The BEST Ankle Holster I've Ever Seen | Alien Gear Shapeshift Expansion

what's going on guys chad here with

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today we're talking about the alien gear

shapeshift holster

ankle holster expansion pack now before

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so today we're talking about another

alien gear shapeshift holster

expansion pack we've talked about


molly drop leg i think that's it seems

like there was more but that might be it

anyways now we're on to an ankle holster

now i don't have a ton of experience

with ankle holsters

and the only reason why is because i've

never found an ankle holster that i


liked with most ankle holsters the gun

tends to at the top of the like near the

grip and stuff it tends to fall away

from your leg which i don't like

they also tend to kind of sag down your

leg over time

and you really have never found one

that's got a good hard enclosure over

the trigger

and one that can hold a gun larger than

something like a ruger lcp

uh so it's just never been my style that

being said

i think this system honestly fixes

all of those issues this is the first

ankle holster

i've ever really liked and you guys can

can you

well hopefully you can believe me when i

say that because i haven't always liked

these expansion packs i've been honest

about my thoughts on all the other

expansion packs and this is no different

i really like this holster i had no idea

how it worked when i first got

it i'll admit it because it comes in two

pieces and you don't really

think this when you think an ankle

holster but basically how it works is

there's two pieces first up you've got

this piece which

on the inside is like this really

breathable it's like a perforated

neoprene that goes up against like this


you put your heel into wrap this up

around the back your leg

and there's a strap that just goes

around your leg now that kind of

protects your leg that gives you some


and then this guy actually goes along

the outside

there is a polymer little tab here that

fits into

an opening in that sleeve that we just

put on

so that keeps this in place and it

doesn't allow it to

to fall down your leg anymore because

it's it's held in place by something


then you strap this thing around your

leg and you leave the tail open for now

you mount whatever alien gear shell you

want to this little setup here and you

can adjust whether you want it to be

higher or lower depending on

you know whether you're wearing higher

boots or just sneakers or something like

that you can adjust the ride height so

once you've got your shell installed

you put your gun in now this is where

some of the magic happens as well as you

wrap around this last piece

and that keeps the hard shell in place

and it keeps the gun in place

so now you have something that's

actually pressing against the top of

your gun

like it's fully holding your entire gun

against your leg so you're not getting

that drooping that i talked about

and you're not getting the sagging down

the leg because of that polymer tab

and uh this initial wrap the last big

issue that i've always had with with

ankle holsters as i mentioned

is there's never been like a hard shell

option you've always just got a

you know like a neoprene sleeve that

your gun's going into and there's


truly protecting your trigger guard and

now you've actually got a

hard shell holster protecting your gun

so yeah man it's a really cool idea

it's actually ingenious in my mind i

think the entire

holster system is and i see a lot of

comments down there

about like oh how much is alien gear

paying you to do this

alien you didn't pay me to do this

granted they're sending me these

products but as i've mentioned

in my past reviews i haven't always been

positive about the expansion packs

the very first shapeshift holster i was

a huge fan of and

i'm a big fan of this this is the first

thing that's actually brought me around

to being like

maybe i want to carry ankle carry so

anyways that's my spiel ankle carry is

awesome for you know people if you're

sitting in a desk all day or something

like that and uh you know

like it just hurts to carry inside the

waistband or something like that it's

just not comfortable

ankle's a great option to carry if

you're driving all day and again it's

kind of digging into you

that's you know that's not comfortable

another option is if you want to carry

like a secondary backup gun you know

you've got like your bigger glock 19 or


on your waistband but you want to carry

something smaller like an xds

you know sig p238 something like that

that's just real little and quick

as a secondary backup yeah ankle carry

has just made its way back into my

arsenal i'll tell you that much

so anyways if you're interested in

checking more out about alien gear

their uh information is down in the

video description below head over to

their website

this expansion pack i believe runs 62

dollars now i'm not sure if that comes

with the shell

or if that's just for this if it's just

for this

that does seem a bit pricey if you get

the shell with it i think that's a good

i think that's a fine price

so anyways check out their website for

more information on it i will say though

i'm a huge fan

of this ankle carry system and it's

opened my eyes to what ankle carry can


so thanks so much for watching i hope

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and uh yeah we'll see you next time on

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