Top 5 Best Android Emulators for PC!

using an android emulator is a great way

to access Android apps on your computer

many use an emulator for gaming to be

able to use their keyboard mouse or game

controller you can also run other types

of Android apps as well with so many

emulators to choose from we've come up

with a list of the top 5 Android

emulators for your PC and testing we

look at the features available stability

ease of use and the overall user

experience to determine the best let's

get started


starting off our countdown at number

five is co-player whose main focus is

gaming it allows you to record your

gameplay and upload it wherever you want

it it also allows for key mapping to

emulate a controller with your keyboard

when you first launch co-player it will

ask which mode that you want and

maximize game performance select speed

mode if you've run into any issues after

starting co-player you can switch to

compatible mode later on in settings

along the left you have several options

here at the top selecting the keyboard

icon will let you edit the keys for your

keyboard if you're using a game

controller you can activate it and map

it to your preferred layout to switch

from landscape to portrait mode select

the rotate screen icon you'll also find

other options for taking screenshots

recording and sideloading apks like many

of the Android emulators you have full

access to the Google Play Store to

install apps just use caution like you

would on your phone or tablet when

choosing which apps to install

unfortunately on the home screen the app

icons can't be moved

co-player is completely free but like

most emulators you'll have to deal with

the occasional ads coming in at number

four is me Moo play unlike co-player

which is based on android kitkat me

moose software supports apps up to

Android lollipop 5.1 it supports

multiple instances to run multiple apps

simultaneously along with support for a

mouse keyboard and gamepad in me Moo all

the familiar options show up on the

right side of the player to create

multiple instances of the me Moo Player

for multitasking purposes select the

multi me move icon in the lower right

click on create you can pick either

android 5.1 or 4.4 5.1 is newer so most

times you'll select that one then click

on start and it will open a new window

for me move so you can work on more than

one task at a time me Moo plays free to

use and continues to improve with each

new update

and at number three is BlueStacks which

is the best known Android emulator and

was recently updated to Android nougat

it has keyboard mouse and gamepad

support along with the ability to run

multiple apps side by side this emulator

targets gamers a quick look at the user

interface you'll see that we're in the

app center which lists recommended apps

along with popular top grossing and

trending in the right pane along the top

you can access my apps which will show

apps that you have installed if you need

assistance you can go to the Help Center

and to the right of the Help Center is

Piku world which is there in platform

reward currency system where you can

redeem points for physical and digital

goods in-app purchases and can be used

to update skins I personally find pika

world to be more of a nuisance with its

constant notifications let's go back to

my apps the tabbed interface is a cool

feature when opening an app it opens in

a new tab this makes it easy to run

multiple apps at the same time compared

to most emulators BlueStacks is bloated

so it may not run smoothly if you have a

PC with lower system specs or an older

computer anyone can use loose tax for

free with no limits but they do charge a

fee to remove the ads which varies

depending on your region at last check

here in the United States the fee was

$2.00 per month in the runner-up spot at

number Q is Andy which is another

popular Android emulator that's been

around for many years and was also

updated recently to Android nougat it

has a ton of features including being

able to use your phone as a controller

I'll caution you right now when

installing Andy that has a history of

setting off antivirus or malware

security software at this time Andy and

the others mentioned in this video are

completely safe to use as usual just be

careful when installing apps into the

emulators that you only choose the apps

that you trust

as you can see Andy more closely

resembles Android with a cleaner looking

user interface then the others mentioned

with less clutter holding down the left

click on your mouse while in the window

will bring up the options

to change your wallpaper and widgets and

go into your settings going back to the

home screen you had the familiar looking

app drawer which shows you the apps that

you have installed quite simply if

you've ever used an Android device

before this just may be the easiest

Android emulator that you'll ever use

Andy is completely free for personal use

if you run a business they do have a pro

version with plans starting at $12 per


coming in at number one is Knox player

but quite frankly it was a toss-up

between Andy and Knox for the number one

spot even though Knox only has

compatibility up to lollipop 5.1 I found

it perform better than most of the other

emulators when gaming while including

most of the same features Knox player

has all the usual features that can be

selected from the right side including

shake keyboard control a multi instance

manager a recorder screenshot tool and

many others in addition you can change

the theme by selecting the icon that

looks like a t-shirt here at the top

with five to choose from there may be

times when an app requires that your

device be rooted in Knox player rooting

is easy select settings and check the

box next to root and save your settings

you'll need to restart Knox player for

the change to take effect that's all

there is to it Knox player is completely

free just like Andy and bluestacks it's

also available for Mac OS thanks for

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