Dell XPS 15 Review: The best 15 inch laptop

Dell's struck gold with the XPS 15 over

the past three years a lot of people who

typically may have gone towards a

macbook pro we're suddenly interested in

this XPS 15 specifically because it had

that slim sleek look and really good

performance and most importantly a

usable keyboard but now that the MacBook

Pro 16 inches out there the tables have

kind of turned again and we have this

the brand new XPS 15 in response to that

laptop and they basically redesign

almost every element of this laptop and

improve it in a lot of different ways so

here's what this is all about and

whether or not this is the best creative

professional content creation device

ever made familiar yet fresh that's sort

of the tagline that Dells been going

forward with the XPS 15 and I have to

agree so the design of this laptop

hasn't changed in the past five years

that's a really long time to stick with

the same chassis all those advancements

that were given to the XPS 13 over the

years have finally all come to the Big

Brother in this new XPS 15 we're talking

that bigger sixteen by ten panel thinner

bezels a larger keyboard and a larger

touchpad all those slight tweaks that

make this a modern and fresh feeling

laptop for 2020 now let's talk about

that display because that's really the

big star of the show here when you sit

in front of this 15.6 inch 16 by 10

display it really does kind of command

your attention of course you do still

have a top bezel air with a 720p webcam

and your IR camera for Windows hello

but really the bezel is here are as thin

as they get on laptops it really feels

like there's no wasted space it's just

all screen and the great thing is the

actual panel that Dell has chosen to use

on this laptop is one of the best I've

ever tested especially considering this

as an LED panel and not an OLED panel

the resolution is 3840 by 2400 and that

is a lot of pixels that's a higher

resolution than 4k it's certainly a

higher is

the 16 inch MacBook Pro and they really

haven't cut any corners here if you opt

for this 4k panel you're getting the

best color precision I've ever seen on a

laptop and as I mentioned earlier the

keyboard and the touchpad and even the

speakers have been redesigned and

refined in this year's version the

keyboard in particular features those

larger key caps with less space in

between them thanks for just a more

modern look but also a more comfortable

typing experience as well as a trackpad

below Della's expanded it to be just

about the size of the 16 inch macbook

pro which is really really large these

are some of the biggest trackpads you

can get on a laptop and just like in the

past is a really precise tracking

experience and really quiet click it's

really one of the best touch pads you

can get and then lastly the speakers

which are now located right up here on

the keyboard deck just like they are on

a MacBook Pro here's the thing Dell has

kind of boasted a lot about these

speakers and they they are quite a big

improvement over the past these are the

best XPS speakers I've ever listened to

but they are not really anywhere near

the type of caliber they're gonna get on

a MacBook Pro though this thing does

sound great and I think you'll be

pleasantly surprised by how good these

speakers are especially if you're

watching movies or videos now one change

here that I do like that I think some

people may have problems with is the

port selection because Dells kind of

switch things up here and made it a

little simpler basically what you're

getting is two Thunderbolt three ports

an extra USB 3.1 port and a full-size SD

card slot and that's basically it except

for of course the headphone jack that is

the universal standard for ports of the

future but for now you might be annoyed

here and there when you can't connect

directly to your TV or to a mouse or


fortunately Dell does throw in a USB a

two USB C connection in the Box more

importantly than any of that is the fact

that they included the full-size SD card

slot here this is a really important

port to have for creative professionals

using a camera of any kind you really

want to have that on your laptop and I

could have seen them going the way of

the MacBook Pro and getting rid of it

entirely but I'm happy to say that it's

still here and it's still very useful

before I move on to pro

so do you want to talk about battery

life again real quick because you gotta

know what you're getting into here this

4k 15 inch laptop it's just not gonna

get the best battery life and honestly

we shouldn't really expect it to you has

an 86 watt hour battery this is a very

large battery to put in a laptop you

still really only getting around five or

six hours in light usage if you're

running any kind of heavy application

that's gonna be cut back a couple hours

from there so you know again this is

standard stuff it's right in line with

the 16 inch MacBook Pro but you should

know what you're getting into the

performance of the XPS 15 has always

been one of its most important features

because this is not just a bigger screen

unlike a lot of other 15-inch laptops

there you actually get more performance

more power to run those heavy

applications well it starts with just a

quad core option you can configure this

in almost any way you want up to 64

gigabytes of RAM and 2 terabytes of

storage so plenty of options there for

getting this machine to be exactly what

you want it to be while still staying in

your budget my review unit does though

come with 16 gigabytes of RAM and NVIDIA

discreet graphics card the GTX 16 250 T

I and of course that hefty eight core

Intel processor all of that costing over

two thousand dollars should be plenty of

power for most of what people are gonna

do this but I wanted to see just how

good this laptop was at things like

video editing because that's a demanding

task that really requires a lot of power

from different parts of this machine I

did kind of my typical test it's a

two-minute 4k clip in Adobe Premiere

exporting at Pro res 42 and the results

were that it took 8 minutes in 42

seconds to finish the render now that is

faster than options like a razor blade

with a 6-quart processor and an RT X 27

T but it's not quite as fast as the

ninth gen core i9 version

the MacBook Pro 68 the XPS 15 has never

been a gaming laptop but I want to talk

about graphics performance because if

it's got a discrete graphics card I

should be able to do some gaming and

this one can because it comes with the

GTX 6 250 T I which is a step up from

the 1650 that was used in last year's

model now the XPS 15 is never really

gonna be able to compete with a normal

gaming laptop but you can get some

really good gaming with the XPS 15 this

year and I think the slight bump up to

that new graphics card gives it just

enough to make this actually a really

nice gaming experience because you can

get most games to play at 60 frames per

second depending on what settings you're

at I'll light a game like fortnight or

civilization 6 can both play 60 frames

per second with the settings cranked all

the way up and it's a really nice

experience while it's something a little

bit heavier like battlefield 5 I was

able to get to 60 frames per second

really easily just by dialing the

graphics back a little bit and of course

this is all playing at 1080p you're not

going to play at 4k really any game so

I'll just put it out there this is the

best 15 inch laptop you can buy I think

in terms of its design there's really

nothing even in the ballpark of

comparing with it I think the MacBook

Pro the 16 inch one is a really nice

laptop still but I think this is a

better value I like the design of this

better and I think your performance is

going to be better too if you jump up to

that core I 9 version when it comes out

if you are a creative professional if

you spend all day sitting in front of

your computer you know trying to get

through those applications and your work

depends on how well it can render

graphics and work with large files

you're gonna need this type of laptop

and I still think the XPS 15 is the best

one you can buy