3 Good Reasons To Skip Rice Cereal | Rice Cereal Arsenic

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far away from baby cereal rice cereal in

particular and we're gonna jump right

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let's jump into the three reasons why

you should stay far away from rice

cereal okay so the first reason is and

baby cereal again is that it is not

nutritious um baby cereal is highly

refined and highly processed so I

actually should have backed this up by

saying I'm curious if you could please

leave me a comment below and let me know

why it is you're considering rice cereal

whether it is

because that's just what you think

babies do before starting actual food or

if it's something your pediatrician

recommended to you because I get a lot

of Mama's saying that their pediatrician

has recommended this and in talking with

some pediatricians I get the sense that

this is something they learn in school

too just a blanket statement say around

the four month mark like oh it's time to

start baby cereal or rice cereal but

they aren't really sure why they're

recommending this and this is sort of an

outdated practice and there aren't facts

and research is showing that just really

aren't major benefits for starting your

child on rice cereal or baby cereal so

back to the first reason with it being

not nutritious because it's highly

processed and it's very refined and so

any nutrition that they were going to

get from these grains kind of gets taken

away when it's ground up into this very

refined and processed material and they

do this to make it easier on your baby

to digest when actually this is not easy

for your baby to digest so the reason

why it's not easy for your baby to

digest rice cereal or baby sit cereal in

general is because when your baby is

about four months old five months old

six months old

maybe even a little bit older they are

not producing a digestive enzyme called

amylase in their saliva we have it as

adults older kiddos have it older babies

have it but young babies for six months

and a little bit older aren't producing

this digestive enzyme called amylase and

that helps to break down complex grains

like these baby cereals like these rice

cereals so what's happening then is if

they don't have that digestive enzyme in

place then that their gut is having to

do more work than it should and the

bummer about this is our new babies four

five six months old their guts are still

very immature so we're asking a lot of

it to break down something like this

that's already very processed that's

complex grains so you might see that

your little one has stool changes might

be constipated gassy fussy this may

indicate that they're having a hard time

breaking this down and you may have a

child that does fine with this but

generally speaking you're putting more

work on that immature gut so the second

reason why I think we should stay far

away from baby cereal rice cereal is

because it contains unsafe levels of

arsenic especially rice cereal it's very

high in arsenic rice in general it just

absorbs that from the environment and so

I know maybe moms have been swayed to

try other types of grain cereals but

even you know your most organic or any

brand you can come across they've all

really been tested and you'll still find

low levels of arsenic in these processed

cereals and arsenic is a human

neurotoxin it's a known carcinogen and

you know if we're going to avoid this at

any time in our life it's when our

babies are as young as they are right

like this would be the time to avoid

that neurotoxin or carcinogen so that

alone for me is enough to just be like

nah I'm cool I'm good it's not worth it

but um you know it's something to

consider and if you're doing this if

this is working for you and your family

I completely respect that this

conversation comes up because I've been

asked a lot of questions about it and I

don't think the conversation is

happening as frequently as it should and

the information is not as readily

available as it should be because many

parents just don't know this because

again we're trusting our pediatricians

and they may be giving us outdated

information as well intentioned as they

are okay so the final reason why we

should avoid baby cereals so this kind

of pertains a little bit more to my

mama's who are breastfeeding but a lot

of times

mom's want to mix their breast milk with

the baby cereal and as we spoke about

earlier that digestive enzyme amylase is

found in your breast milk and so what

that does is it basically starts eating

away at the rice cereal or the baby

cereal before it even makes it into your

baby's body so you're wasting breast

milk and you're also wasting your rice

cereal because the milk is basically

just digesting that rice cereal before

it even makes it down so back to the non

nutritious aspect the process aspect and

I mean maybe you're mixing it with

formula or water which you know you're

not gonna run into that same issue but

you will have to like we contend with

the other two aspects of it being

difficult for your child to digest and

they're just really not getting the

nutrients that they should from this and

have you guys I said three reasons but

we're gonna do a fourth I think and I

get out of practice with this too but as

parents we should really get in the

habit of trying the food that we are

offering our baby it's why I really

condone the baby led weaning method

because everyone's eating the same thing

and you know what your baby is getting

but have you tried these baby foods

have you tried rice cereal it is foul

it's so bland

it's it's room temperature it's not good

you know and I am all for making our

child's first meal time experiences fun

flavorful I believe should there should

be texture involved different

temperatures and rice cereal just isn't

that and so we might be putting our

kiddos off by starting with something

like rice cereal or baby cereal instead

of just waiting until they hit the

readiness signs to start actual food now

if you're not familiar with the

readiness science before offering solids

taping table foods I have linked a video

that goes into into that in depth in the

description box below so all about the

readiness science check that out if

you're interested

but yeah unless there's a medical

necessity for doing baby cereal I just

recommend skipping it and waiting until

your child is ready for actual food

because that's what's best for them

that's what's most nutritious that's how

they're gonna learn to actually eat

because guess what putting purees on a

spoon and feeding it to your little one

isn't going to teach them how to chew or

swallow food safely so if you have any

questions you know I've done a few wives

here and I'm in Google Hangouts and I

have the chat open but for whatever

reason I feel like I can't always see

your comments if you are live so kind of

above are gonna have to look into that

but yes if you have any questions if

anything comes up comments please leave

them down below and also I am curious to

know what has prompted you to start baby

cereal or prompted you to consider baby

cereal is it something that you've just

seen or was it something that was

recommended to you from either

pediatrician a friend a mother father

whatever it is I hope you guys found

this wive helpful I can't wait to see

you guys on the next one have a lovely

day bike