What is the correct age to go for ear piercing? - Dr. Satish Babu K


hello I am dr. Suresh Babu senior

consultant ent head and neck surgeon

working with the Apollo Hospital


we have seen in our practice that ear

piercing is done at different age groups

in different cultures sometimes

according to the preference of the

parents sometimes according to the

preference of the baby right it does not

really matter when you get the ears

pierced but as early as one month or

younger it is not really advisable

because the the pinna the soft part of

the year or what we call lobule of the

year has not really fully formed and if

you look at an infant's here that that

would probably be about 2 or 3

millimeters wide so if you pierce right

now you may not get the exact

positioning of the ear ring in the

future and you may even injure the

cartilage right so it is preferable to

give a little time just to have the

lobule formed properly and you can

really hit the hole in the center right

but it doesn't matter when when you are

doing it because we have seen especially

in Arab culture as soon as the baby is

born before the baby gets discharged

from the hospital

most of these Arab parents get the baby

CS pierced so it really doesn't matter

but preferably after the year lobules

you know formed at least about half a

centimeter size and it's got sufficient

thickness you can go ahead and pierce it

the younger it is better because the

pain sensation is much limited in

younger children so they tolerate the

procedure very well even in older

children if the first kid is not

tolerating pain well then we can use

some local anesthetic creams and make

that area slightly less sensitive and go

ahead and pierce a year without much of

a fee