Do I Need a Box Spring for my Memory Foam Mattress?

today we're going to talk about another

common question that gets asked a lot

and that is do I need a box spring for

my memory foam mattress it's a great

question it comes up a lot and my answer

to that is yes

you do need a box spring - the memory

foam mattress the reason why is an all

foam mattress need to have some type of

solid surface solid foundation a

foundation splash box Springs provides

that a platform bed with a solid surface

also provides that and thirdly a bumpy

board a funky board go on a platform bed

that has slat rolls on it because again

you need a solid surface for that all

foam mattress so another reason why you

would need a box bring a bunkie board or

at least a solid surface where your all

foam mattress is well if that mattress

were to just sit on a slat roll the

weight on the sleep surface and the

mattress going down into in between the

slats can void the manufacture warranty

that mattress not only could avoid the

manufacturer it could ruin the mattress

but the unique thing about purchasing a

platform that is they're designed to

take mattress only no boxspring /

foundation depending on the manufacturer

of that platform bed will totally depend

on whether or not you need a bunkie

board and what I mean by that is some

platform beds out there in the industry

have what they call slat rolls on the

bed itself if it's a slat roll you

cannot put an all memory foam mattress

on a slat roll it would point the

manufacturer warranty and it could

damage the mattress or the sleep surface

my name is Tim Whittaker mattress major

a first-ball of Kansas please visit our

website for more mattress tips and

tricks thank you