters with

two other types of jump starters

including a super capacitor and sealed

lead-acid will compare the cold cranking

amps of these batteries when the

temperatures are at zero degrees

Fahrenheit we'll see if any of these

batteries are powerful enough to

jumpstart a vehicle that has a dead

battery we'll see if any of these

jumpstarters can start a diesel tractor

without any help from the tractors

battery costing $70.99 is this I do

multi-function jump starter it claims to

have a battery capacity of 20,000

milliamp hours starting current 500 amps

peak current 1500 amps operating

temperature negative 20 degrees Celsius

to approximately 60 degrees Celsius not

only is it a jump starter it's also a

power bank and can be used to power

electronics and it has a flashlight

pretty nice little carrying bag

instruction manual USB type-c the USB

type-c you can use a wall outlet to

charge this device when it comes to

getting an accurate test result you

can't use these electronic testers now

these are great for flooded lead-acid

batteries or AGM cells but these will

not provide accurate results on lithium

ion batteries instead we'll be using a

carbon pile test in addition to the

carbon pile tested which will give us

the number of amps that this battery can

produce I've got an ohmmeter hooked up

to the carbon pile tester and will

measure the current being produced by

each one of these units okay I just

selected the boost button which you give

us some voltage the voltage on the I do

is sixteen point four three what we do

now is turn up the Carbon pile tester

and get as many amps as we can out of it

under load it peaked out at three

hundred four amps and around 10 volts

dropping to two hundred amps after four

seconds before the testers shut off

that's actually pretty impressive in

more than adequate to start most

vehicles that have a partially drained

battery the I do start off at a hundred

percent it's now down to eighty four

percent after the test costing seventy

four dollars

99 cents the second least expensive

product we'll be testing is this Viking

compact power pack which is sold at

Harbor Freight it's a jump starter USB

12-volt power bank and a flashlight only

450 peak amps 2.0 USB power ultra long

battery life lithium ion phosphate

battery holds 70 percent charge after

two years jump starter AC power adapter

the jumper cables and several other

adapters the Harbor Freight battery has

a twelve thousand milliamp hour capacity

the instructions use this device around

on the side of the power pack which is

very nice compared to some of the other

brands I got the power pack for the

Harbor Freight hooked up and I don't

have it turned on but it's already

producing 2.45 volts you can see that

it's present on both meters go ahead

power up the power pack it's fully

charged the Harbor Freight Vikings

started out at thirteen point two two

volts before the test and only produced

two hundred and sixteen amps at seven

point seven volts which seems unlikely

to start a vehicle with a partially

drained battery I just finished testing

the Viking from Harbor Freight and it

won't even power up anymore I don't know

if this thing is just overheated or what

exactly took place but this unit seems

to be out of power right now we're gonna

come back later and see if we can get

this unit to power up costing eighty

four dollars and ninety nine cents is

this San Roque jump starter he claims to

deliver 2,000 cranking amps and has a

16,000 milliamp hour capacity jumpstart

a car up to 20 times per charge charges

in a USB device like mobile phones

tablet digital camera etc pretty

nice-looking carrying bag


he claims to have a starting voltage of

a thousand amps and peak current two

thousand hands for his accessories it

only has one cable for USB to USB type-c

and the jumper cables the san roque

started out at sixteen point eight three

volts before the test and topped out

around three hundred and forty four amps

at ten volts

kostik $89.99 is this DB power jump

starter it claims to be the king of

power twenty thousand eight hundred

milliamp hours peak current two thousand

amps starting current 1000 amps working

temperature negative four degrees

fahrenheit to 140 degrees fahrenheit in


and out at USB type-c port two different

USB ports and a flashlight USB 2.0 two

USB type-c and the jumper cables the DB

power start out at sixteen point five

three volts it didn't do quite as well

as the i do or the san roque but much

better than the viking and produced two

hundred ninety-one amps at around ten

volts and lasted around six seconds

costing $89.99 is this toc vision

jump-started which claims to have 2200

cranking amps in a capacity of 20 1800

milliamp hours USB 2.0 2 USB type-c

jumper cables 2 USB outputs flashlight

the top vision started out at sixteen

point seven six volts it delivered an

impressive 338 amps and 10 volts which

is more than enough to get an engine to

spin over and start costing ninety nine

dollars and 69 cents this no code genius

boost plus gb 40 is the most expensive

lithium-ion jump starter we'll be

testing it claims to deliver a thousand

amps it claims to be able to start a six

liter gasoline engine or a three liter


even though the genius cost more it only

produces six thousand four hundred

milliamp hours compared the competition

Prakash less and produces around 20,000

milliamp hours USB out USB n jumper

cable port instead of a carrying case

there's a carrying bag jumper cables the

setup of the Naoko seems a little bit

different than the competition

the Naoko actually includes this

safety features inside the battery pack

not on the actual battery cables itself

power cable auxilary power to USB which

is used to charge the device GP 40 users

guide the Naoko GB 40 started out at

eleven point nine three volts and

produced two hundred and forty three

amps at seven volts costing $109.99 is

this more traditional style of jump

starter which is a sealed lead-acid that

claims to produce 900 peak amps it has a

battery power indicator and also an

emergency light until your power supply

USB power supply rotate to provide power

to the cables the Duracell start out at

thirteen point seven two volts it

produced two hundred and fifty five amps

at seven point 4 volts which is better

than the Naoko gb 40 and the harbor

freight viking but not nearly as good as

some of the other products we're testing

costing $129.99 is this auto wit 12-volt

battery Lascar jump starter ultra safe

convenient fast long lifespan

multi-application reliable in portable

peak current is seven hundred amps

working storage temperature minus forty

degrees celsius the sixty degrees

celsius battery charging time depends on

the amount of voltage you have in your

battery the auto it uses energy from

your drained battery to charge itself

and then start your car the only way it

will work using a battery that's nearly

drained if your battery is over ten

volts it takes between one and one-half

minutes to charge the auto wit and then

to start your car if the voltage is over

six volts but less than 10 volts it

takes approximately three minutes if

your battery is over four volts but less

than six then it takes ten minutes the

jumper cables and a super capacitor the

other wit doesn't have a carrying case

you have to use this box the auto wid

super capacitors started out at around

15 point 5 volts it produced 261 amps at

around 8 volts but quickly dropped under

200 volts and 7 amps jumpstart a

performance on the bench is a

combination of amps and volts the san

roque top vision i do in DB pair all

seemed very close without do producing

slightly higher voltage under load the

ottawa Duracell no koji be 40 and harbor

freight really struggled compared to the

competition by producing under 270 amps

and 8 volts or less car battery issues

really seemed to surface with the


below freezing so let's place these

jumper packs in a freezer that set to

around zero degrees Fahrenheit and see

how they perform the temperature inside

the freezer is negative 20 degrees so

close enough to zero degrees Fahrenheit

so let's get the testing underway the

outdo really struggle to do is chop only

producing a hundred and ninety seven

amps and seven volts for about two

seconds there in a second attempt it did

a lot better at two hundred thirty eight

amps and seven point three volts the

third attempt produced two hundred

eighty four amps at over eight faults so

the lithium batteries do improve a lot

as they warm up from being used a Viking

only produced one hundred thirteen amps

at three point six volts

what was that alright the Harbor Freight

device will even power up after one

attempt so unfortunately I think the

Harbor Freight device is done for now

the San Roque just like the Ottawa

needed three attempts to warm up a

little and on the third attempt produced

two hundred five amps and seven volts

which isn't nearly as good as the I do

the DB power also needed three attempts

and it produced a hundred eighty eight

amps and seven volts on a third attempt

so not nearly as good as the I do jump

starter the top vision also benefited

from three attempts with the third

attempt producing two hundred and fifty

four amps and eight volts which is just

behind the I do as far as performance

the no Co genius GB forty only produced

one hundred and forty-five amps and four

volts which is slightly better than the

Harbor Freight Viking but not nearly as

good as the competition the duracell

start out at thirteen point three two

volts the duracell produced 119 amps and

five point three four volts on the first

attempt and it didn't give up like the

lithium-ion jumpstarters I ended the

test after around ten seconds after

allowing each of the batteries multiple

attempts they warmed up and performance

improved the I do seem to come out on

top with the top vision in a close

second and the san roque doing fairly

well also the Naoko boost gb forty and

harbor freight viking really struggled

producing less than 150 amps and around

four volts let's get the bench testing

results translate into real world

capability on an old Ford Ranger pickup

truck that has a drained battery the

Ranger has a 2.9 liter v6 up next when

the tests of super capacitor it has

about 3.45 volts in it and this battery

is extremely drained at a little over

seven volts so what I'm gonna do is hook

this up allow it to charge the starter

unit itself and then see if it'll

actually have enough juice to get this

engine to turn over now I've

disconnected the coil on the truck just

because I don't want the truck starting

inside the shop but our goal is to see

if this engine will actually spin over

fast enough to start we can look at the

current demand from the truck looking at

this o meter I'm gonna see if this

battery has enough juice in it to get

this engine to turn over and then I'm

gonna hook up the super capacitor the

engine is not turning over at all so

what I do is hook

the super capacitor and allow it to

charge the battery pack

I just hit the on override button and

what it's doing is charging up this unit

it needs to get to about 15 volts before

we can attempt to have the engine spin

over the voltage is down below five now

as the super capacitor is drawing energy

out of the battery and charging okay the

unit indicates that it's ready to start

so I'm Abed and try to start the truck

okay so it actually did a pretty good

job of getting this engine to turn over

but it didn't last very long what test

the I do next I'm gonna push the boost


okay the boost button is on so I'm go

ahead see if I can get the engine to

spin over looks like the voltage is

climbing pretty quickly wow that

actually did very well I'm really

impressed with this little power pack

this engine spun over super fast and

this engine would have started had a not

disconnected to coil that little short

run the battery pack is down to 83

percent which is really not that bad and

consider how quickly it made this engine

spin over the previous jumper probably

provided some charge to this battery so

I went ahead and drained it back down to

a very close level as before and that

one do is try out the Harbor Freight

Viking to see how it does okay shows

this charge so I'm gonna see if this

will spin the engine over


we'll give this one more try up next

we're gonna test the sand rock this

battery is once again drained we're down

to around five and a half volts

like it says wow this thing get a lot

better than the Harbor Freight jumper

did this is really amazing for such a

small charger they could spin an engine

over that fast this end was drained down

to such a low level

very impressive job by the sand rock DB

power is fully charged at four bars

we're gonna see if this is going to do

the job our voltage is over 14 so this

should work well very impressive job by

the DB power definitely got this engine

spinning over fast enough to start and

it actually held up for quite some time

before it finally gave out top visions

at 99 percent so we're gonna see if this

will get the job done

the top vision definitely seems to be

the best so far it really held on for a

long time before giving up these cables

are definitely a little bit hot I think

we put it to the test okay we're down to

about 88% up next I'm going to test the

Naoko boost it's fully charged


not having much luck with the Naoko I'm

gonna try a different spot the candles

are getting pretty hot all right it's

showing that it should be charging up

the battery we're 11 point 4 volts it's

just not producing enough voltage to get

this engine to spin over which is our

problem all right we're down to about

ten point eight volts all right got a

light on indicating this thing is

overheated the Duracell is at 100% so

let's see how it performs

okay we're about twelve point six three

volts let's see how this does so the

duracell just doesn't produce enough

cranking amps to get this engine to spin

over fast enough we allowed the Duracell

about five minutes to charge this

battery to see if it can get the engine

going it's been right at five minutes of

voltages around twelve point five so

we're gonna see if this engine will spin

over this is a 1975 Ford 5000 diesel

tractor with a 4.2 liter engine I've

disabled the fuel system on this tractor

so I'm gonna do is go ahead and use the

12-volt battery from the tractor get

this engine spinning over and we'll see

how much current it takes to get this

engine to spin over I disconnected the

positive lead on this battery and it's

only connected to the jumper I'm gonna

go on hook up the I do jumper to see if

has enough power to get this engine to

spin over Wow very impressive

so the I do had enough power to spit

over this diesel engine so this is a

pretty legit jumper in my opinion up

next we're to see what the Harbor

Freight Viking can do okay not very good

unfortunately the Harbor Freight Viking

was not going to get the job done up

next is the San Roque

the I do definitely did better than the

Sandrock however both II I do and the

Sandrock did a much better job in the

Harbor Freight the DB parrot and a San

Roque scene pretty much the same

I think the I do actually did a little

bit better than the top vision the GB

forty genius let's see how well it can


all right unfortunately the GB 40 just

doesn't have enough power to get the

engine to spin over up next we're gonna

see what the duracell can do a little

bit better than a TV 40 but definitely

not enough to get this tractor started

I'm gonna go ahead and put all those

jumpers back inside the freezer to zero

degrees Fahrenheit and we'll come back

and see if they can still get this

engine to turn over these battery

jumpers around zero degrees Fahrenheit

we're gonna see how they perform

starting with you do show a 90% we'll

see if we can do a little bit better

than that the I do actually did pretty

good concern the unit is right at zero

degrees Fahrenheit I'm gonna try it one

more time all right the last time hey

not bad from the I do the I do actually

improve performance once I use it a

couple times since it warmed up some

okay let's test the Harbor Freight

Viking unfortunately the Viking is not

liking this cold temperature and it

looks like it's got an alarm and is not

going to do the job up next is the sand

rock it still needs to warm up we'll try

this a couple more times we'll do it one

more time

it took a little while for the sin rock

to finally warm up enough but after five

attempts it actually spun the engine

over fast enough to get it started it

took several attempts for the jumpstart

that's by DB power to get the job done

but it actually did spend the engine

over a satisfactory rate in order to get

the engine started testing top vision

pretty good job by the top vision time

to test out 2gb 40 unfortunately the no

code genius is just not going to get the

job done we gave it several attempts

just like the other brands the other

brands actually warmed up enough to get

the engine to spin over so when you

consider the price granted performance

and my opinion the I do won the showdown

it definitely did a tremendous job as

far as starting that tractor as well as

a pickup truck definitely had plenty of

amps to get the engine spinning over as

far as safety is concerned the power

button to the light is on the side of

the jumper and it's unlikely that's

going to get powered on if it's inside

this carrying case the top vision did

almost as good as the I do and came in

second place in my opinion overall it

did a terrific job for the price I'm

pretty sure that the top vision of the

San Roque and the DB power are all made

by the same manufacturer even though

they have different specifications if

you look at the jumper cables they look

the same and these cases on these

jumpers look very close however the san

roque of the DB power didn't seem to be

quite as good as a top vision and I

would say these two brands tied for

third I think the no Co genius GV 40 is

a very high quality product I do have a

couple of critiques with it though first

off for the price it doesn't compete

with the competition as far as producing

amps this product is definitely

underpowered for the price range of


dollars the other units we tested were

less and actually did a lot better if

the jumpstarter is inside this little

bag this bag is placed in a trunk and

someone just throw something in the


it could easily power up the device for

the price there should be something a

little bit more substantial than this

little bag the Harbor Freight Viking is

just way overpriced the competition did

far better and this unit just did not

seem to do very well as far as actually

jump-starting the pickup truck or the

tractor compared the competition the

supercapacitor technology that's in the

ottawa is very fascinating but this is a

hundred and thirty dollars this thing is

huge this thing takes several minutes to

do its job while a much smaller

lithium-ion unit is gonna cost a lot

less and immediately deliver results for

that reason I personally would not buy

the Ottawa I have to admit I definitely

underestimated the potential that these

lithium-ion batteries have the I do and

the top vision simply impressed with the

ability to spend that tractor engine

over in a pretty high rate fast enough

to get it started without any assistance

from the tractors battery I'm definitely

going to have one of these lithium-ion

batteries in each of my vehicles in the

future just in case they're needed all

my video ideas including this one come

from viewers and I read and reply to as

many comments as possible so if you have

a video idea I hope you'll take time to

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say thanks so much for watching the

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