Apple Watch Sleep Tracking: How it actually works // Setup, Tested, Details, Comparisons

Hey folks, it's Ray from here. And today I've got your first look at Apple's new

sleep tracking. They announced it earlier this week as part of WWDC, but now I've

got my hands on it, and actually installed it, and finished up my first

night sleeping with the Apple Watch, in sleep tracking mode, to see how it all works.

Now I've detailed all this on the

website as well so if you want to check that out for even more details you can

see it there. I'm basically gonna walk through from start to finish what it

looks like last night setting all up. And then walk you through this morning what

happened. And of course over the night what happened. And then comparing data.

I also had on my wrist a Garmin Fenix 6 Pro, a Whoop band and then below the

mattress I had a Withings Aura sleep sensor thing as well. So lots of comparative

data to see how it's stacked up. Now keep in mind this is just a beta, in

the first two days of beta. It's not expected to release it until September

so plenty of stuff can and probably will change between now and then. So the first

thing you're going to need to do is to go ahead onto the watch itself and launch

the sleep app. Now it looks like you can do it some portions that on the phone, we'll

talk about that later on. But you need to go here, down to the

Sleep app that's the one with the bed icon right there And then you'll have

the option to start setting up a sleep schedule now in this case because this

is the morning after it's a little different looking than the first time so

I'm going to show you some photos video I took last night to kind of walk you

through each of those steps so the very first thing I'm gonna do is to set up a

sleep schedule now it looks like later on after you've done this one so you can

go turn it off and not set up again but the first time it really wants you set

this sleep schedule so the first thing is just set your sleep goal in other

words how many hours of sleep that you have there and then once you've done

that you can set an alarm now you can turn off floor if you want to that's

what I did so I just set the alarm for 7:30 the next morning like turned it off

immediately again minor things that I'm sure we've

worked out as part of the beta process to make a little bit smoother once

that's on you then you have to turn on sleep tracking this is the part that

actually does the fleet tracking so the first part is talking about like your

life goals and then this is the part that does the sleep tracking so you

toggle that and then you click Next again and then now it tells you about

sleep mode on the watch so what that does is it turns off the Watchers

display while you're sleeping you can go and just tap it to turn it back on and

see the time but it basically turns it off to save battery and just has a

screen off which is kind of nice once that's done it's gonna explain whine

down to you now idea behind one down there's more than

just the watch in fact it's almost not to watch at all it's purely the phone

and what it does it takes your sleep time let's just say 11:45 p.m. and then

it specifies a time before that in my case I set it for the default 30 minutes

that's gonna go ahead and pretty much put this lock screen on your phone and

kind of tempt you to not use your phone and again I'll explain what that looks

like in just a second now once that's done then to go and ask

you if you want charged reminders so it's basically to remind you whether or

not you've got enough juice to make it through the night and then finally after

all of that is set up it's setting to give you a recap of all of those

settings that you've just set it's a lot of stuff but you're done now and again I

think this is an area where Apple can absolutely improve this this is way more

stuff than anyone should ever have to do to simply track sleep but I'm optimistic

okay three months to figure it out by September you know when this all becomes

released in public okay in a quick note if you're finding this interesting or

useful or something just simply whacked out like button the bottom there right

now it really helps out this video and the channel quite a bit now as I

mentioned earlier it looks like some of these things from the phone itself so if

I got my phone right here and I go into the watch app I'll see watch there we go

and then down into the sleep app at the bottom there I can go and turn on some

of these settings so for example turn on automatically show time track sleepeth

watch and charging reminders I don't see the sleep schedule here but that could

be part of the bedtime routine is maybe there's two interface in the two

differently there's kind of a little bit all over the place but again things that

could be tidied up down the road now once that's all set it's time to start

this whole winding down process in my case I ultimately changed my bed time

from midnight to 11:45 p.m. and so at 11:14 p.m. I got this page here and that

page basically tells me that it's a bedtime reminder so in 1 minutes giving

me that go one minute heads up that's gonna turn on Do Not Disturb and start

the entire wine down process and sure enough a minute later it's 11:15 p.m.

which is 30 minutes again that window that I specified for the wine dine

period it adds this new like lockscreen atop a lock screen and you can see that

here it says a good evening do not disturb mode is now enabled I

don't have any alarm set for the next morning and there's a dismiss button so

not an unlock button a dismiss button if I tap the dismiss button I then get my

normal lock screen which again has even more information that still do not

disturb mode and you're supposed to be whining now

now you're supposed to not screw with stuff and prepare for sleep and again

there's plenty of research out there that shows that if you're using your

phone before you go to bed while you're in bed but before you fall asleep it

contributes to poor sleep so basically having this like double lock screen with

both pages one being way more dim the second one the second one still mean dim

is kind of like saying yo please stop playing with me roughly so anyways that

happens for the 30 minutes the period at the wind-down and then at 11:45 the

start of my official like sleep timer if you will or sleep time then the wine

down screen turns into click on a sleep overlay screen and that point it shows

sleep well doing the syrup no alarm set again a super dim down screen screen

shot looks dim it is dim in real life that's an exact replication that's the

exact screenshot you'll see it's much much dimmer I can dismiss that just like

before and you'll now see on the side there a slightly brighter screen which

is my actual lock screen again saying that do not disturb while sleeping

before it said during the winding down period now it says while sleeping

meanwhile on the watch itself it now drops into its own sleep mode so the

screen turns off and if you want to access it you just press a button it

turns back on again but the screen is otherwise off kind of like a older Apple

watch if you will not the Apple watch Series 5 but older one and you can still

see the time there you see that Do Not Disturb icon at the top but otherwise

the screens off for the night and during the wine down period the only difference

on the watch itself is that a hazard do not disturb icon on there being a do not

disturb mode but otherwise there's no special like screens on the watch during

the wine down period leading to that so at this point you sleep you finally got

the point where you can go to sleep and it just does its thing just like every

other wearable out there so fast forwarding to the morning around 7:20

8:00 a.m. I heard the baby being upset about lack of food and so I woke up and

went to got the baby food and it makes that all happy a couple minutes later it

looks my watch and it said good morning on it so again the new kind of wake up

screen that has there it showed me my current charge 83% and then it showed me

the weather below that it does not yet show you sleep time so again I woke up

around 2 727 or so and then 1012 minutes later now 7:40 no sleep data yet just a

good morning message so then I went and check the app itself on the phone

my Apple health app too curious to see if I'd see sleep data there and I didn't

sleep sleep beta there but I did see the time in bed data but that's actually

coming from the phone itself it's not coming from the watch and if you look in

the source of that within Apple Health you'll see that list the iPhone is not

my watch and the reason for that is that's coming from the bedtime routine

pieces and it's essentially saying when you set your phone down that's what it

considers in bed and then you pick your phone back up it considers a you not in

bed anymore in a very rough level and so those two kind of blockers if you will

were not what I actually slept at this point it was sort of beyond that because

I laid in bed for a while by 8 o'clock I was starting to wonder so now like 32

minutes later if I screwed something up because I looked in the watch and there

was still no data in the sleep widget there or the sleep app on the watch

itself so I was like yeah it's kind of weird by then I get data by then I had

data on my Garmin I had data on my whoop strap via the app like neither was

everywhere except the Apple watch but I just kept with it I kept on going and at

8:12 a.m. so 45 minutes after I woke up I finally got sleep data on the Apple

watch and you can see that here if I go right there back into the sleep tab now

so go to the little bed and I scroll down and you'll see analysis time I

sleep 6 hours 43 minutes from 1217 a.m. until 7 27 a.m. you can't tap on it or

anything like that like that's all there is to do there down below I would have

trending over the last 14 days in my case I've only slept with it once so

obviously I don't have that yet but you know Apple showed that on stage there's

a quick picture what that looks like but otherwise that's all you've got right

there meanwhile at Apple health you can see

that more detailed sleep data so cracking that open here we go into

health there we go show all health data and a scroll on

down and sweets what we see here is the average time in bed that's coming from

the phone but then we see the average time of sleep and that's coming from the

watch itself and if I tap on this there you can see sleep start 1217 a.m. sleep

n7 27 a.m. these are within like two minutes of my actual sleep times I I

took a screenshot at 12:10 a.m. when I was done on my phone for the night and I

fell asleep I think between 4 & 5 minutes later and then I woke up again

some between 7 27 and 7 twenty-nine depending on when I first

for the baby cry and when I actually got out of bed but I'd give it props for

both of those being pretty much in the same ballpark there now I would see more

days there as columns if I slept longer with it again just one day right there

and I can go down below and I can see my heart rate while I slept and if I click

on this here you can't really do anything else like there's nothing else

to see you click show more sleep data but this doesn't do anything you just

simply see the same thing week or month the same stuff there as well if I go

down low to the bottom I can see show all data and this is where I can see the

actual underlying data and how it contributed into this and so you see

right there the first two pieces at the very very bottom are my time in bed from

my phone that's the phone icon there from 11:17 p.m. 1146 p.m. and I got out

to take a photo that you'd actually tracked that correctly and then from 11

46 to 7:40 a.m. so it missed like 12 minutes or so at the end where I

definitely had got up in bed already but that's fine I had taken my phone with me

as well when I got a bed at 7:27 and then up top you see the chunks of

sleep as the Apple watch thought now in my case I only got out of bed once

during that same time period at roughly 5:20 a.m. to go to bathroom it was fall

back to sleep in a couple minutes so it thought I woke up many more times

roughly if I think about a half an hour and total beyond that so that's alright

that's pretty much the norm most sleep trackers seem to I find under a commit

how much you actually receive like even if I slept the whole night it seems to

think there are times ours interrupts or whatnot

beyond that now there isn't a lot of other data outside of that you can

however to see the HRV so grab two HIV samples in the middle of night so put

those there you can see and then also tracks your heart rate of course

throughout the entire night as well just like it always has so how did this

compare to all the other devices well here's a giant ugly graph if you will or

chart on the screen that you can ponder while I talk to this for a second here

so from a time a sleep standpoint the time that I fell asleep every single

device nail that you know plus or minus two minutes like spot-on in the time I

woke up every single device nailed that plus or minus two minutes so like every

device within a two minute span was would nail that which is great average

heart rate different devices did or didn't show that so it's kind of hard to

compare but looking at the heartrate graphs from all

the devices they were all in the range I would Express per a shin rate again the

Apple watch doesn't actually track that whuppin Garmin and Withings and others

do track that but it's not an Apple watch thing the same goes for sleep

score again Garmin has a and whip has that and weddings has that and plenty of

other devices have sleep score but there's no sleep score on the Apple

watch either and ultimately what I would say the Apple watch is really giving you

the basics here it's it's super super basic so it's like 2014-2015 kind of

basics in terms of sleep it's saying yo you went to sleep here you woke up here

I'm done that's that's all I'm giving you I'm giving you a total sleep time

for the night and that's it so that's kind of what we've seen in general from

Apple for a lot of the sport fitness aspects there's not too deep it's kind

of the basics that again is mainstream and applicable to tens of millions of

people but they don't really push the envelope too much on what you can do in

terms of sleep tracking now ultimately the engineers see where this goes over

the next few months certainly Apple hinted numerous times

and during their keynote presentation that they've got more things in store

for watch OS 7 coming up quote this year or later this year to be precise and

I've gotta believe some of those things are around sleep tracking some of those

things will probably be for the next version of the Apple watch I'm assuming

the Apple watch 36 and that's pretty much the pattern they usually do they

usually announce things at WWDC like they did this week and they hold back

things for September for the usually annual refresh cycle of watches so we'll

just see what happens so with that hope you found this interesting if you did go

ahead and whack that like button the bottom there or the subscribe button for

plenty more sports Technology goodness have a good one