This Is The Official Apple Watch Sleep Tracking App (Leak)

now this is something that actually

excites you you have a pretty good

reason to get excited and be excited

about in the future because hey Chris

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below let's talk about sleep and Apple

more specifically the Apple watch

sometimes things leak in interesting

ways sometimes like with the air pods 3

the next model like a case from a third

party will leak and be listed on Amazon

kind of fueling the rumor cycle and and

or like we talked about in the last

podcast it can be an icon that

accidentally slips through in a early

release of something in a beta and sheds

all kind of light on an upcoming Apple

product well in this case there was an

interesting leak about an upcoming

potential feature for the Apple watch

which is built-in sleep tracking there

was an alarms app that appeared as a

listing on the App Store which was then

taken down later but a lot of people got

some screenshots which was built by

Apple and it referenced a sleep app and

so the reference said that users could

set their bedtime and wake up in the

sleep app this is pretty interesting

there's a lot of issues tied into this

one little thing like can the battery

life of an Apple watch actually take

somebody wearing it all day and then

wearing it to bed to track their sleep

you know you have to deal with battery

life number one in fact that may be the

reason why we don't have a built-in

sleep tracker on the Apple watch yet but

it's something that sets apart the Apple

watch from like the Fitbit whatever

versa to now you can get a third party

apps to track your sleep using an Apple

watch and for awhile I tried some of

those out so it has a tech review I've

got a lot of Apple watches laying around

I like to keep them around so I can

compare new ones to old ones and so I

would wear an older version to bed while

my current version was charging and then

you know charge that one when I swapped

during the day and so I could make that

system work but wearing one Apple watch

you have to come up with a kind of a

crazy schedule in order to actually use

it during the day and then charge it

somehow and be able to wear it to bed to

track your sleep so it's kind of crazy

so the battery

you probably needs to be dealt with

first but it does appear that Apple is

looking at this and working on it so

something that could be coming which is

something I think a lot of people would

really really like and benefit from I

think the reason why is obvious because

the Apple watch has really narrowed down

on being the best fitness and health

tracking device that it can be to the

point where you have insurers saying hey

we're gonna like subsidize this for the

people that you know pay for a policy

from us because it's such a helpful

useful accurate tool for tracking

fitness and health so getting better

sleep is definitely part of being

healthy and living a healthier lifestyle

and the Apple watch is so good at so

many things it's just like a natural

thing so I think it's really just a

matter of time probably before this

comes to the Apple watch especially with

this leak now now this is something that

actually excites you you have a pretty

good reason to get excited and be

excited about in the future because I

don't know if you remember this but a

couple years ago Apple acquired a bet it

I think is the company and it's a sleep

tracking device that goes in your bed

somehow I've never tried one and

measures your sleep and so the this app

you could either work with that or could

work with the Apple watch directly or

both some kind of hybrid but Apple is

interested in this space they've spent

money in this space already so it seems

like a no-brainer

needless to say to wrap it up we didn't

see this feature hit with watch OS 6 or

with the new Apple watch series 5 but

it's very possible that it could be

pushed as a simple software update so

that's something to keep in mind well

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