Best Sleep Apps For 2020 - Who's Ready To Sleep Better?

hey guys it's Katie from mattress

clarity today I'm going to tell you

about my favorite sleep apps these are

the best apps to help you sleep I've got

a huge range of them we've got ones that

are gonna help you with guided

meditation to relax you sleep monitoring

to keep an eye on how it's going at

night while you're sleeping

we even have celebrity bedtime stories

in an app there's so many out there to

help you sleep and stay asleep of course

we're looking out for you these are ones

for iPhone Android and of course super

cool Apple watch so if you're ready to

learn more stick around because we're

gonna dive into these apps right now


all right I'm always going to know about

new apps so comment below if you already

have a sleep app that you love I'm

definitely gonna check it out but let's

talk about my favorite free app this is

the sleep cycle smart alarm clock now

for all of you just hold on don't come

at me because I know that there's in app

purchases here but the reason that I

called my favorite free sleep map is

because there are so many awesome

features that come completely for free

and the answer is a little trial period

at the beginning so you can check out

those premium features and see if

they're right for you but let's talk

about this smart alarm clock so the

smart alarm clock feature means that you

have an alarm clock option you can

choose the sound all the classic alarm

clock stuff but you get a 30 minute

range for it to wake you up now the key

here is that at night you're gonna put

the phone and the app right by your bed

and it's gonna use your microphone to

sense your body movements to record and

you snoring you might have to record

sounds and and basically they're gonna

use that to track your sleep now this

way they know what stage of sleep you're

in and can wake you up during that 30

minute alarm clock interval at your

lightest stage of sleep this means

you're waking up on the more refreshed

and energized side and not like you just

got pulled straight out of a dream or

your super groggy ears taking you like

five cups of coffee to wake up the whole

idea behind the smart alarm clock is to

wake you a bit of time that's best for

you by tracking your sleep so if you

record it every night for a week you're

gonna get some amazing insight into your

own sleep you're gonna look at when how

much deep sleep you got your average

bedtime and it's gonna be able to help

you optimize your sleep in the long run

and all of that is surf free now if you

want to get into the premium features

that's really how it's gonna help you in

the long term to look at your sleep so

you can check your mood you can write

sleep notes like hey stay a little late

had a couple glasses of wine and then

over the long term you can see if

there's any pattern showing up hey hey

maybe in the nights that I go out I

don't get as much deep sleep and it's

really hard for me to function the next

day things like that are super important

to having good quality health and

helpful sleep all night long and all

week long so it's definitely worth

checking out this out all right the next

up on my list is the best sleep sounds

app and that is relaxed melodies app now

this is used for iPhone and Android

which is awesome but the cool thing here

is that it is a huge library of sounds

we're talking all different kinds of

sounds and yes there are some in-app

purchases but some basic features are

for free although I do think it's worth

paying up for this it's not that

expensive I will say though you can

layer the sounds and make your own sleep

mixtape and

that to me is just the coolest thing so

you've got a hundred plus sounds to

choose from we're talking white noise

your basics we got baby lullabies nature

sounds ASMR so like bed sheet crinkling

all that stuff you can layer this sounds

on top of each other and create your own

personalized mixtape that you can then

save and use any time you want to go to

sleep so it's really like so

customizable which I love and then if

that's just not enough they have guided

sleep meditation bedtime stories and

something called sleep mousse which is

basically very nice guided moves to help

you relax your body so all these things

are really helping you relax and fall

asleep and stay asleep but there are so

many ways to make this super

customizable for you alright my favorite

sleep monitoring app is a sleep score

app and don't worry it works for iPhone

and Android now I know there's a lot of

different sleep trackers out there a lot

of different state monitors and they do

offer similar features but what I really

like about sleep score is the tech

behind this app they're really known for

using high quality inventive technology

to do their work and so I really trust

this one now it's called sleep score

because it's gonna track your sleep at

night and then every day it's gonna give

you a score and that's gonna tell you

basically on a positive side how well

you slept that night so you always want

to you know get a high score which is

kind of a fun motivational thing but

anyway you basically use your microphone

or the accelerometer in your phone to

place this on your bed or by your

nightstand and let it track your sleep

at night and it's gonna give you that

score the next day it's also gonna give

you tips and advice ways to optimize

your sleep and sleep better plus it's

gonna give you an overall picture of

your sleep in the long run so it's going

to help you identify your sleep stages

how long you're in deep sleep how long

you're in REM and it also has a smart

alarm clock so you can set a period of

time that you want to wake up and it's

gonna wake you up during the last stage

of sleep within that period so again

helping you wake up feeling more

energized and refreshed and you can also

track your features so this is not a

completely free app you do have to pay

for some features but it does allow you

to track what's going on in your life so

caffeine alcohol use mood other things

and then over the long run you can see

hey maybe on the nights I'm super

anxious is taking me longer to fall

asleep but I'm not getting is good

enough quality sleep what are some

things I can do it's gonna provide you

with some advice and of course if you

want to use a meditation app or a

soothing sounds app that will probably

help as well so there's a lot of

features going on those sleep

or app and one that I love or sleep

monitoring okay I'm gonna be honest I'm

a little bit obsessed with this app this

is the best sleep app for meditation and

it's the calm app now technically it's a

mindfulness app but it has some great

meditation options especially for

beginners if you're not really sure

about the world of meditation but you

want to give it a try they have 3 5 10

15 20 25 minute guided meditations so

you can really decide how much you want

to start with and go from there and of

course advanced and more intermediate

people there's plenty of options for you

as well if you're saying Kati I'm not

like super into meditation there's a lot

of other options with this app which I

love as well so there's soothing sleep

sounds and there's bedtime stories and

the bedtime stories are narrated by like

really fun people so there's a bedtime

story from Matthew McConaughey if you're

familiar with this voice it's like very

soothing and can help you sleep as well

there's a lot of fun stuff going on this

app you could also check in with your

mood it keeps track of how many

mindfulness moments you've had it's a

really nice way to connect at the end of

the day stay present with your body and

your mind and relax and get ready for a

great night's sleep

it's my favorite sleep app for the Apple

watch is the pillow app so the pillow

app works only for Apple products so

sorry Android guys but don't worry I've

got you coming up next so this is a

really awesome app that will sync to

your Apple watch and your iPhone and

give you some amazing stats on your

sleep because it's using the

functionality that's already in your

Apple watch the accelerometer the heart

rate monitor all that to track your

sleep with accuracy so you're gonna get

in-depth look at your sleep cycles

you're gonna know when you're in light

sleep REM sleep deep sleep all of that

good stuff and it's gonna track it if we

refer you and show you not only on your

Apple watch but also syncing to your

iPhone and giving you more in-depth look

there as well it's got an alarm it will

play sleep sounds or it'll sync with

iTunes and play whatever music you want

as well can all the record you snoring

or sleep talking if you want to check

back on that if you want to bring it to

a health professional if you have any


we'll also sync with Apple health with

the health app so it can give you even

more in-depth analysis as well and in

the app there's an ability for you to

add more details log any notes track any

moon or anything else that can help you

optimize your sleep in the long run so

it's not a free app but there is a trial

period and I would definitely suggest

using if you've got Apple watch and

you're looking for a way to track your

sleep definitely check it out alright so

the good news is a lot of the apps that

I've gone over today will work for both


Android but a few Android lovers want an

app that will work just for you the

sleep as Android app is a great sleep

monitoring tool so you can just add it

to your phone and then place the phone

and sleep with a sleep tracker on by

your bed and it's gonna use sonar to

track your movement and track your

breathing and of course track your sleep

so you're gonna get some in-depth look

at your sleep you're gonna get an

efficiency percentage which is really

interesting it's gonna track your

snoring it's gonna show you in very big

detail with some little tiny graphs

exactly where your light sleep and deep

sleep were happening and go into very

extreme detail on this app which I

really like especially if you're very

into tracking your sleep and it's gonna

paint a picture not only for one night

but for a whole week or depending on how

long you use it I also have some other

great features it's guys smart alarm

clock that will wake you up the optimal

time for you so your last stage of sleep

it also has something called CAPTCHA

which is an add-on that you can put on

the phone which basically requires you

to do an activity or something that you

have to be pretty awake for in order to

turn off your alarm so this is a cool

feature that I've only seen on this app

that basically stops you from over

sleeping so if you're the kind of person

who like barely remembers hearing your

alarm and then you hit it and it's off

and the next thing you know you're an

hour late for work adding this to your

phone will prevent you from doing that

cuz it's gonna force you to get up and

do a simple math equation to turn your

alarm off and of course it also is

recording and tracking and lullabies

lots of other standard things that

usually come and sleep tracking apps or

sleep alarm apps so it's got all that

included plus a way to check and monitor

your sleep so Android lovers I don't

know what's not to love about this app

okay I wanted to take a quick second to

talk about all the cool sleep monitors

and sleep trackers that we have on our

best of apps we've got sleep cycles

sleep score sleep as Android and the

pillow app for the Apple watch they're

all tracking your sleep using some very

cool innovative technology and giving

you a general picture of your sleep

health but I do want to emphasize that

these things are not to be used in lieu

of professional medical advice or a trip

to the doctor they are very cool and

they're using the highest technology to

track this but they could be missing

something sleep disorders can go

undetected so I'd highly recommend

especially if you snore you we're told

that you snore a lot or you see anything

that's a little bit concerning on your

app please go see a doctor they can

always refer you to get a sleep study if

needed but of course and don't replace

this with a trip to the doctor okay got


okay that's my list of my favorite sleep

apps I hope you found something

on there whether you're looking to track

your sleep or get some relax and sleep

sounds maybe some guided meditation or a

bedtime story from Matthew McConaughey

no matter what we got something awesome

on our list of course if you want a

personal recommendation on another sleep

at maybe you're looking for something

specific or you've got a question about

any of these don't hesitate to comment

below I'm always checking back and of

course we do a ton of cool sleep stuff

with mattress clarity so like or

subscribe to our channel for more

information and I hope I see you again

soon thanks