✅Swimming Pool: Best Above Ground Pool (Buying Guide)

the dream of many homeowners is a

beautiful in-ground pool as the

centerpiece of their backyard many

however don't have either the money or

the space to install one so they decide

that an above-ground pool makes more

sense for their budget or their property

an above ground swimming pool provides

most of the same benefits as their more

expensive in-ground cousins they're

ideal for kids to splash around in they

provide a cool respite from a hot summer

day on this video we will present you

the top 5 above-ground pools on the

market today regardless of whether you

are looking for the budget option over

the best of the best we have chosen one

for each category and we'll have one for

you we made this list in no particular

order so if you're interested in what

above-ground pool will work best for you

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video first on our list is the

rectangular ultra frame pool by Intex

the Intex eltra frame above-ground pool

a rectangular pool is one of the most

popular above ground swimming pools

although the price rings in a bit higher

than the Intex metal frame model this

one also comes with an increase in

quality stability durability and

longevity if you're looking for one to

last you several years to come not just

one season

we recommend the ultra frame pool as the

best bang for the buck along with a

ladder ground cloth and pool cover this

package also comes with a more stylish

and contemporary design even with its

improved design assembly is still

relatively simple and most people can

find they handle the setup on their own

without hiring an expert the pool is

available in many sizes but even the

smallest of the sizes is still spacious

if you're planning on buying this pool

make sure that you have enough space in

your backyard because you will need a

lot of space to construct it on the

downside some reviewers state the ladder

that is included is not very sturdy and

suggests upgrading to a sturdier

alternative also it's crucial that the

ground is completely leveled before

assembly which may result in extra

preparation time to summarize the ultra

frame above-ground pool is a

budget-friendly model but with the added


of a more robust and durable build than

that of an inflatable installation is

still relatively simple so you still

have the option of storing your pool

during offseason to prolong the life of

it next on our list is splash pools

round above-ground pool

splash pools round pool package takes

things to a whole new level if you're

looking for an above-ground pool option

that you plan on keeping for several

years to come this is one of the top

rated above-ground pools for overall

quality while it has many traits of an

above-ground pool we advise treating

this one as a more permanent solution

this will require more preparation and

assembly effort than the likes of the

Intex above-ground pool option you

probably won't want to move this one

around very much if ever once assembled

but the good news is it's sure to last a

long time so you should never have to in

addition to quality this pool gives you

the look of luxury opposed to some of

the cheaper alternatives especially if

adding an above-ground pool deck it

features strong painted hot-dipped

galvanized steel components an

all-weather 20 gauge vinyl liner that

withstands everyday use all year round

and a frame resin ladder with a safety

barrier 1 horsepower sand filter with

wide mouth through the wall skimmer

lifetime custom support and a 35 year


the downfall to this more permanent

above-ground pool solution is the lack

of mobility splash pools provide a

larger and much sturdier build so that

they can survive the elements and last

for several years there's no need to

store them for the seasons and would be

difficult to move locations once set

although not impossible additionally

splash pools will likely take days to

install and be ready for swimming and

may require professional assistance if

you do not have help next on our list is

Intex metal frame above-ground pool set

if you're in need of a sturdy reliable

solution to the summer heat and Intex

metal frame pool set might be just what

you're looking for to bring outdoor fun

to your family these pools come in four

different sizes to accommodate various

needs each size is supported by strong

metal beams and water is held in by

tough laminated PVC so you won't have to

worry so much about these pools breaking

during play these pool sets come

with a filter and a pool ladder for your

convenience in my opinion one of the

best benefits of these index pools is

the strong materials used to make them

you won't think that an above-ground

pool could last for years

but these metal frame pools can take it

if you have the time to keep them

well-maintained during the winter months

you can either a disassemble the pieces

and keep them in storage or you can

place it cover over the pool and leave

it set up either way you should find a

perfectly intact pool ready for summer

once the snow melts and the days become

sunnier on the downside some reviewers

state that the pump provided is not

adequate for the size and suggests

upgrading the stock in tax pump to

summarize the Intex metal frame is a

great option if you're looking for a

little more space and a sturdier build

than the easy set with the same benefits

of mobility and a quick and simple

installation next on our list is in-text

easy set above-ground pool for those

that are looking for an escape from the

summer heat but on a tight budget the in

tax easy set pool might be just the one

for you not only are these Intex

inflatable pools a low cost option for

an above-ground pool but they are also

great options for younger kids and

smaller backyards these pools are so

easy to assemble that they can be

quickly stored away when the season ends

which is actually recommended to prolong

the pool life on the other hand many

customers state that it's rather large

to store and find it easier to toss them

out at the end of each season and

purchase a new one the following year

because the prices of these pools are so

affordable either way these are the most

convenient and efficient options for an

above-ground pool additionally these

pools might be a great test option for

those planning to make a larger pool

purchase it will give you an idea of the

maintenance involved and to see how much

use your family will make of your pool

you might find that this style suits you

more than investing in a pool that will

cost thousands in the end included with

the EZ set pool package is a 1500 gallon

filter pump a frame ladder and barrier

ground cloth fitted pool cover and a

bonus six pack of filters it is

important that you make sure your ground

is completely leveled before

installation and your above-ground pool

liner installation is done correctly

the downfalls to this pool are that they

are not as sturdy and durable as the

Intex metal frame and Intex ultra frame

pools to finish our list we have the

Blue Wave Belize above-ground pool one

of the newest above-ground pool choices

is the Blue Wave Belize above ground

swimming pool

it is a 52 inch by 24 foot swimming pool

package it comes with everything you

need to get into water sports pool

parties and more the pool comes with

everything you need to jump on your

summer fun it includes the pump in the

sand filter system a liner and a frame

entry ladder a widemouth skimmer

detailed instructions to steel outer

walls as well as the metal rails and

supports all you have to do is add the

water and the fun the steel walls

feature multi layers of protection so

that it can resist rusting and corrosion

over many years of active use however

even though it is a rolled steel wall

around the outer diameter of your pool

it is kept reasonably lightweight to

make it easy for anyone to install the

walls are not the only thing that

resists damage over the years though the

metal screws are zinc coated the outer

frame has been dipped into minerals

which protect them and even the liner is

made with double welded seams the pump

is 1 horsepower to ensure that your pool

is always going to be kept reasonably

clean this should be eliminating some of

the work you have to deal with to

summarize if you're looking for a solid

swimming pool than the Blue Wave Belize

seems like an all-around great choice

most user complaints are a matter of

personal opinion and minor issues and a

majority of pool owners are happy with

their purchase that would be all for

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