Bathroom Tub Selection Options...(Steel, Cast Iron, Fiberglass, Acrylic)

okay let's talk about this tub unit for

a minute here this is a cast-iron

porcelain coated tub cast-iron meaning

it was cast it's cast iron it's a cast

product which makes it extremely heavy

this tub weighs 338 pounds my dirty

pants all right this is the heaviest tub

you could possibly bring into the house

the homeowner picked this out we picked

it up for me if I had a choice I would

have went with a steel tub with

porcelain coating which weighs about a

hundred pounds that's about 230 pounds

lighter than this one it looks exactly

the same it feels exactly the same to

the touch you wouldn't know the

difference if I wouldn't tell how would

he tell you so you know when you go and

order your tub you can go either way

steel with porcelain coating or you can

go true cast-iron old-school porcelain

which I don't recommend these are kind

of dinosaurs and they're they're being

phased out because they're so heavy we

had to bring this tub up just so you

know we don't want an appliance dolly we

had to bring this 330 pounds hung up

this turning set of stairs just took

three men I mean it was very dangerous

very dangerous so you can also use if if

you'd like to you can also order a

fiberglass tub unit which will replace

the steel porcelain and the cats are

important the fiberglass tub although I

do think that the porcelain coated tough

steel or cast iron is a much nicer tub

it's when it's in especially if you're

tiling the proof the three walls around

it yeah and it's a lifetime tub it's

never gonna

the plastic ones they come in your house

I think they get good for 15 years or so

you know you end up because they dole

out they smell like spider crying you're

talking about the fiberglass the acrylic

tubs yeah yeah this is a this is a

forever tub or a fiber glass and acrylic

tops or not so just a little bit of

trivia there on your on your tub

selection and what I think you should

get I mean if it was up to me if I have

my choices steel tub with Porsche much

lighter get the same effect as the

cast-iron tub but with a lot less