"Moonlight" wins Best Adapted Screenplay

this year's nominees for Best Adapted

Screenplay have brought their source

material brilliantly to life in a way

that adds movie magic to these

compelling tales here are the nominees

for Best Adapted Screenplay arrival

communicate by Eric hydrant sentence

screenplay by August Wilson based on his

play Sidney figures screenplay by Alison

Schroeder and Fyodor mouses based on

results by Margo leisurely lime-green

play by Lee Davis adapted from the book

a long way home by still in brine early

moonlight screenplay by Bailey Jenkins

and story by to our other machine based

women play in England black boys cook

foods by Tyrell Alvin McCraney and the

Oscar goes to

Barry Jenkins and Carol Alvin McCraney

from your life


this is the first Oscar nomination for

Tarell Alvin McCraney and the first win

for Barry Jenkins who's also nominated

this year for the resting human life


thank you to the Academy Thank You 824

Thank You Plan B thank you with daily

romance Keys thank you our amazing

phenomenal cast thank you my mom my

sister everybody in Miami I also want to

thank my reps the three amigos Jay Baker

at CAA jewel Ross and Jamie Feldman and

I have to thank two women in particular

my publicist Paula woods and has a

secret satay 24 thank you for taking

care of me you know I told my students

that I teach sometimes be in love with

the process not the result but I would

really want this result cause the

bajillion people are watching and all

you people out there who feel like

there's no mirror for you that your life

is not reflected the Academy has your

back the ACLU has your back we have your

back and for the next four years we will

not leave you alone we will not forget

you I just want to echo everything you

just said in all those things but I also

want to say thank God for my mother who

proved to me through her struggles and

the struggles that Naomi Harris

portrayed for all of you that we can

really be here and be somebody two boys

from Liberty City up here on this stage

representing 305 this goes out to all

those black and brown boys and girls and

non gender conforming who don't see

themselves we're trying to show you you

and us so thank you thank you this is

for you