Best Indoor TV Antennas in 2020


an antenna allows you to receive

television signals for your local news

sports channels and even movie channels

you won't get HBO or other premium

channels but you'll open up a free

catalog of television channels you never

knew were available for free in this

video we're gonna be checking out the

top 5 best indoor TV antennas in the

market today you can find links to the

products in the description if you've

got another product in mind that you

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and let you know how it compares to the

items listed in this roundup so without

further ado let's get started with the



Moe who has really made a name for

itself in the modern digital TV and

tennis base and that's thanks to its

wide range of tried and true products

the paper-thin moja leaf 30 is a simple

TV antenna that'll pick up your local TV

stations in Full HD with little fuss and

without the need to pay a whole lot for

a fancy design the package includes a

10-foot coaxial cable that is detachable

in case you need a longer or shorter

cable make sure you check which stations

are broadcasting in your area and pay

particular attention to the frequencies

the mohel leaf 30 supports both UHF and

VHF broadcasts but the range for VHF is

substantially shorter than for UHF if

you know some of the stations you want

are only using VHF and aren't nearby you

may want to check out one of the longer

range models


if you're not concerned with getting the

best of the best the prettiest were the

most powerful TV antenna then one by

one's low-cost 25-mile TV antenna is an

incredibly easy pick it's one of the

most affordable you'll come across yet

it still boasts incredible user ratings

the antenna has a 10-foot coaxial cable

built-in and includes 3m adhesive

stickers you can use to mount it to a

wall or window though it only comes in

black it is fully paintable so you can

remodel it to match your space a 35-mile

model is also available at an incredibly

low price so you can take your pick

a 90-day money-back guarantee and a 24

month warranty prove one by one's

confidence in their product

not only is the 1x1 indoor antenna one

of the best budget options on the market

but it's one of the best on Amazon

period it's super easy to set up just

connect the antenna to a NTN on the back

of any HDTV and place it in an optimal

position and you'll easily score you all

your local channels for free the antenna

is lightweight at just 13.8 ounces so it

can be hidden and hung easily but it's

also wide and sleek so that if you don't

tuck it away it's not an eyesore the

antenna comes in four different models

ranging from 25 miles to 50 miles with

the latter being the strongest and thus

picking up the most channels either way

you'll find the product comes with a

20-foot coaxial cable five foot USB

power cable USB adapter adhesive

mounting stickers and of course an

instruction manual not usually one to

buy a budget product the antenna comes

with a 30-day return policy and 12 month

warranty which should come your worries

the Clearstream eclipse from antennas

direct is an affordable and capable

indoor TV antenna that gives you a

little bit of everything it has a simple

design but tries to will look a touch

more pleasant than the common

rectangular antennas that get mounted on

walls or windows it also comes with a

removable 12 foot coaxial cable so

you'll be ready to set it up right out

of the box with a black and white side

you can set up the Clearstream Eclipse

in different settings plus the antenna

is paintable so you could even make it

match the decor or wall paint and the

design offers sure-grip

which ensures it sticks to your walls

and windows with no issue once it's set

up you'll be ready to enjoy local

channels ABC CBS NBC Fox PBS and more in

full 1080 HD if you expect to have a

weaker signal a model that includes an

amplifier is also available the

clearstream eclipse measure zero point

five by eight point eight by ten point

two inches

if you live in an area with poor signal

reception but don't have the will or

means to install an outdoor antenna and

you want to spend as little money as

possible you should look into the

Weingard flat wave amped this is more or

less the same antennas our top pick

about it includes a signal amplifier

that broadens the reception range to 50

miles this also increases the price tag

by a few bucks the flat wave amped

features clear circuit technology which

helps cut out unwanted signal intrusions

from cellphones and radio stations

ensuring an optimal broadcast signal at

very long distances it comes with an

extra-long 18.5 foot coaxial cable and a

USB power supply delivering a variety of

connectivity options for your

entertainment setup