just recently Apple announced the series

5 and there were people hopeful that we

were getting sleep tracking guess what

we didn't get sleep tracking but what if

I could tell you that it doesn't matter

what series you have one - I have here

the three four or the five that you can

actually track your sleep and it's fruit

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exactly how to do it right after this

for many reasons guys many reasons sleep

tracking is extremely important to your

overall health and fitness because it

can help tell you how your resting heart

rate is it lets you know the different

influences of your lifestyle and how

that impacts your sleep you can actually

track your sleep for free via an app on

your iPhone and I've been using this

thing now well over a year for free let

me tell you how to get it all right so

you go to the App Store cuz that's where

you get your apps obviously you want to

type in very simply and I'm going to

actually put it up on the screen right

over here so you can follow along with

me so open up the App Store and just

type in their sleep watch and hit the

search and right there you go be right

here sleep watch button body matter you

can get it absolutely free and then you

can get so much insight behind your

sleep and let me show you exactly how

you can do that so for the last year and

a half or so I've been using this thing

and I used to have a Fitbit before I got

into the whole Apple iPhone thing I had

a Fitbit and what I like about the

Fitbit is obviously you got health

insight but you also got your sleep

tracking how long did I sleep how deep

did I sleep all that stuff and it was a

few things I was looking for number one

I wanted it for free because I'm cheap

and I don't like to spend a lot of money

number two I wanted it to not be a

hassle I don't want to remember every

time I go and lay down in bed that I

have to do some type of setting on my

phone or my watch to tell it that I was

going to sleep I wanted it to be

automatic and number three I wanted it

to actually be useful I wanted it to be

something that would give me insights

that would improve my overall health and

fitness well guys I found it with the

sleep watch by body matter by the way

they did not sponsor this video they are

not giving me anything for free I am

just giving you a free tip because I

really think sleep is important and if

you're not getting the right quality


you're gonna quickly hate your life and

for many reasons I mean guys sleep is so

important so open up the app once you

download it you'll notice that you know

obviously I've been tracking this them

for many years you can see all the

different highlights here is up on the

screen but I'm gonna go into like for

example here's a this past Sunday now

here's what its gonna tell you right out

of the box obviously you're gonna set

yourself a goal is it seven hours of

sleep eight hours of sleep whatever

that's gonna be and then it'll let you

know right over here in the far left if

you hit your goal or not and then also

for the last three days did you hit your


are you sleeping less are you sleeping

more over your target under your target

or right on the money you're also going

to see and what I really like is this

bar right down below here you can see

the difference is right there you go

between light sleep where you're kind of

rustling around and then the deep sleep

the quality REM type of sleep that is

indicated by the purple line not only

that it also tracks your heartbeat

throughout the night which gives you an

amazing opportunity to see what your

resting heart rate is so it dare my

resting heart rate for that particular

night was 50 beats per minute and it's

really interesting to note that based on

your lifestyle you can see that go up or

down and I'll give you a good example I

have noticed remember I've been using

this for a year now I have noticed that

when I drink alcohol when I have some

beer when I call my friends maybe I'm up

late maybe I'm drinking a lot maybe I'm

having a little bit of fun right that

next day my resting heart rate actually

is is quite high it goes up into I don't

know 60 70 s and and and maybe even

higher than that so it's made it very

interesting for me to limit and watch

what I'm doing when I'm drinking that

and having fun out on those late nights

another thing that you'll see here is

your sleep disruption how many times are

you actually getting up in the middle of

the night are you getting up to go to

the bathroom a lot are you getting up

because you can't sleep things like that

that will let you know the percentage of

how much you are basically interrupting

your sleep cycle and then also of course

my favorite

total restful sleep time which I

mentioned earlier but I love that

particular one because you could sleep

for 8 9 10 hours a night but if your

restful sleep time is low that's what's

gonna make you feel fatigued so that

would give you some insight behind that

and then of course it will ask you some


when you wake up in the morning right

here on the far left it'll ask are you

completely rested do you feel like you

had a good night's sleep are you

somewhat rested or do you feel like crap

after you just woke up and then a little

bit later on and you'll see on the right

hand side it says not at all fatigued

about 3 to 5 hours after you've been

awake it'll ask you how do you feel now

that the day has ticked on do you feel

better do you feel tired do you feel not

at all fatigued you feel amazing you

know you're gonna answer that every

single day and the best part is you're

gonna be able to kind of track over a

long period of time now there is pieces

of this that aren't free and it's

totally up to you like I told you for

about the last year actually that last

year all the way up until the last two

months I have done this absolutely free

but I decided because I was enjoying

this app to go ahead and pony up the

dough and what it gets you is a health

score so there's your sleep watch we're

right at the top there you can see for

this past I was 829 my overall scores in

815 that will fluctuate based on the day

you will also get some additional

insight on this HRV this heart rate

variability it's a kind of a new study

but it's basically measuring the

milliseconds between your heartbeat you

can look that up and kind of get some

more insights behind that the last thing

that you'll get with the premium

subscription is every month you can

download a report right here in a report

section you can basically get a snapshot

of how everything was going the past

month so I actually download that and I

save it offline in a PDF and it lets you

know your average time that you went to

sleep the average time you woke up your

overall score for that month what times

you went to bed you're at rest in hurry

everything you want to know so you have

the complete report card on your health

and fitness when it comes time to sleep

but again if you don't want any of that

if you're like give me give me what it

takes to get it for free here's what

you're gonna get you're gonna get your

goal time right there it'll let you know

how long you've been asleep it'll let

you know your sleep target it'll let you

know your restful sleep time it'll let

you know your heart rate

your resting heart rate so those things

just write down in the box for free I

think are absolutely worth it and

definitely worth checking it down on the

App Store and downloading it again I'm

not getting paid anything to do this I

just thought I've been using this thing

I've kept it from you guys I haven't

really shared that I'm tracking my sleep

vitally important so the only the only

thing you'd had to worry about is when

are you actually going to take the time

to charge your watch well I usually do

it right in the morning or maybe right

after a workout where maybe I've met all

of my move rings and my stand rings and

all those no clues all three rings I'll

then take about an hour to to charge up

my watch before the end of the night and

then that way I can keep it on during my

sleep because again I think that during

sleep is one of your most important

periods of your health and Fitness's

will the Apple watch ever included

certain sleep tracking who knows they

keep screwing around they keep not doing

it but guys this whole time you could

have been stuck in your sleep it doesn't

matter I don't wait for Apple to do it

just download this free app and if you

want to get the premium subscription

that's up to you you can do whatever you

want the most important thing is to

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