Top 5 Best Video Conferencing Apps to Use in Lockdown | Guiding Tech

okay so it goes without saying that

video call is the need of the armed with

so many of us working from homes on that

we are looking for is the best video

calling app out there now there are

plenty of them that provides you

person-to-person video call experience

but then what about group video calling

well that is what we are going to talk

about in this video

hi guys I'm Ashley strong guiding tech

and in this video I'll be talking about

the top five video conferencing apps out

there that you can use so well what are

we waiting for let's get started okay so

kicking things off is going to be the

simplest app on the list which is what's

up we all have it installed and it is

super easy to use all you have to do is

simply call one of the people you want

and after that you can add individual

people's to the video call alternatively

if you are planning to call people from

a group simply open the group chart and

tap on the call icon now select the

people who you want to initiate a group

video call and then the call will be

placed now there is one thing that you

need to remember is that maximum four

people can be included in a group video

call well that's the limitation that you

have on whatsapp also while whatsapp is

the simplest method out there it also

uses the least amount of data which also

means that overall video quality would

not be the highest so yes it is one of

the easiest possible way to connect for

video calls and most of the people will

have it installed but then there's a

limitation that you can only get up to

four people on a video call and the

quality is not what you might want like

the quality is not that good but then

apart from that it is one of the easiest

one to try out okay

so the next up in the list is google duo

and the chances are that it might be

pre-installed on your Android device now

setting up the app is very easy you just

need to install it if it's not already

installed open it up configure it with

your Google username and your phone

number and that's about it

duo offers a much better video quality

and it even allows you to

eight custom groups for video calls

making things a lot more convenient add

to the fact that dua currently supports

a video conference of up to eight people

which is great if you're interacting

with your family or friends now honestly

duo is my preferred up in the list

because it's so simple to use it allows

up to eight people to be included in a

video conference and it is free without

any time limitations so well it's one of

the easiest app out there for you to use

but I do understand that a lot of you

might be looking for office space I mean

you might be looking for a lot board

than these simple video conferencing app

right so well don't worry we have quite

a few lined up for you guys as well now

moving on we can't talk about video

calling apps and then leave out Skype

can be I mean that particular platform

has been there for ages and it still

continues to exist and works pretty good

as well most of the issues that Skype

had in terms of connectivity are now

gone and if you would like to use Skype

for talking to your team the app works

great in fact my favorite feature here

is the screen share that allows you to

basically share your entire screen now

this particular feature of screen

sharing can come quite handy let's say

for example you want to share a

PowerPoint presentation or you want to

share a video that's playing on the

screen you can do it using Skype now the

next step in the list is something you

might not have heard about till now

which is house-party now it started as a

fun app but has reached peak popularity

simply cause of the way it works it

works great for a group of friends it

alerts you when somebody's online you

can simply drop in to an existing video

call without the need for someone to

actually invite you add to that the fact

that there are games there that you can

play in a group is like cherry on top so

well if you are looking for an app using

which you can have fun with the group of

friends like say you want to play some

quiz trivia or a game then house party

will definitely help you out well all

the apps that we have talked about in

this particular video will be mentioned

in the description of this video so you

can go ahead and download them

directly on your smartphones now the

next step in the list is zoom and it's a

video conferencing app which is getting

a lot of popularity with recent turn of

events now I know that a lot of you guys

might be thinking that zoom is paid and

it is but it offers a lot of free

features so like basically if you want

to do a video conference zoom works well

the connection quality is one of the

best out there and there are too many

bells and whistles that you might ever

need them however only issue here is the

40-minute time limit so yes there is a

40 minutes limitation and once that's

there you need to hang up and then

reconnect or you can upgrade to a pro

plan depending upon your I mean what

kind of features you are looking for now

before we wrap things up let's talk

about Google meat well meat is a feature

of Google hangout which is one of the

most popular video conferencing tool out

there for your desktops setting up

Google meeting is super easy and all you

need to do is just head over to me and start a meeting inviting

people is also simple and you can even

share your screen using the present mode

the only thing to note here is that the

host needs to have a G suit that is

Google business account to create a

meeting now anybody with a Google

account can join the meeting but only a

G suit user can actually initiate one so

well guys that's about it all the links

to the tools to the web sites to the

services will be mentioned in the

description of this video so go ahead

and download them and if you think that

we might have missed an important

service out there that you would want to

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