150 Mile Indoor Amplified HD Digital TV Antenna Review - Round Shape

hey YouTube it's Tyler the antenna man

and today I'm going to test out and

review this indoor amplified TV antenna

that claims 150 mile range I purchased

this antenna because it was the first

model that came up when searching the

keywords HD antenna or 150 mile antenna

which means a lot of people are

purchasing it unfortunately the reality

is that many people who are searching

for an antenna for the first time are

looking up a 150 mile range antenna and

an HD antenna when the fact of the

matter stands that neither really are a

thing HD antennas aren't a thing because

antennas aren't designed for HD

broadcasts they're designed for specific

frequencies usually on the UHF and VHF

band I'm going to use this antenna as a

quick example to show you what antenna

elements you usually need to pick up UHF

and VHF TV channels VHF TV channels

broadcast on channels 2 through 13 and

typically require a longer element to

pick up like this little rabbit ear

antennas ease kind of elements here and

then UHF typically requires a smaller

antenna element to pick up the

frequencies like this little circle and

sometimes exes on antennas this antenna

along with most flat antennas does not

have a long enough element for VHF TV

frequency so it's probably not going to

pick them up that well but who knows and

another thing I want to mention about

this antenna is the 150-mile claim

that's not really feasible under most

conditions because TV signals tend to

fade about 70 to 80 miles over the

horizon due to the curvature of the

earth despite this fact I still see

dozens upon dozens of antenna models out

there claiming 150 mile range and

misleading people into buying them

thinking they're getting a superior

antenna when in reality they're probably

getting a piece of junk in fact I feel

like they're a group of executives out

there that are saying Americans are dumb

they don't know better so if we put a

150 mile range on our antennas they'll

buy them in fact they think HD antennas

are a thing we're going to be rich the

funny thing about this antenna is that

there's no brand in the title or on the

box the only thing I could find is the

store named drill top that sells it

another fun

thing about this antenna is on the box

it shows Nickelodeon as one of the

channels that you can pick up with this

antenna I'm guessing the company that

made it didn't do their research to see

what channels you can get over-the-air

in the United States nickelodeon is not

one of them so without further ado I'm

now going to test this antenna in the

same location I'd tested out various

other antenna models on several TV

stations both on the VHF and UHF band

broadcasting about 45 miles away for

those of you that are seeing me for the

first time you may be thinking hey it

may do well I mean after all it has four

and a half stars on Amazon but for those

of you that followed me for a while you

probably know what the results are going

to look like here's a list of the

stations along with their RF channels

and their signal strengths on last two

antennas I tested out on my youtube

channel on the left side you'll see the

type of diffraction on the TV station

one edge means single edge diffraction

or one ridge between me and the

transmitter weakening the signal ello s

means line-of-sight with virtually no

obstructions in the way you can also

find the results of various other indoor

antenna models including the clear

stream to max and mo who leaf by

checking out my other videos

the signal strength on WNEP which

broadcasts on UHF channel 50 was a bit

higher than a GE model but lower than

the one by one antenna model at around

59% with this antenna wyou which

broadcasts on VHF channel 13 was not

able to be picked up with this antenna

likely because it doesn't have any VHF

elements the same holds true for WB re

which broadcasts on VHF channel 11 it

was not able be picked up at all with

this antenna even after I moved it

around a bunch likely because it does

not have any VHF elements the signal

strength on Fox 56 which broadcasts on

UHF channel 22 was a bit higher than GE

model but about the same as a one by one

antenna this is probably the strongest

station that I pick up this antenna was

not able to pick up wnj B's low powered

repeater station however most antennas

do have trouble with this but it's not

an excuse this antenna could not pick up

the VHF stations that most of my other


can get do not buy this antenna it's

junk nothing more than some aluminum

foil code and plastic with a cheap

amplifier that probably just makes

things worse I did try out this antenna

bolt with and without the attached

amplifier and still performed poorly

it's a prime example on why you should

not buy an antenna base on the mileage

range that the antenna company is

promising think about it this antenna

claimed a 150 mile range you had to

perform worse than an antenna I tested

out that claimed 30 mile range this is

one of the reasons why I spend hours

each day on my youtube channel to give

people good insight on what antennas

work well for an urban suburban and

rural setting this antenna will probably

not work well for anything except maybe

using it as a replacement for toilet

paper if your local grocery store is out

of it due to the corona virus thanks

again for watching my youtube channel

and again don't buy this antenna it's

junk I do have several other indoor

antenna reviews on my youtube channel

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