Best Apples For Making Apple Pie

Eddie Mixit here talking to you about

the best apples for making the perfect

irresistible apple pie here it is the

middle of October and nothing says fall

like a scrumptious apple pie now here's

the thing not all apples are created

equal and when it comes to baking

especially in an apple pie some apples

just don't have the staying power choose

the wrong Apple and you'll end up with

apple mush pie see some apples are

better suited for eating straight up out

of your hand

others are great for sauces and salads

and others are perfect for apple pie the

best apples for apple pie are firm

apples not the soft ones the firm

varieties include Granny Smith Golden

Delicious Fuji Portland Jonagold

sometimes known as Jonagold Rome beauty

the flavors are important too

when it comes to making a pie it's best

to use both a firm sweet apple with a

firm art apple a great combination is

the Golden Delicious which is sweet and

the tart Granny Smith so there you go

get yourself some Granny Smiths Golden

Delicious Fuji Cortland Jonagold Rome

beauties and go for it make your apple


enjoy your pie have it a la mode

you know with a scoop of creamy vanilla

ice cream have it in an old classic New

England tradition with a slice of

American or cheddar cheese on top or

just get right to it and go Plain Jane

style a nice slice all by itself however

you enjoy it enjoy it I'll go make that

apple pie