Sleep for Apple Watch: Here's the full reveal

there are many ways to look at sleep

scores advanced monitoring or sleep

cycle analysis we are taking a more

holistic approach to sleep by leveraging

the devices you use every day to not

only track your sleep but to support you

and actually meeting your sleep duration

goal that starts to the choosing not

only when you would like to wake up in

the morning but also when you'd like to

go to bed for most of us setting a goal

is easy but getting to bed on time

that's the hard part experts say that

establishing a bedtime routine helps the

body transition from wakefulness to

sleep so we are offering wine down it

can help you get to bed on time by

minimizing distractions and creating a

personalized routine let's look at how

this works in the evening ahead of your

bedtime your phone can display the

wind-down screen to help you transition

mentally before you go to bed it creates

a calm lock screen experience and turns

on do not disturb for you you can also

set up shortcuts for simple things you

may like to do to help you prepare for

bed these might include using your

favorite meditation app or playing

relaxing music once it's time for bed

your screen will dim and your watch will

go into sleep mode which looks like this

the screen will be off during time in

bed so won't bother you and a tap

displays this simple face when it's time

to wake up you have a selection of

gentle and effective alarm sounds or a

silent tactic only wake up alarms so you

don't disturb your partner once you're

up you'll see a friendly greeting easing

you into the day it also shows your

battery level so you can remember to

charge in the morning Apple watch tracks

your sleep using a machine learning

model that senses your motion and even

interprets the micro movements caused by

the rise and fall of your breath

providing signals for when you're awake

and when you're asleep there's an

updated sleep section in the health app

including a view of your trends over


sleep schedules wind down and sleep mode

are also available on iphone without a

watch in iOS 14 we know you'll enjoy

using your watch throughout the day and

now throughout the night