Galaxy Tab S6 vs 2018 iPad Pro - The BEST tablet?

hey you guys it's max max tech we just

got the brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab s6

in and today we're gonna be comparing it

with Apple's 11 inch iPad pro you guys

may have seen my galaxy s5 evideos and I

was really impressed with that tablet

Samsung did a fantastic job but there

was one thing that kept me from

recommending it to most people who like

to buy a tablet every to say two to

three years and that was the processor

inside of it now here the tab s6 is

going to fix that now right out of the

gate we see a couple differences in the

Box first off the tab s6 comes with an S

Pen you don't have to purchase it

separately but we'll be talking about

that in just a bit when we compare it to

the Apple pencil but second is the

charger unfortunately the tab s6 does

not come with that new amazing 25 watt

Samsung charger that comes with a note

10 plus but instead the same 15 watt

charger that has a standard USB here and

a USB type-c on the other end whereas

the iPad pro comes with an 18 watt USB

type-c charger the same one that we

expect in the new upcoming iPhones the

Essex's battery is slightly smaller so

charging time should be fairly similar

as you guys can see they look quite

similar from the top but that does

change once we pick it up the top s6 is

super thin and super lightweight you

definitely feel it in the hands compared

to the iPad pro you may have also

noticed that there is a decent size

difference between the two even though

the specs don't make it seem like there

is so the iPad is actually a little bit

taller and quite a bit wider because of

different display aspect ratio which

we'll talk about in just a bit

both of these high-end tablets do use

USB type-c neither of them have a

headphone jack unfortunately and both of

them also do have quad speaker so two at

the bottom and two at the top now the

iPad has its magnetic connector for the

Apple pencil here on the side whereas

the new tab s6 actually puts it on the

back over here let's test it out

essentially it actually just magnetized

right here not in that slot and the

pencil does move around quite a bit the

magnets actually up here as you guys can

tell so it's not doesn't seem as a

secure or a strong of a connection

compared to the iPad now the next major

difference is authentication the tab s6

gives you a variety of different options

of what most people are going to be

using is the fingerprint authentication

where this new tab s6 actually uses an

optical and display fingerprint scanner

unlike their flagship phones that use an

ultrasonic sensor what we've seen with

the oneplus phones is the the optical

ones actually we're quicker and they're

a bit more reliable okay not bad

wow that is definitely faster than on

the s10 phones and on the note 10 as

well but of course the iPad pro uses

face ID as you guys could see it already

unlocked before I swiped and what the

iPad you can hold it any direction I can

hold it sideways upside down as long as

you're not blocking the sensor here it

will work it works fast very secure and

very reliable so I would say that face

ID is better than having to put your

fingerprint on there as you guys can see

it works really well

now let's go ahead and compare the

displace and the first thing that I have

to mention because it really just popped

out like crazy is the reflectivity the

iPad has much less reflections and the

screen looks dark or black even when

it's shut off whereas the tab s6 has a

ton of reflectivity and it picks up all

sorts of colors so brown from that kind

of wall bluish over here it is a massive

difference and along with that if we

pick it up and start looking from the

sides the screen is kind of wavy which

is very interesting almost like it's

made out of plastic which I don't think

it is I think it's glass now another big

difference is the aspect ratio so the

Samsung is actually a 16 by 10 display

not a sixteen by nine but the iPad is

actually a four by three so that means

that even though the specs 11 inch

versus 10 and a half those seem very

similar in the real world the iPad has a

lot more usable screen real estate the

next question is does the tap s6 put out

more light to battle that reflectivity

and the answer is and no not at all the

iPad is definitely quite a bit brighter

and when we max both of these out I'm

still seeing a bunch of reflections on

the tab

six where's the iPad has none whatsoever

because of that brighter display now as

far as the shift looking from the sides

the iPad does have a little bit more

brightness shift but because the display

is brighter even from the side it is

still brighter and looks better the

display resolutions and pixels per inch

are actually fairly similar so both

these displays look really good they're

very sharp but if we go and take a look

at a YouTube video there is a massive

difference in all sorts of things first

off just the quality because Android can

actually play back the vp9 codec we're

playing back at 1440p 60fps in compared

to 1080p and not only that we also get

HDR video playback with the tab s6

compared to just standard with the iPad

so with the tab s6 we see a lot more

detail better colors and better dynamic

range as well we have a lot more details

in the shadows and in the highlights of

course this is an OLED display so the

blacks are very deep pure black compared

to slightly grayish on the iPad and

overall if you like watching videos the

tab s6 will definitely be a better

experience the iPad pro screen does have

one trick up with sleeve one standout

key feature and that is promotion which

allows it to run at up to 120 Hertz

which gives it a super smooth motion

compared to the 60 Hertz but not only

that it can actually drop down to 60

Hertz or 30 or even 24 Hertz when you're

watching a video so will match up to

your content and that will allow it to

save battery life as well so here you

guys can see the differences between the

two as far as fluidity that is

definitely better on the iPad now with

that said let's jump into the Pens

and this promotion actually helps the

iPad out as well starting out with the

s-pen as you guys can see if I move

quickly there's quite a bit of delay

compared to the Apple pencil even moving

quickly there is no delay whatsoever and

now it's time to compare the speakers

both of these have quad speakers which

is great if you want to watch videos

listen to music we do have Dolby Atmos

turned on with the tab s6 and

to start out by listening to the iPad

pro which absolutely destroys all of the

other iPads that Apple makes let's go

ahead and try this out


okay so we were not expecting that that

sounded good it definitely sounded good

had good volume but man the type of six

just smoked it like crazy now this is a

time that I would normally compare the

keyboards but unfortunately we are still

waiting for a tab s6 keyboard with that

new trackpad to come in so we'll be

doing a separate comparison on which one

of these tablets are a better laptop

replacement and they're going to cover

the keyboards that trackpad we're gonna

cover decks as well as other hardware

and soccer that we didn't in this video

so if you guys want to see that video

it's gonna be a great one make sure you

guys are subscribed that you guys have

those notifications enabled before we

talk about performance let's take a

quick look at the cameras we have a dual

system with the tab s6 so not only the

standard we also have this ultra wide

right here but we do not have a flash

which is weird for me because I would

think with the tablet you would use it

to scan documents maybe deposit checks

that kind of stuff and a flash

definitely comes in handy now with the

iPad we have that single camera so you

can't switch but we have that flash and

we also have a port remote but only for

the front here's a few shots for you

guys side by side let me know in the

comments section does the iPad do a

better job or does the tab s6 and also

let me know do you guys actually use

your tablets to take photos I definitely

want to hear your guys's opinions now

finally let's get into performance we

just ran a geek bench for test and as

you guys can see there is a pretty

substantial performance difference now

the tab at 6 is still really respectable

in its top of the line as far as

smartphones go it has a Qualcomm 855

processor but the a 12 X Bionic that's

in the iPad pro is on a whole nother


this is laptop like performance actually

beating out a fair number of laptops now

let's also go ahead and run Geekbench 5

because that was just released the tests

just finished and as you guys could see

the numbers are much lower it's kind of

odd to see the numbers this low but the

test has been updated here

yeah it's a pretty substantial

difference about 50% faster in single

core the iPad pro is and roughly 65 ish

percent faster in the multi-core score

now of course these are just benchmarks

and what I am wondering about is is

there actually a difference in the real

world and for that you guys should tune

in to our full detailed review after

we've been using the tab at 6 for a

while and along with that I want to plug

a couple other videos we might do a

performance comparison chasing some

different apps in a gaming comparison so

we can check out the difference in

graphics so make sure you guys are

subscribed and have those notifications

enabled and to finish off let's talk

about prices the iPad pro retails at

$800 for this 11 inch model and that is

with 64 gigabytes of storage of course

four gigs of RAM and no pen or anything

else included whereas the brand new tab

s6 starts off at six hundred and forty

nine dollars so $150 less and that's

actually what's a hundred and twenty

eight gigs of storage six gigs of ram

and with that s-pen included so right

off the get-go that gives you a much

better value but not only that with the

tab s6u we actually have a microSD

expansion slot that can support up to

one terabyte microSD cards now if you

spend a little bit more money for $730

this is the model we have with 256 gigs

of storage and also eight gigs of ram so

not that much more money and gives you

you know an extra bang for the buck

there but with the iPad you can't get a

128 gig set up you have to go straight

to the 256 and that cost an extra 150

dollars and no matter which

specification you want either just the

tablets by themselves or adding on a

keyboard or an Apple pencil

we're specking them all the way up the

tap s6 is definitely a better value but

of course there's some other things that

come into play such as software and

maybe depends so make sure you guys are

subscribed and you guys have

notifications enable so you guys don't

miss out on our video covering which one

of these is a better laptop replacement

and of course we're gonna have a couple

other videos as well that you guys are

gonna want to watch and if you want to

watch something else right now a couple

videos right there for you guys

this has been matched with max tech and

I will see you in the next video