Mousetrap Bait Test With Motion Cameras & Wild Mice/Rats. What Is the Best Mousetrap Bait?

for today's video we're going to test

out different bait that is used in mouse

and rat traps to see what it's most

effective that's a question I'm often

asked in the comments section of my

YouTube videos people want to know what

I use for mousetrap bait they also leave

comments of unusual items that have

worked for them and I want to test it

out so most often I'll use peanut butter

it's a classic it works great you smear

the trigger of the trap and my sort of

tracted to it this is gonna be the most

popular we'll have to test that out and

see I got jiff bran just because it was

a cheapest it doesn't really matter it

all works well also use a lot of

sunflower seeds I mostly set these up in

areas I want to trap a week before get

the mice and rats used to coming they

love eating these seeds and that way you

can set up the trap and you're more

likely to catch them if you have a

feeding station set up beforehand an

unusual one someone told me that work

well for them is dry cat food they say

mice and rats love dry cat food so we're

gonna test that out and see if that's


mice and rats also love chocolate so I

have some tootsie rolls here what I like

so much about tootsie rolls is you can

form it into a ball put it on the

trigger and the mice and rats have to

work a lot harder to get the bait and

they're more likely to set off the trap

now since rodents like chocolate and

peanut butter I was also told that

Reese's peanut butter cups work well

these are little candies so we'll see if

they come and take those I've been

recreating a lot of mouse traps from a

book that was written in 1590 and over

427 years ago they're reusing cheese's

bait so this is a classic as well and

people just think mice love cheese we're

gonna see if that's true

I also have a commercial attractant

jailbait it says it's better than cheese

or peanut butter so we'll put that out

there and see if the mice like that what

I'm gonna do is I'm gonna set this up in

a grid system the grids gonna be seven

wide and four down so each of these

baits will be available for different

times in random order

we're gonna put motion cameras up there

in the barn and see which ones the wild

mice prefer and if any of these they

don't really like here's the grid that I

came up with and you can see that we

have 28 different boxes I have little

nails here so for this one I'm gonna put

cheese peanut butter cat food it'll be

really interesting to see which ones are

gone in the morning and with motion

cameras which ones the mice visit first

and eat so let's test this out let's set

this up I'll show you what that looks

like just add the last of the attractant

Kjell it's like this green goop and

here's our mouse buff day we're gonna

set this out in the barn they have so

many different options and we're gonna

see if they prefer one to the other

they'll be interesting with motion

cameras which one they come to first so

let's go set this up and see which is

the best bait for a mousetrap

here's the results after just one night

out in the barn with wild mice pretty

much any of the loose food the bait that

wasn't pinned down is gone that's pretty

common might as well find a food source

and carry it back and cache it for later

so all that cat food all the sunflower

seeds all the peanut butter cups were

taken away all the peanut butters look

clean and even the attractant gel in

this one so that works as well and then

we have [ __ ] rolls and cheese that have

non marks now it's important to note

that they seem to prefer the peanut

butter that you came to that first also

the sunflower seeds but any of this will

work I was surprised even they liked the

cat food now the reason that the tootsie

rolls and cheese is still here as they

were pinned down and they're a lot more

firm than my said they work a lot harder

to get them I bet if I left this a few

more nights these would be gone as well

they just have nom marks all over them

and even though this isn't what they

came to first it's important to note

that they'll spend time working at this

and if you put this on the trap that's

key because if tootsie rolls or cheese

are attached to the trigger they'll pull

on it and they're more likely to set off

the trap the peanut butter they'll just

sit there and lick it clean they might

not even pull on it so tootsie rolls and

cheese do make good bait even though it

might not be what they come to first and

those peanut butter cups mice love

peanut butter and chocolate so it's a

good combination they seem to really go

for the peanut butter cups I'm gonna use

tootsie rolls as bait a lot more for

mousetraps just because they have to

pull it and you're way more likely to

get them cheese work too but it seemed

like it was their least favorite so the

old adage that mice love cheese might

not be as true at least for this cheddar

cheese now I'm curious if I'm going to

get the same results with rats I have a

few barns that are loaded with rat I'm

going to do the exact same bait

combination in the same areas and see if

rath prefer the same as mice so let's go

set that up with motion cameras and see

which bait the rats prefer

here's the results after having a wild

rat feed at our bait buffet all night

long no surprise they love peanut butter

every single peanut butter station is

like completely clean same with

sunflower seeds there's not a trace of

the sunflower seeds a great bait also

they love the candy peanut butter cups

those were taken off the nail so they

loved the chocolate and peanut butter

what they don't like is tootsie rolls

they didn't really seem too interested

in those or cheese this is just cheddar

cheese maybe other varieties work better

but there's not a trace of any kind of

nain on the cheese so when they have an

option cheese that's not their favorite

also the cat food wasn't really touched

at all and then this professional

attractant they seemed interested in it

I came to smell they even like this one

clean after reviewing motion camera

footage is clear that both mice and rats

love peanut butter they seem to go to

those stations first when they had a

huge selection of bait the problem is

they can lick it off and they might not

set off a trap so what I recommend is to

use a solid bait like a Tootsie Roll a

hunk of cheese a peanut butter cup and

then put peanut butter on top of it the

peanut butter will bring them in and

attract it to it and then they'll work

to get that more solid bait and they'll

set off the trap also I was surprised

that mice like cat food

if you set out cat or dog food in your

garage or in the barn the mice might be

attracted to that and you might be

causing a bigger problem by giving them

a food source they like to attract a gel

as well I don't know if it's better than

peanut butter the sunflower seeds work

really well as a bait station you can

put them in little piles all around and

when they disappear you know you have a

mouse or rat to catch they also

conditioned the animals to come and feed

then you can set up a trap with a good

bait like peanut butter and some 20

rolls and then you can catch them now if

you have any suggestions for other baits

you'd like me to try put them in the

comment section and I'll do this test

again see if we can get some odd ones

something that you think will work or

you've used just put a comment down

there below