Pokemon Type Weaknesses EXPLAINED!

hey what's going on guys so everyone

knows that Pokemon has types I'm having

the upper hand on other types and some

have the weaknesses to other types but

have you ever asked yourself why why is

fire weak to water well that's obvious

but why is psychic weak to ghosts well

look no further because in this video

I'm gonna explain the logic behind why

these types are weak to other types oh

by the way don't mind the music in the

background I know it's not Pokemon but

it's just too good I just found it and

oh my god I just fell in love with it so

anyways let's get started so let's start

with normal type normal type is weak to

fighting because you know fighting

Pokemon is basically a normal-type

pokémon with extra physical skills so of

course a fighting pokemon is gonna have

the upper hand when fighting a

normal-type pokémon ghost has no effect

against normal because normal people

can't reach the undead and the undead

can reach normal people fighting

fighting is weak to flying psychic and

fairy flying because if someone is

airborne against someone who's on the

ground of course they're going to have

the upper hand sake because you know

mind-over-matter and fairy because well

maybe fairies are too cute for big brute

fighters flying flying as weak to rock

electric ice and ground has no effect

against flying rock because ever hear

the term two birds in one stone electric

because lightning is more likely to hit

a flying object that's higher ice

because birds can't fly with frozen

wings and a lot of birds fly south for

the winter to escape the cold ground has

no effect against flying because well I

think that's pretty obvious poison

poison is weak to ground and psychic

round because poisonous garbage like

radioactive trash is buried under the

ground psychic because the power through

meditation can expel the impurities in

your body ground ground is weak to water

grass ice and electric has no effect to

ground water because well water would

make the ground all soggy and muddy

grass because grass can break through

the ground in order to grow ice because

think of snow and how it completely

the ground it's like suffocating and

forgotten in alleged has no effect to

ground because well when a lightning

bolt hits the ground it doesn't really

do anything

rock rock is weak to fighting ground

steel water and grass fighting because a

martial artist can break bricks ground

because if a boulder hits the ground it

would probably leave it in dense steel

because well you know steel is stronger

than rock water because water can slowly

erode rock grass because plants can root

inside the cracks in the rock bug bug is

weak to flying rock and fire flying

because birds eat bugs rock because a

rock can squish a bug fire because think

of burning ants with a magnifying glass

ghost ghost is weak to ghost dark and

fighting and normal have no effect ghost

because while ghosts are an intangible

substance so only other ghosts can hurt

them dark because nice girls can't be

corrupted by evil spirits fighting

because try to punch the ghost and see

what happens and normal has no effect

against ghosts because of the same

reason why ghost has no effect against

normal fire fires weak to ground rock

and water ground because you can put

sand on fire to put it out rock because

well whatever you make a campfire you

put rocks around the fire so it won't

spread water because old water puts out

fire water water is weak to grass in

electric grass because grass absorbs

water to stay hydrated electric because

water conducts electricity grass grass

is weak to flying poison bugs and fire

flying because grass is vulnerable to

flying objects poison because poison

kills plants bugs because bugs eat

plants fire because fire takes out grass

let shake is only weak to one type which

is ground and I didn't even realize that

until just now ground because well when

a lightning bolt hits the ground it

doesn't really do anything

psychic psychic is weak to bug ghosts

and dark and all three of these have the

same explanation they are all basic

fears ice ice is weak to steel fighting

rock and fire steel because steel can

break ice like glass fighting because a

martial artist can punch through ice

rock because throw a rock got some ice

and see what happens

fire because fire melts ice dragon

dragon is weak to ice dragon and fair

it's weak to ice because when I think of

dragons I think of mythological

creatures lost and old legends and ice

has the sense of timelessness to it

dragon because dragons don't like each

other I'm not really sure about this one

fairy because fairy type is meant to be

viewed as magic accorded to the

Wikipedia I feel like they should have

called it magic instead of fairy because

it sounds way more awesome but in the

old legends and many sources dragons are

impervious to magic so it really doesn't

make any sense

maybe fairies are too cute for gruesome

dragons or maybe mythological creatures

are weak to other mythological creatures

who knows

dark dark is weak to fighting bug and

fairy and psychic has no effect fighting

because while the japanese-version dark

is actually called evil and maybe

superheroes are fighting evil villains

bug because bugs can see in the dark

fairy because while fairies considered

light and that's the opposite of the

spectrum and light definitely overcomes

dark and Psyche doesn't have any effect

against dark because you can't see your

enemy in the dark to use psychic

abilities on them steal steals weak to

fire fighting ground and poison has no

effect to steal fire because fire can

melt steel into a puddle fighting

because strong people can bend steel

gone because ground holds iron until

something bigs it up poison has no

effect to steal because becomes Superman

Man of Steel can't get a shot last but

not least fairy barriers wait to steal

and poison and dragon has no effects

steel because fairies are traditionally

weak to cold iron which is steel poison

because in some legends babies are

easily poisoned by such things as salt

and also think of old fairy tales like

the snow white snow white being poisoned

by the Apple and Dragon has no effect to

fairy because well just to balance

things out in Pokemon so now you know I

hope you enjoyed this video leave a like

if you did I sure enjoyed making it

took me about 15 hours to make and I'll

see y'all next time peace