Best 55 Inch TV for 2020 - What is the Best 55 Inch TV you can afford right now?

hey guys and girls in this video we're

gonna take a look at the best 55 inch

TVs I made this list based on my

personal opinion and tons of research

and have listed them based on quality

durability price and more I've included

options for every type of consumer so if

you're looking for an entry-level option

or the best product money can buy will

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okay so without further ado this is our

pick of the best 55 inch TVs on the

market right now coming at number six

we've got the Samsung the frame 55 inch

4k TV the frame 4k TV by Samsung has a

groundbreaking design which instantly

transforms it into a digital frame that

displays beautiful artwork there are

many pieces that the TV comes with you

can even add your own photos or purchase

more artwork if you wish the frame has a

built in motion sensor which activates

its screen when you enter the room as

its name suggests the TV looks like a

picture frame when mounted on the wall

we really like that you can customize

its finish by choosing a variety of

available colors the TV's power cord is

also slim and transparent for a clutter

free look the picture quality of the

frame is solid though not on par with

similarly priced rivals its considerable

price tag is driven by the unique design

of course the TV comes with Samsung's

intuitive smart platform with access to

all popular streaming services

coming in at number five sony XBR 55 x9

50 G 55 inch 4k TV this 55 inch Sony 4k

TV sets itself apart from its rivals via

cutting-edge audio tech dubbed acoustic

surface it transforms the entire display

panel into an audio component with

impressive quality Sony has achieved

this engineering feat by installing a

quartet of audio drivers behind the

screen the picture quality offered by

the TV is also impressive thanks to high

quality image processing and a full

array local dimming the TV also supports

both HDR 10 and Tobi vision content

formats so your content will always look

superb the sony xba-4 K TV wire cutters

current topic is powered by Google's

Android TV platform that means you can

stream content from all popular

streaming services as well as access to

the vastly capable Google Assistant the

TV also has chromecast

and airplay too so content can be casted

from your smartphone or tablet directly

to the TV coming at number 4 Samsung UN

ru 8000 FX z a 55 inch 4k this 4k

Samsung TV has stunning picture quality

HDR support and 4 HDMI ports plus it as

voice control through Samsung's bixby

assistant it's interface features apps

from Apple TV Netflix Amazon Instant

Video Hulu HBO Go YouTube Spotify and

Vudu among others it's a great TV for

gamers because of its superb motion

handling we think it's one of the nicest

looking TVs you can buy it has an

extremely thin profile with narrow

bezels plus a sharp stand that'll

complement any room in your

number three LG c9 55-inch OLED TV if

you have deep pockets and image quality

is the most important characteristic

when shopping for a smart TV you can't

go wrong with the LG c9 it offers much

deeper black shades and truer colors

than its LCD and LED counterparts this

gorgeous 4k Ultra HD TV supports HDR

content and it's equipped with all the

latest smart features and plenty of

ports get four HDMI and three USB it

runs LG's webOS platform has Alexa

support for triggering smart devices or

getting information and includes a

motion-activated remote that supports

voice controls it also has one of the

few TVs that's equipped with Dolby Atmos

speakers coming at number two Vizio

e-series 55-inch 4k TV priced well below

$400 the physio D Series 4k TV has

robust picture quality including support

for HDR 10 and HL g content thanks to

vizio smart platform the D Series TV

will let you access all major streaming

services right out of the box we like

that the affordable Smart TV has

built-in chromecast connectivity the

feature allows you to effortlessly

stream content on the big screen from

your mobile gadgets HD series TV comes

bundled with a feature pack 2 remote

control you can also control the TV via

a smartphone app as well as with Amazon

Alexa and Google assistant voice

commands number 1

TCL 6-series 55 inch 4k TV

this reasonably priced TCL 6-series is

the best 55 inch TV it has a sleek

design and picture quality that's worthy

of a much higher price tag review

editors from wired and ratings agree

that the TCL six series is an impressive

TV that delivers a gorgeous picture and

outstanding black levels for a great

value the excellent picture quality of

the six series comes courtesy of

built-in full arrayed local dimming tech

for superior contrast the TV offers

support for both HDR 10 and Dolby vision

content which is an essential feature

for a new TV these days which Roku TV

onboard the device also offers easy

access to all of today's popular

streaming services out of the box we

like that the TV comes bundled with

Roku's intuitive remote control that

brings us to the end of our review and

buyer's guide for the best 55 inch TVs

hope to see you in the next video let us

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