Medication for Anxiety


I felt so overwhelmed by everything as

the day went on the shakiness sweating

hours someone asked me what was wrong

and start to cry I couldn't control it

I went to counseling and saw my

physician after a couple weeks with the

medication I had control again and felt

so much relief I was always on the edge

I was very jumpy and reactive and I

would lose my breath when I talked to

people after a month with therapy and

medication I felt like I could breathe

again I was able to work on some coping

techniques that really helped me feel



these are the voices of people who have

found medication to be an important part

of helping them with anxiety everyone

has experienced some kind of anxiety

sometimes it's just worry about what

other people might think of you about

personal plans or the future other times

it feels more like agitation


or even sadness sometimes anxiety can

affect more than just how you think or

feel the physical symptoms of anxiety

can be overwhelming and feel hard to

control these include rapid breathing

and heart rate sweating trembling hands

and feet excessive tearfulness a lump in

the throat problems with digestion like

feeling sick to your stomach and a

constant headache

they often make anxious feelings worse

the experience can feel so bad that a

person can't read it happening again

which only increases the worry and can

even result in a panic attack cognitive

behavioral therapy and medication are

both effective treatments for symptoms

of anxiety especially when used at the

same time it's important to know a

little about the different kinds of

medication for anxiety selective

serotonin reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs

and serotonin and norepinephrine

reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs are the

most common and effective medications

from both anxiety and depression SSRI

and SNRIs

are taken daily are effective for

long-term treatment and help reduce

symptoms such as irritability agitation

frequent crying and excessive worry


are not addictive and do not result in

substance use disorder benzodiazepines

commonly known as benzos are fast-acting

medications commonly used to treat

significant anxiety symptoms and panic

attacks while effective these

medications can be addictive

they should never be taken in

combination with alcohol or opioids and

should only be used as directed by a

physician safe use of benzodiazepines

can be effective for anxiety symptoms

but should only be used in close

collaboration with a doctor and as part

of a larger wellness plan beta blockers

are a type of medication usually used

for high blood pressure or uneven

heartbeat they can also be effective for

short term reduction of anxiety symptoms

related to heart rate sweating or

shakiness some specific prescription

antihistamines can also be used in a

similar short-term manner these

medications can be used on an as-needed

basis especially when specific

situations like flying impact someone's

life each class of medication for

anxiety has different benefits and risks

and each can offer relief for anxiety

symptoms that get in the way of

day-to-day life most primary care

providers are familiar with these

medications which in combination with

cognitive behavioral therapy are

effective treatments for anxiety


anxiety symptoms can be overwhelming but

with the right treatment anxiety can be

manageable for almost anyone physical

symptoms can be reduced and you can

learn positive coping strategies for

long-term success people literally

breathe easier and learn to feel hope