Best treatments for pain

like most people you probably have a

variety of pain relievers in your

medicine cabinet but which should you

choose well it depends from mild pain

and run-of-the-mill headaches or as a

fever reducer many doctors recommend

taking acetaminophen first you can take

the generic or the brand-name tylenol

acetaminophen is a good first choice but

heavy drinkers should use it with


it could cause serious liver damage

you'll want a different type of relief

for pain with inflammation like in

osteoarthritis a degenerative joint

disease that affects millions

non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs

also called NSAIDs are the ones to

choose a lot of familiar names belong to

this group advil and motrin and their

generic ibuprofen a leave and it's

generic naproxen aspirin is an in said

too and there are prescription NSAIDs

like celebrex one that is highly

advertised and said so generally safe

for occasional use say a few times a

month or so Consumer Reports health best

buy drugs recommends to generic

ibuprofen and naproxen they're both

available over-the-counter and for most

people will work as well as celebrex a

pricier brand name medication but if you

do take in said often or in high doses

to treat osteoarthritis there's

something else you should know even non

prescription NSAIDs can be dangerous and

Sitz can cause serious side effects

stomach ulcers gastrointestinal bleeding

kidney failure heart attacks and strokes

you should be under a doctor's care if

you're going to take one regularly and

some people should use extra caution

check with a doctor if you have stomach

problems or heart disease also talk to

your doctor if you have high blood

pressure or kidney disease and if you've

taken NSAIDs regularly for many years

that's a reason to check with the doctor

too and some people will want to avoid

incense at all costs that's true if

you've had a stroke heart attack or

heart failure or if your blood pressure

isn't under control it's also true if

you're already taking

spurns protect your heart or you've had

a stomach ulcer or bleeding finally you

may know that regular exercise and

stretching can help with creaky joints

and pain from osteoarthritis

in some cases it can dramatically reduce

the need to take medicine for more

information on inset medications for

free visit our website at Consumer

Reports health org and click on

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