The ULTIMATE Glass Cleaner Test - Which one is the BEST?

hey guys what's going on today we are

going to be testing bottled glass

cleaners first allow me to show you our

testing surface this is the rear window

from my 1991 Toyota Tercel it's been

sitting in my back yard completely

exposed for close to two years it's time

to put these glass cleaners to the

ultimate test

I bought five bottles and they are

rain-x automotive glass cleaner

armor-all glass cleaner invisible glass

glass cleaner Turtle Wax quick and easy

- and glass interior detailer kill me

with that name and Windex okay I finally

got the rear window completely taped up

and each section is marked with a

corresponding bottle of glass cleaner

we're gonna be doing these in order from

one to five and I'm gonna try my hardest

not to get any overspray on any of the

other sections sadly most of these

cleaners want you to spray the cleaner

directly on the glass first then wipe it

off and what I'm gonna do to thoroughly

test these is I will repeat it as many

times as it takes to get the glass clear

I know this window is far dirtier than

any window that you guys probably have

at home but I wanted to put these

through the toughest test possible in

the toughest conditions and this is it

so we'll be judging these based on the

final result of the glass and probably

how many applications it took each one

to get all the dirt off

we're gonna start with number 1 which is

rain-x automotive glass cleaner it

actually says right here that it

outperforms leading auto glass cleaners

are moving tough bug residue now I don't

have any bug residue on here but what I

do have is some tree sap I mean these

were in the woods basically I forgot to

mention will be wiping off all of these

with a typical blue shop towel mainly

because this is what most people have

lying around their garage



holy cow that took a lot of that dirt



now it's just one application


stole a little bit of dirt left on there

but for one application that was

actually incredibly good

holy crap let me get closer look at that

as soon as the dirt got wet with the

rain-x it just slid right off there was

no and I mean you can see the reflection

of that piston that's a pretty clean

surface for just one application not

really any streaks we're gonna move on

to number two and see how that does

number two is this armor all glass

cleaner says it's going to give you a

crystal-clear streak free shine you're

basically the same thing that they all

say ammonia-free safe on auto glass

spray onto glass and wipe it dry


oh this one smells awful

this smells absolutely terrible not

saying that the reenact smelled good but

it didn't have a very harsh smell

there's still some dirt on there I can

tell you right off the bat that this

even though it smells terrible doesn't

seem to be as powerful as the rain acts

I'll get you guys down closer in here

you can see right now the Brand X is

evaporating getting rid of those streaks

so it's this stuff but you can probably

tell this on the camera it's a little

bit hazy err than the side with the

rain-x it did get all the dirt off

though I do give it props for that

definitely a top contender we're gonna

go back and check how all these really

fared at the end but it did get all the

dirt off in one pass so I'm gonna say

that's really good okay we're moving on

to number three something I have high

hopes for is this invisible glass I've

actually heard good things about this I

mean it says right there cleans glass so

well you'll think it's invisible kind of

speaks for itself it's God basically all

the same claims that every other thing

has streak free super clear crystal

clear but how will it actually hold up

who knows let me get the paper towel

ready all right number three once again

I'm going to be very careful not to over

spray onto other sections and we'll see

how this goes

that's not too bad


oh yeah it's getting it

smells very similar to the armor-all but

not as strong that same horrible

chemically smell and one of the reasons

that I'm bringing up smells because one

of our competitors actually claims to

smell good so not as bad as the

armor-all speaking of which I got

something I want to show you all right

so we can see that this again did get

all the dirt off which is amazing

because it looked like that now it looks

like that and you can see it's

evaporating as we speak the armor-all is

almost completely evaporated now and

looking really good but you can see the

rain-x is still trying to evaporate so

trying to get those last little streaks

out of here but the armor-all

evaporate it really quickly which is

nice and even though at first it looked

kind of hazy it now actually does look

really good that's pretty clear glass

even the invisible glass is already

evaporated and the rain-x is still wet

that invisible guys came out really good

too so let's move on to number four

number four is from our friends at

Turtle Wax stache and glass interior

detailer one of the reasons I grabbed

this is because it does specifically say

glass in the title and at least at my

local stores

I couldn't find a Turtle Wax glass

specific cleaner this was the closest I

could get it says right here better

performance plus Caribbean crush scent

so we're gonna see if the performance is

actually better and uh hopefully it

smells good


Tran real carefully not to get too much

spray on everything else that's enough


that's it for just a second

oh yeah that smells good that smells

like a very nice candle or air freshener

swipe off the skirt


see they all kind of deceived me because

they look Wow got that dirt they look

misty like right away but then when they

evaporate it clears up this is looking

pretty good

this is looking real good actually

forget that I did over spray a little

bit on to number two I can see the spots

so we'll just kind of disregard that

section of number two so I can tell that

I contaminated it yeah that looks really

good you can see through there nicely so

let's move on to number five number five

is the classic Windex we all know about

this it's been around forever you can

put it on anything




okay just like that it performed as

expected Windex is a pretty

tried-and-tested product

now obviously Windex works good but I do

have a word of caution about Windex

all these other ones are automotive

glass cleaners and they all advertise

that they're safe on tint and that

they're ammonia free Windex advertises

none of this so this stuff might

actually ruin your tent

it smells like ammonia I'm assuming

there's ammonia in it and uh so just a

word of caution even though this one

does perform quite well I wouldn't just

go out and grab a bottle of this if you

have tinted windows or possibly stickers

on your windows that you don't want to

get messed up because this might mess it

up just a warning okay we're back it's

been about ten minutes and I'm just

gonna say right now are they all equal

the answer is no the rain-x never

evaporated still sitting there

armored all the armor all has clearly

left some streaks there you go there's

an accurate representation could see

some up-and-down streaks the invisible

glass is pretty much perfect there's

nothing it's so clean and clear and

crisp it's perfect

very light streaks from the Turtle Wax

oh you can really see them right there

on that light and the Windex like the

invisible glass is pretty much perfect I

would say the invisible device is a

little bit better just side by side so I

got two answers for you guys if you're

looking for absolute perfection get the

invisible glass clearly the best if you

are looking for the perfect glass finish

will go invisible glass for the best

glass ever and if you just want good

glass cleaner that can also clean other

stuff get Turtle Wax you know if you

want to see me do a video of just wipes

the wipes that come in little packages I

can do that I have more old horrible

windows right there so I could test

wipes let me know in the comments leave

a like on the video let me know if you

want me to test wipes because I know

those are a little more convenient to

keep in your car other than that I hope

you enjoyed this video my goal here was

to make the best glass cleaner

comparison on YouTube I'm pretty sure I

put them through the harsh harshest

conditions and if you have any

complaints questions comments just let

me know down below and I'm gonna end

this video right now