Shopping For The BEST Backpack Leaf Blower In 2020? (Start Here)

hey what's up guys it's brian here

bryan's law maintenance i'm already

laughing doing this video

guys check it out where are we at where

why girls we got alex what's up bro

what's going on guys how are you how we


uh so what we're gonna do today is a

buying guide an updated

uh shopping guide buying guide for you

guys with leaf blowers it's been a


since i've done a video like this i'm

actually over here at weingartz in

farmington michigan

alex opened up the showroom floor it's

actually after hours which is really

appreciated absolutely

so weingartz has been a big partner on

the youtube channel so let's do this

we're going to show you guys

uh a buying guide for 2020. a lot of you

just got your business started

a lot of you are homeowners as well that

might be tackling uh fall cleanups on

your own

so we're going to be talking about all

these blowers here and without further

ado let's jump into it


all right guys so let's do this really

quick we're gonna have alex take it away

what do we got going on here today we

got two different tables

we do yeah so so kind of run two sets of

tables um you know table one

um showing off kind of those entry level

um blowers so again

you know designed for for everybody so

um you know residential

and landscapers alike um they hit a

price point uh for for both groups

okay um you know they hit specs for for

both of those groups so what do we got

here this is red max yeah so this is the

red max 5150 right makes it through 150

okay absolutely yep and then in the

middle here you've got the uh the still

it's the br

350 yep you're looking out absolutely

and then to the right

um in that entry level blower is the

echo the pb580

all right these are some of the most

popular blowers for short for guys

like you just said just getting started

in business it's a great budget

backpack blower great performance too

but also really good for homeowners so


hit the homeowner angle really quick you

said people with smaller properties

maybe under a half acre

i mean half acre quarter acre um and up

they're gonna they're gonna hit you know

that that kind of that entry-level cfm's

you know 450 500 cfms

uh miles per hour you know 150 to like

190 depending on you know the tube

configuration and all that

okay uh what's up what's cfm sort of

interrupted what's cfm for these guys

cfm's are going to be you know in the in

the red max about 500

in the still a little bit lower about

440 and then in the echo

just over 500 as well sure 510. what cfm

mean like air volume what does that mean

cubic feet per minute so

how much volume will that blower push in

a single minute that big puff of air

absolutely okay so if you're doing

leaves you want more

volume of air yeah you want to go you

want to go to the right here you want to

go to the big guys for

for lots of leaves fall cleanups you

know those early spring cleanups where

you've got

you know leaves are compacted you want

to get them off the ground yeah

at the same time if you if you've got a

as a homeowner

um if you've got a yard that's got

multiple trees maple oak is pretty

common around here yep

um these guys will work okay um

absolutely it'll take you forever

um you know when you get to the three on

your right here you know kind of the

flagship blowers

we got commercial grade now yeah we do

um so this is where you get into that

that higher cfm so i mean you're talking

900 or a thousand so

yeah almost double what you get over

here okay not necessarily double the

price but

but double the output for for those guys

so if you've got a homeowner that owns a

piece of property

half acre acre and up yup lots of trees


multiple fall cleanups throughout the

season yeah

so these guys right here cfm like you

said talking about performance what you

got 1071 and the cfm

correct uh 912 and 941 i think

yeah these guys are way powerful when it

comes to leaf blower so

you guys have always heard myself and

caleb allman for example say

when you guys are buying a leaf blower

or a tool buy the

biggest one you can afford to get into

right absolutely

so you can buy one of these homeowner or

light commercial or

mid-grade blowers that's fine for 350


but in my opinion and kind of what alex

is saying here spend an extra 150 to 200


you'll get double the leaf blower and

you'll absolutely fall in love with the


is that what you're kind of saying right

i mean that's pretty spot on i think

it's often thought that oh gosh you know

350 get you

just something that it's only for

homeowners yep and you know 580 to

650 is only for commercial guys

contractors and it's untrue

right um it's for everybody again it's

it's whatever that task is needed

um you could be a homeowner and you know

and buy a pb 580 and if you want to


six hours a weekend doing your leaves

sure absolutely fine yep

if you want to go into the 80 10 which

is again a cfm monster you know over a

thousand cfms

you know same thing with the red max um

and get it done

in in half the time or even quicker


um it's kind of what you want to do and

how you want to do it kind of no-brainer

so let me ask you about this uh

comfort we're gonna just hit on a couple

of the other items that you guys are

probably gonna wonder which is comfort

uh performance

fuel tanks you can see there's different

size fuel tanks um

what what's your your go-to blower what

do you got at home right now we were

saying this before

before 7500 so red max

stepped down from the 85 50. so it's

just uh the

the precursor to this one but i bought

it about four and a half years ago

love it big red max guy we were just

talking about ryan weingartz but

um kept it full fuel uh prime it pull it

three times it starts every single time

the same way there you go

my uh actually uh alex knows this my

first blowers were 5150s and they did a

great job

but then i ran 7500s for seven eight

years yeah

so i i bought 7 500s for a long time and

then uh

actually i'm very thankful red max

husqvarna sent out an 85.50

and i was like dude i've been totally

missing out and

this 8550 is the next gen the revision

of the 8500 so big update here and then

but you know alex a lot of these guys

they're big echo fans man they're big

echo fans they got the 80 10 bro they're


i mean echo makes again they're great

blower i mean i arguably i mean probably

one of the easiest blowers to start

yep um you know on on any day of the


you know whether it's spring summer or

even winter time echo arguably

um you know super easy to start it's a

beast i mean it's a

it's a heavy blower you definitely know

it's got a big engine a big air housing

it's going to push some volume

sure um it's on your back you can feel

it now let me ask you this uh we don't

have it up here but the pb770 that's the

middle between these two echoes right

another great leaf blower yeah you got i

mean comfortable to like that 7500 we

talked about sure

um the 770 step down from the 80 10 yep

so great blower but

in line with that 7 500 from red max

love it all right let's uh touch base on

the steel

a lot of steel fans out there this is

the br 800 x

now the c is the one with the side start

right yeah that comfort model

do you which one do you prefer have you

tried i'm a traditionalist i like that

rear recoil

okay okay yeah some guys like the side

start um

if you do the side start model you got

to do a half pull and then a full pull

okay that's how you get it to trip

uh that way you're not just well in a

which way you don't want to be yanking

it all day right yeah

i mean it's great listen if you're one

of those guys that works in the yard and

talks to his neighbors more than he does

the yard work yeah um if you're shutting

that thing off and on

all the time yeah if you're if you're a

brian fullerton and you uh

we call that a cut in a conversation

yeah absolutely but just charge

appropriately right which goes into our

whole theme which is know your worth on

our youtube channel so

just charge appropriately if you have a

customer wants to talk all day which is


but i love the side start and i would i

talk a lot too so

this guy feel bad don't let him fool you

he's the one that's the chatty cathy

all right so um what do you like for

comfortability do you have any pros or

cons are they all pretty uh good around

the board

big thick padded backs i mean they're

all padded um you get

more comfort out of the big guys again

it's a perk of getting you know

more dollars into a blower thicker back

pads thicker straps

um still tends to offer probably one of

the more springiest back pads and blower

housings that they offer

sure um you know as does red max um in

my opinion but

again you're doing leaves you're gonna

be out there for a couple hours at a


you know thick jacket definitely helps

with with padding now by the way you can

use the leaf blowers

for cutting grass and moving grass right

i mean they're called leaf blowers but

snow blowers man you can push through

them listen i use my 7 500 for snow in

the winter time there you go my

neighbors think i'm crazy

two inches of powder yeah 20 foot

driveway oh my gosh 10 minutes it's done

are you that guy on facebook we see

blown off his car

absolutely awesome um can we talk price

point i know price point is going to

vary by dealer and promotions and

regions yeah um what are we looking at


mid threes right 330 to 360. okay um

so again mid threes if you want to call

it on the entry level blowers okay

uh you know when you get to the big dogs

580 to 600 bucks so again they're

within 20 bucks of each other okay

beautiful absolutely

um all right well guys here's a quick

little buying guide for you for

2020 for leaf blowers uh people always

ask me

who makes the best leaf blower right who

makes the best leaf blower uh what's

your personal

preference of brand we're unbiased here

but what do you got unbiased if i came


not working here unsolicited okay and i

knew the red max 7500 did what it does

today that i did that it did four years

ago sure i'd buy that blower all over

again so red max 7500 fan you guys know

i'm a red max 8500 fan

i'm a big red bax guy we grew up using

red max here because of weingartz

but i'll tell you what that echo 7070

clutch the steel br 800 i got the c the

side start

that is my go-to blower in the fall yep

because everybody wants to talk man

and when you're on somebody's property

for two three hours doing leaves

eventually the neighbors come out they

bring you a water or a gatorade which is

appreciated but then you know you got to

rip that on and off

and when you're all bundled up the last

thing you want to do is hawk that thing

on and off a hundred times right

absolutely so all right well cool deal

well guys

uh alex if you can you just plug

weingartz and just where they can find

you guys or the weingartz uh you know

phone number or whatever

yeah um so our direct number here my

direct number two four eight eight nine

three five

eight seven one okay i'm the sales

manager here i've got six guys that can

can help you out again whether it's

entry-level blowers um if you want

something that's a little bit more

powerful for this upcoming fall which is


two weeks away yeah amen and by the way

look at this retail store

if you guys need anything weingartz is

my dealer everything from lawn to snow

they've got a beautiful chime as well

but guys these guys have been great

and again for real thank you so much to

them for opening up the showroom floor

we really do appreciate it absolutely

by the way you guys have heard our

favorite leaf blower love to hear your

guys's thoughts

what are you guys using what are you

guys running leave us some fun comments

down below

are you a steel fan an echo fan a red

max fan is there a blower that we didn't

cover that maybe you want us to cover

in the future maybe we can get access to

some other product out there for you

guys and by the way

if you guys have watched this far into

the video stay tuned next week we got

another great video here coming up we're

going to be doing a giveaway with a

couple different leaf blowers

just as a way to give back to you guys

that have subscribed to the youtube


over the last couple months all right

alex thanks so much yeah thanks brian

appreciate your big time

anytime all right guys that's it we'll

catch up with you guys on the next one