Glacors Ez?! | Iron True Trim | #1

hey guys what's going on it's cj here

and welcome back to a new episode

of the iron man road to true trim series

um this is actually episode one so the

last episode was actually an

introduction to the series

um just to get you guys familiarized

with the account and the bank and the

goals and stuff like that

um so as you can probably tell as well i

did get myself a new microphone

um so the quality on the videos and the

streams will be quite a lot better

going forward um so we will be doing a

500mm cash giveaway for this

video as well all you have to do is just

leave a comment below make sure you like

and subscribe and i will pick the winner

and announce it on the next video and

i'll contact you in game

but i hope you guys enjoy the video and

enjoy the progress um the first few


are with my old mic and then the rest of

them are with the new mic so you might

just see the difference there but

i hope you enjoy cheers all right so

here we go we are at yaks we are

actually going to get our 99

defense i've got a couple of vote books

and it is two times experience at the


so i'll just pod up with this gear

quickly knock it out

and have 99 defense and buy that max

cape it'll be sweet

all right guys so this should be the

last yak um we did get quite a lot of

yakai's from doing this growing as well

so um that'll be really good with my

500ml summoning um because i do need to

make some yaks to actually

get the elite achievement done so i

believe it's here somewhere bank 100

items for the yacht so

all the yak tides will go towards that

which would be awesome so here we go

should be the last jack i think um

should get an announcement for that as


highest possible level in this skill oh

actually no you don't get the

announcement until

you get uh 120 that's fine so what we'll

do is we'll go to edgeville

and we will buy ourselves our first max

cave on the account which is awesome

let's go over here and talk to max

and max cape oh i need to get money out

of banks sorry one second

how stupid of me


all right let's do it we'll get a nice

little announcement as well when we buy

it i think

maybe no

i guess not maybe i'm tripping but there

we go anyway we've got our max cape

um we can put our 500mm capes on it as

well and we'll change the color and


um but i reckon next grind and maybe

start doing a little bit of elite

barrows to try and get some

armor to go to god wars and get some of

the armor from there as well

you guys will see in the next clip


all right so what i am actually going to

do here is attach the range master cape

which is the 500ml

to the max cape um and just because i

remember that you can't actually change

the colors on it

but when you do add a master cable to it

it does change

um so this will be my investing slot for

the while until i get the

assembler from the volca head uh and

i'll grind out some skill task points as

well so that i can

attach it to a maxscape so it looks a

little bit better

but yeah i'll see you guys next clip all

right so we're gonna do some elite

burrows now

basically this is the best gear i've got

um until i get some arims i do have the

hood but zurios is actually better

um so i'll just be using blood barrage

and still tighten this and hopefully we

can pick up some

good items and i'll let you guys know

all right there we go that's actually

one of our first really good items so

it's the kirill's top um so that's gonna

be really good for

you know tanking um be really good for

like bandos and armadillo as well

um i accidentally um didn't have a

free inventory space so my twix plate

body broke but it's not very i'm

expensive to

repair anyway and we've got the varex

brasses so far so just hope we get some

aaron's items soon

all right there we go we got our first

piece of arum so that's actually quite a

huge upgrade for us

um basically we're placing an elder

chaos top so

yeah quite a large one um all we do need

now is the bottoms

and maybe a couple of other pieces maybe

like a tank leg and tank bottom

um tank leg and tank top for god wars as

well but there we go

we actually just got a barracks place

cut from that one so that'll probably be

my best in slot legs um it's quite tanky

and it also gives the prayer bonus as

well which would be really nice but we

just need the arm skirt now

so um i did a little bit more elite

burrows i got pretty dry so all i got

was the arims top

um but i've decided i'm going to go to

zami and try and get subjugation and

just totally skip the rms bottom


um so what we're going to do now is

we're going to head to glacores so we

need to get all three of our boots from


um we'll only get three for now and then

we'll get the duplicates later for when

we go for the um

the the cerberus boots like the three in

one i can't remember the name of it

um but basically we've got our 500 ml

slayer cake which will make it really

easy to get glacial tasks

um and i'll just be able to teleport

there and kill them so

i'll let you guys know if i get any boot

drops and here we go

well guys there we go only 18 kill count

in as i'm about to die we do get our


boots which is a really good one

actually so it's the rage fire boots

which is the mage ones i'm pretty sure

um if i can pick them up there we go so

i've only got

two more boots to go i've already got my

first one in 18. um

hopefully it doesn't take too much

longer but there we go

well guys there we go that's actually

our second pair of boots in

58 kill count which is insane so that's

the range boots there that's the gleben

stun so now we do have our rage fires

and our glavins so all we need is the


then we'll end up coming back in the

future to get our duplicates but there

we go

glavin's nice

well guys unfortunately it happened it

looks like we actually just got our

first dupe so that's our second pair of

glavin boots

still chasing the steadfast we're

currently at 164 kc so

hopefully soon we'll be able to get it i

did run out of rather and so i'm using

my blood runes now with uh flames of


which is still quite effective but not

as fast but

hopefully we get the steadfasts let's go

so i don't really know what my luck is

but i literally just finished recording

that clip at 163 i got the glavins

and then three kills later another pair

of rage fire boots

so yep whereabouts of those steads

let's see come on

well talk about duplicates it looks like

we actually just rode a pair of clavin

boots there

which is not the steadfast unfortunately


but it is a good thing in the fact that

you know we do have our um

spare glavine and spare rage fire for

when we get our guardian crystal which

is good

um but we're just still chasing those

steadfast currently at

186 so hopefully soon

holy [ __ ] guys there they go steadfast

boots achieved that is glacials

completed um basically i will need to

come back in the future to get a

another pair of these when i get my

guardian crystal but that is the

steadfast which we can

turn into uh the primordials once we get

the thing from

um cerberus which will be great so pop

those in the bank

um and i think next we might

go to zami i'm not sure but you'll see

in the next clip there we go

i did forget to add at the end of that

clip this is our collection log so 207

glacores we got

four glabins one of them was a road two

rage fires and the steadfasts

but there it is all right so before we

go to zami i thought i might just go

through and do all my crystal keys i

just pulled all the tooth half and the

blue parts from my bank and put them

together into the normal crystal key

um so i actually have already done in

the master tier for comptia

i already have done the 25 enhanced


um key chests so what i'm gonna do is

i'm just opening these basically because

i've got them

um and you know in the chances of us

getting like overloads

brews you know staminas

maybe dragon darts i do need quite a few

of those as well um and some runes are

really good too

so hopefully we get lucky let's start

opening them what do we get

that's useless not too bad

not good at all not bad

good for brews i guess uh

[ __ ] pretty decent

dragon stones i just want overloads give

me overloads please

steel bars those are good make titans

out of those

pretty average average

dragon darts that's pretty good it's not

many i mean you can get more from just

camping nomad but 89 dragon dots isn't

too bad i guess

um 86 brews that is huge that's gonna

last us a very long time that's

exactly why i wanted to use these

crystal keys up as well um

really good for sammy this one's pretty


3.1k death runes that's really good you

know that saves me going and room

crafting a whole bunch

last key more steel bars awesome so we

ended up with

just about nine mil cash the good things

here that are notable are the

darts the brews the death runes

and the steel bars which is awesome um

but hopefully

in the next clip if not the next video

you'll see me going to zami and

hopefully pulling some really sick loots

but thanks for watching