Every Nut Milk & Non-Dairy Milk Reviewed – What To Buy & Avoid!

and why does that flavor family it is

Bobby coming after you from the grocery

store because today's review is all

about nut milks and milk alternatives

which was a very highly requested video

the other week when I posted on the

community tab so we're gonna break it

all down plus I wanted to make sure I

covered all the bases so I did an

Instagram poll the other day and said

hey what do you guys want to know about

this video and you guys said which

alternative milks have the highest

protein which are the best for toddlers

what's our good for baking tell me

everything about oatmeal which is

getting really popular right now which

ones are Kido which ones have the same

nutrition as cow's milk and a lot more

stuff so let's start breaking it down

and talking about my most popular and

most favorite ones so far is almond milk

now I want you to keep in mind when you

buy almond milk there's actually very

few almonds in here there's only 2%

almonds the rest is water any mall

suppliers so when you pour a cup of

almond milk

we're talking about like 7 or 8 almonds

in that 1 cup you're much better off

just so you know making homemade almond

milk and se has a recipe she posted the

other week on the blog I'll put the link

down below it is phenomenal it uses

almonds and dates for the sweetener you

want to make a keto you can use stevia

amongst roots and it's so delicious

always buy organic that's my most

important thing because almond trees are

very heavily sprayed around the base of

the tree this sprayer with pesticides is

sprayed with chemicals because they want

all the grass to die or on the bottom of

the tree so when they shake the trees

and the almonds fall down there's

nothing to impede all the picking up

process so always buy organic because

those pesticides leach into the tree so

this one right here blue diamond is not

I actually thought that one of my

favorite brands Khalifa because the

flavor and texture is great is organic

but it's not but many of these are this

one is and this one's my favorite and I

know this one's arts favorite because

it's a Simpsons episode right art this

is great because it only has water in

almonds that actually has more almonds

in here per cup because there's no

emulsifiers and stuff another really

important point when you buy almond milk

please always buy unsweetened almond

milk you don't need this sweetener

because we're talking cofee

amounts of sugar sometimes up to 16

grams of sugar in one cup if you want to

know how much 16 grams is we're talking

that's 4 teaspoons imagine 4 teaspoons

of a white refined sugar going into one

cup super bad news

so always by um sweetening if you look

at the nutrition it's actually pretty

low in carbs so it's keto but it's also

very low in protein because all the

protein is strained away if you make

homemade almond milk it's actually

higher which is why this one the MalK

here has more protein it's four grams

because it's not as strength it has more

of the almonds here keep in mind that a

lot of these milks no matter what they

are are gonna have a lot of good

emulsifiers and gels in there because

they don't have a lot of fat when you

make homemade it does have fat but they

need to emulsify it into a thick and

creamy texture almost all emulsifiers

are fine it's just purely for texture

person purposes but that leads us to the

milk that needs the most emulsifiers and

the one that's crazy popular right now

oh no think about Oaks there's no fat

right and they have to add emulsifiers

in the form of rap seed oil this one

doesn't have carrageenan and many of

these don't but I just spy that Pacific

brand actually has carrageenan hair a

lot of manufacturers now go away from

carrageenan because it's a natural

emulsifier made from seaweed which on

the surface is fine but it actually

turns out that carrageenan is really bad

for your stomach and your intestine that

you have intestinal issues definitely

stay away from that very important for

oat milk is to buy organic because oats

are highly sprayed with Monsanto roundup

Thank You Monsanto and they're highly

saturated with the lifeless things

lifeless states are the active

ingredient in or roundup out Lee doesn't

say organic but if you read the label

and you go on their website it's a

hundred percent delight let's say free

on it also like I said it has the

rapeseed oil on here which is GMO canola

oil but once again I went on their

website and it's non GMO I wish they

would put that in the packaging the

downside to only is check out the

ingredients here I'm gonna

facts there's 16 grams of carbs here

because oats are very starchy so if

you're on the low-carb diet don't get

this and it's high in sugar because it

starchy there's 7 grams here for 1 cup

barista blends ok

this makes the most wicked dairy-free

latte along with like almond milk

barista style but oat milk is the best

but I've been getting that recently

inteligencia and my stomach hurts

afterwards and I started doing research

that's because these barista blends are

loaded with sunflower oil and other

emulsifiers to really make them fatty so

they whip up so if you have a sensitive

stomach stay away from these because are

really in a mess you up hey guys let's

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now let's get back to those milk

alternatives now you might be wondering

why some are almond milk like this is

shelf-stable out here in the same brand

is in the refrigerator I all over there

it's all about pasteurization this one

on the shelf is ultra high temperature

pasteurized meaning it is shelf stable

for a long time up until 2020 which

means if the walking-dead ever comes

true in real life you should have a

couple of these in your pantry so you

can have your cereal in the morning and

this one is high temperature short time

pasteurization which is actually better

because you don't kill all of the

nutrients and enzymes in the almond milk

or the nut milk because it's not

supposed to super high heat okay

go into another really really popular

milk right now peas I think aren't you

recently said does it P have a nipple

how does it happen look this stuff is

really popular and it gets the Bobbi's

seal of approval because the nutrition

is fantastic but once again don't be

fooled a lot of you guys on Instagram

we're asking about what's a good

chocolate milk to drink there is no good

chocolate note when it comes to milk

alternatives because if you look at the

sugars have been teen grams of

additional sugar in a one cup portion

that's ridiculous so you got a stick

with the unsweetened vanilla is fine I

wish this was organic because peas grow

in the ground and they're very

susceptible to pesticides but I haven't

found organic yet but look at the

nutrition here zero carbs zero sugar

eight grams of protein this is

phenomenal now another question on

Instagram is what's the best milk

alternatives for toddlers and the answer

is hemp milk I actually say hemp milk

and pee milk because it has the most

similar nutrition to cow's milk hemp is

fantastic it's a superfood

it's high in protein omega-3s but this

is what you want to get the toddler's

along with the pea protein

now speaking of toddlers and young kids

I would highly recommend for them to

stay away from


I think soy milk for everyone it's

probably a good idea to stay away from

especially for us guys art and I because

too much estrogen from the soy milk

could affect your swimmers and

potentially give you man boobs and no

one wants to wear man's ear or let's

together name for it

the bro sign for reference but when

you're a young kid and your hormone

levels are starting to adjust you don't

want the estrogen from the soy milk if

you are gonna drink soy milk get organic

otherwise once again our buddies

Monsanto has GMO soy that you don't want

to eat I will say this makes a really

good latte and the nutrition is great

too we're talking about 7 grams of


once again stay away from the sweetened

but if you're gonna do it do organic

just stay away from the kiddies rice

milk I'm gonna go on the record and say

stay away from rice milk because if you

look at the nutrition there's 23 grams

of carbs in here 10 of those are sugar

but rice is a starch also white rice is

someone unknown I had the outer bran the

Hall removed from it so this doesn't

have much nutrition it's very starchy

canola oil gels taupe and also keep in

mind that rice is almost always very

high in arsenic levels so another reason

to stay away from the rice milk now I

wanted to go over some of the common

ingredients you can read on the back of

milk alternative boxes which are totally

fine but you might not know what they

are sunflower lecithin is a natural

emulsifier dipotassium phosphate

emulsifier and a lot of times these

milks are enriched with vitamins to make

them mimic the nutritional profile of

milk so stuff like calcium carbonate tri

calcium phosphate calcium phosphate

riboflavin all okay and a lot of times

the emulsifiers are gonna see our a

cassia gum xanthan gum locust bean gum

gellan gum a lot of gums because these

don't have the fat that milk has and

they need it for the consistency then

finally to cope the lols

tocopheryl is a natural vitamin e

antioxidant totally fine we talked about

that last week in the video amount of

cereals now going back to your questions

from instagram Bob what are the best

ones for baking and cooking

for cooking and baking you can use

almond milk almond milk is great for

pancakes cookies and waffles but if

you're actually making a crust like a

pie crust I would do soy milk soy milk

gives you the best consistency every

time which one's our key dough until the

mesquita ones our almond and pea but

always do unsweetened hey if you want to

sweeten yourself have two drops of

stevia you're done coconut milk there's

the difference my friends between

coconut milk in the can and this I

always get this question this is coconut

milk and beverage this is watered-down

coconut milk this is not good for making

or cooking when you make my sauces that

usually have coconut milk like in the

new cookbook use canned coconut milk try

to buy ones that don't have too many

emulsifiers in there I'll put my

favorite brand down in the description

box below oh this is a really cool one

so I love this brand this is a cashew

milk really really tasty it's a startup

out of San Francisco they also make a

killer yogurt that is unsweetened made

out of cashews absolutely delicious and

also when you go to a cow's milk keep in

mind it's actually very high in sugar it

has 12 grams of cards in the form of

sugar so it's not very keto friendly

check out my notes sir I think that's

all of it the same thing cashew milk is

all good just read the label make sure

it doesn't have too many emulsifiers

make sure it's unsweetened by organic

when you can and also keep in mind

almond milk is not very good for the

environment it takes 1.1 gallons of

water to grow one almond and 99% of them

are grown in California which is almost

always in a drought but if you're gonna

do it

try making the homemade recipe down in

the description box it is by far the

best ever so that is it you guys

milk review is done let's wrap this up

and get out of here alright my friends

that is it art and I just rocked the

milk alternative this video but we're

not done we're actually going through

another grocery store as soon as we're

done here filming a beef review video

that hopefully will come out tomorrow

but let us know what you want to see

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