SHIFT TALK Timeless Channeled Messages (one of these messages could be for you)

hi seekers this is uh incredibly random and  unplanned i was actually just chilling here in my  

cool uh sitting arrangement thinking how  intense everything is and um i did it live  

a couple of days ago and i i felt guided to  do another one i don't have an agenda specific  

what is it that i want to talk about so you  are very welcome to just ask me questions  

big questions small questions and we can just  see where it goes um if suddenly something comes  

through i'll say it as well feel free to say hi  to me because i already see that we have a few  

people in the audience so tell me who's here which  zodiac sign you are i'm wearing a tank top that i  

designed it's on my online shop karma is a witch  yes she is hi jay thank you so much for joining  

hope you're having a nice day it's the  full moon tomorrow-ish with an eclipse  

i've been feeling these energies for a  month this is a lot uh hi hello laura  

hi i'm an aries and waiting for my twin flame  laura you want to write me your date of birth  

lewis hi lewis pisces he's a virgo what are you  and what's what's your date of birth if you can  

give me both your date of birth and his first  name you don't you don't need to give me full name  

i can try and see sometimes things come through  sometimes they don't so we can see because i'm not  

using any um tools other than my clear either  knowledge and or channeling so we'll see what  

comes okay um so yeah you can ask me questions  like that you can ask me general questions about  

the collective about these times whatever comes to  you kimberly hello i'm a virgo sun and leo rising  

dude virgo sun and leo rising so your son is in  your second house deborah deborah gemini june 1st

is david your destiny what's his date of birth  

laura sure march 22nd 1968 1969 you're so  you're you're uh you're you're in aries

okay his birthday is september 2nd so laura  you're you're very volatile to him to his energy  

and and please confirm or  don't confirm as we go um

in relation to him there's no judgment in anything  that i'm saying i'm here talking about your  

dynamic so in relation to your virgo you  are um volatile meaning to him you are  

there's moods there's he can't read you he can't  anticipate you um he needs he needs to know  

how you feel he needs to know what the schedule  is he's very very sensitive he picks up on  

everything so if he's upset with you and seemingly  it's for no reason because seemingly you didn't  

say anything to make him upset or do anything to  make him upset he picks up either on your energy  

or your mood or your thoughts  and he responds to that  

wow are you saying wow because it's true  or you can you can feel free to say so  

if you can find more tranquility within you he'll  feel way more comfortable in approaching you and  

and connect with you because he feels that  energy and it really throws him off track um

yes that is true cool yeah it it makes him  like feel like he can't trust reality when  

you're around like he doesn't know what's gonna  happen um it makes him feel unsafe okay now i'm  

not saying that you do something intentionally  a god forbid it's it's the dynamic it's in the  

interaction so he needs to find a place within  himself where you feel more confident with unknown  

and you need to find a place within yourself to  feel confidence with no like you need to be more  

of a planner and then that will allow him to be  more open-minded it can't come from him first  

because he's more sensitive than you are i know  seemingly you're supposed to be the sensitive  

one because march 22nd bravo you know he's so much  more sensitive so you have to be the first to be

balancing your energy to be more closer to  

to his on the scale and then the steps that  you take will allow him to also take steps  

towards you and make him feel safer around you  and more and if he feels safe around you he'll  

be able to be very open-minded and very  fluid you just it's like he doesn't get to  

be like that with you because you don't give  him a sense of safety okay i hope this helped um

where was were we um hello philly welcome thank  you for joining so kimberly yeah your son is in  

oh your son is in the first house so your son is  early degrees of um a virgo and your taurus moon


laura if you don't have any normal  communication just telepathy i know  

a lot of people in the spiritual  community think it's very magical  

and cool it's actually super toxic and  destructive it causes a lot of pain  

uh it causes a lot of pain a lot of agony we don't  live in the other spheres we live here on planet  

earth we need communication we need touch we need  presence we need to be in the same room together  

to love and to feel loved uh all those connections  that only happen in telepathy i mean obviously  

it's possible there are so many layers to  our existence but to human beings it is very  

destructive very painful um very toxic and it's  not based in spirituality it's actually based in  

a lot of emotional pain and fear of love so we  escape it we escape the presence of one another  

and then we give it you know a fancy romantic  tagline oh we're together in telepathy you're  

not together he's not in the room with you you're  not together point blank you don't have babies in  

telepathy you don't build an empire in telepathy  you don't create a family you don't create a life  

you don't go out and have fun you don't have  sex none of these things you're doing telepathy

none that's what you want and you can go  be a monk and good for you but i wouldn't  

i wouldn't anyone who's listening don't do  this to yourself i know it's very agonizing  

because there's a reason why we're feeling  drawn to be in this situation it comes from  

a feeling of lack and being drawn to lack

and when i say drawn to lack i don't mean a  person who is a little a-lac i mean an energy of  

feeling unloved your inner child is unloved you  don't know what it's like to feel love to to  

be loved in a present way to have your parents  be present to have your environment be present  

often it happens with people who didn't have um  you know healthy boundaries growing up um healthy  

present love um so we grow up and that's what  we know that's our love language um lacking and  

um being without and having to imagine what  it's like to be loved and then you meet another  

person like that who's either the same way or  they're narcissistic it could be either or um

well living in different  countries doesn't matter like  

you don't you can talk you  can facetime you can plan  

you said you're together in telepathy you're not  together you're not together and the only way for  

you to be together with someone is if you realize  that right now you are not in eight together

as long as you think you're in it together  you don't you're not in a mindset to  

find an actual togetherness

the first step is acknowledging the harsh reality  which is you're not in a present true connected  

love relationship okay so unless one of you  plans on moving a country to the other one  

and that has to be with talking about it and  being together at least with communication  

and phone video or whatever then consider  what it is that you want for your future  

do you want to be in a relationship and telepathy  for the rest of your life or what okay um

anyone who's listening like this i'm sure this  applies to so many of you out there like a lot  

of people who come to see these videos it's  because there's uncertainty and unknown to  

our life and to love um so on that  aspect it's important to recognize  

that yes you can love someone spiritually you  can love someone telepathically but for an  

actual partnership you gotta be talking to the  person you gotta be in this meeting with the

person and mutually making it work

if the person hasn't spoken to you and ever  and you still dream about them and so on  

consider that it's not a spiritual thing  as much as maybe it's a psychological thing  

that your psyche dreams about them  because you want to and they're not  

necessarily connected to that does that mean  that there are no love stories that you know are  

you know from across the sea and impossible to  require a lot of like work to get them to be  

to happen no of course not but that requires  two people who actively wanted to work and  

communicate with each other in planning  how it can work and then acting upon it

right so

if you're in a situation like that talk to your  person see if it's something that they want to do  

if it's something that they want to you know show  presents um if they don't and they don't have to  

say it in words a lot of people don't have words  so see their actions or lack of actions right  

if they say yes yes yes but then don't  do [ __ ] then that's that's a no

okay um so decide from there i don't know what  your narrative is i don't know what your personal  

story is um but take the steps that you need to  take in order for you to find out and that is not  

you know i when i say take the steps i  don't mean reading their chart i don't mean  

having a tarot reading i don't mean  asking for a dream about it i mean  

act like talking to them like you're saying  words and they and they are saying words back

and this is coming from a tarot reader  we have responsibility as readers and as  

um or psychics or intuitive you  know to make sure that you're  

manifesting a good life here on earth you're  on earth yes there is space but you're not in  

space oh you're in space when you're sleeping  okay but then you wake up and you're on earth

um michelle music good evening good evening  em and everyone sadly don't have the time  

to be physically present but wanted to take a  second to say hi and wish you blessed a joyful  

time thank you uh adore you thank you oh i adore  you guys too guys karma is a witch check out my  

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the hoodie is so soft and so warm i  can't wear it now because it's so hot  

but like i can only imagine in cold days  how great it will be and this is this is  

really nice this is really good uh yeah  all right so anyone else has a question  

sorry i went i went a lot with laura's question  but because i feel like it can apply to a lot

my hair is curly i just i just got out of the  shower i found out just recently that i'm actually  

curly because i used to for years just blow  dry my hair automatically after showering and  

i'm used to from growing up my hair was always  straight and then when i started blow drying it  

after a shower it just obviously remains straight  then recently i was like i don't have the energy  

so i just i let it air dry and i'm like i'm  curly what what when did that happen when did  

i when have i become curly no no no complains  i i think it's cute i like it but it's funnies

it's funny okay let me scroll  up in case i missed that  

there was someone who asked another question  that for some reason i didn't tap into

oh debra is a gemini wait was it deborah or was  it kimberly who asked me i think it was deborah um

a gemini june 1st with a david who is a july 15th

so i'm not laughing at you it's just

a june 1st and a july 15th like a gemini

and a cancer

mutable air with cardinal water um deborah i don't  know if you've experienced this from him or not  

if you're not together maybe you just don't  know it yet that that's the dynamic that you  

will have when you're together but if you  are together you might know it already

he needs to lead the way emotionally and often you  will find yourself intellectually just going with  

it because you're open-minded and curious and  adventurous until you find yourself in a place  

that is emotionally very very deep and you  don't necessarily feel or think the same way

i think he needs things from  you that you can't give him  

i think you need things from  him that he can't give you  

and all in all it look don't let never let  anybody especially someone who doesn't know you  

define your life okay if you think i'm wrong or  if you believe in the love between the two of you  

ignore me but there's big differences  between the two of you that i'm tapping into  

in in character in essence  um you have different goals

you have different set of beliefs um  you probably say things that hurt him  

that you don't even know that you're  hurting him you're probably like  

just saying things from a place that is  light-hearted and uh communicative and

and you don't even know how much it hurts him he  internalizes it and then he he will say something  

about like six months later and you're like  what you don't you you forgot about it like six  

six seconds later but he'll be carrying it for six  months um so i'm not sure what your other aspects  

of your chart are but i'm also tapping into the  energy it's not just based on numbers or sign um

so i don't know if i should tell you to try and  be different because it's really your essence  

you know so let me know let me know  if that's if it sounds accurate um

oh my what am i responding to what's

happening so super super  something oh keen you're a doll

you only knew yeah okay not really at  all okay do you think the lunar eclipse  

will have an effect on magnetic soul mate  type relationship not sure what you mean  

by magnetic soul mate soul mates by default  are you know their magnet to one another um

i think it can either create very  strong connecting or disconnecting  

based on what the lunar eclipse will do to people  individually what it's going to do is release a  

mindset of belief system of some sort that was  keeping you apart right so people that were kept  

apart by belief systems ideologies mindsets you  know that came between them because so many people  

are going to change their viewpoint and learn new  information that blows their mind have different  

understanding of things so releasing those things  if it's if it serves as a you know as a separation  

that will allow connection but if what you release  is something that you used to have in common  

then that will create separation let's say the  two of you are um very strong believers of the  

same religion and then now this eclipse take that  faith out of one of you and you're no longer a  

believer that can create right so that's just an  example or the opposite um let's say one of you  

strongly believes in something the other is super  resistant to that thing and then new information  

makes them not resistant or change their opinion  and connect and be more on the same mindset with  

the other person that will allow connection  so i think that's how it's going to affect  

um guys the best way for me to not skip your  question obviously and that also will be nice  

is super chats because that will make your  question stand out and it will also be nice

just so you know i'm answering questions but you  know feel free to have your questions stand out um

jennifer marie november 25th and may 24th  very good match they have to they have a lot  

to teach one another um like a lot to teach one  another and be very good for these two people to  

study things together and have adventures  together and explore new worlds together

and have like philosophical debate until the  early mornings the early hour of the morning

sorry i'm just reading and i'm going to  see if there's something that i tap into


oh jennifer your patron ah perfect i think this  is the person from the daily room reading cool  

the room readings on patreon oh my god like i  can't with these runes they're they're just like  

it's like when i when i do readings for you guys  

it's like i tap into something so old  in me that i don't even recognize myself  

like i'm like who is this person talking  right now it's like i tap into something  

i love it i love it i love the rooms  i'm like such a fan of the rules like  

runes to presidency rooms just know everything  um thank you for being a patron jennifer

michelle oh i see where the awesome abracadabra  blanket is from i was wondering the other day  

i designed it it's a sigil that i created  abracadabra of obviously i didn't make up  

on abracadabra it's a very ancient uh wording  from aramaic and hebrew avrah ibrah ev abrahad

that which i speak i shall create but i created  as a as a pyramid basically it's a very powerful  

sigil of protection and of manifestation if  there's one thing i recommend to get if you  

have if you can only have one thing get something  with that abracadabra you have a blanket you have  

a wall hanging you have all kinds of stuff  that as options for the abracadabra and um  

it's badass i have it i ordered it in  green and i'm like so in love with it


uh renzo you can try write me your numbers  all your numbers your date of birth  

and year and i can see if i tap into  a message but normally i don't do  

health questions so only if something specific  comes to me i'll say it but i won't push it okay

there was another question though where is it

ella hey hi please tell me what can i do to  get over fear of uncertainty so i can take  

action towards my career also will my husband  apologize truly my date of birth is june 7th

1983. well first of all regardless and i can tell  you that um you're a very spiritual intuitive  

person but you keep trying to intellectualize  it stop trying to make sense of the things  

you know some things you just know because  you're clear cognizant you just know it in  

your brain and then you're like where do i know  it from where do i know it from maybe i'm vain  

maybe i'm making this up but i i don't i don't  where did i read it did i did i read it stop

you're highly tapped into air element knowledge  just comes to you like that someone asks your  

questions and you just know so the fear of  progressing in your career comes from place  

that you really um sabotage that gift that you  have and you block it with intellect and so  

emotionally because you're blocking  that you're also emotionally blocking  

opportunity and career to progress so work  it the other way around leave that fear alone  

just work on just letting information come  to you and accepting it and have fun with it  

instead of doing research about it to verify  if you're right just assume you're right  

and just explore more knowledge about it does  that make sense let me know if that connects

um and and as for your  husband if you'll apologize um

you give me his numbers maybe it will come to me  i'm not i'm not feeling connected to him ella yes  

i love being right

oh michelle you started following me on  instagram i just got the notification

okay he's a september 9 1981.

um a lot of ego with this man

he's always right um

i don't i think if uh i don't think so i  don't think so he's he's um very stubborn

very stubborn he does not like to be wrong so  i can't i mean i can't people people are like  

the most surprising unexpected creature in the  world so i can't say uncertainty yes yes yes

but i don't think so

do i have any moderators in the  house to encourage people to  

show reciprocity and generosity  anyone wants to be a moderator  

what did um dr phosphorous oh phosphorus okay what  do you think of the theory that symbolic value  

that symbolic values of the major arcana come from  medieval interpretations of the alphabet symbolic  

hieroglyphic meanings also if so  why is the fool not 300 for shinta  

according to that the fool would not be 300  it would be 400 which is the last letter tough  

so you're referring to the hebrew alphabet  there are 22 major arcanas and by the way i  

teach about it on my tarot master class bunkai  i go very in-depth when i in in my teachings  

okay but okay let's talk about the major con  so absolutely i connect to that i use it in  

my reading um the notion is that the 22 major  arcanas are aligned with the 22 hebrew alphabet  

there are 22 letters in the hebrew alphabet  um and the fool is zero so it can either be  

the first letter which is alif like a or it can  be the last letter which is taf taf in hebrew  

which is the um what you know is numerology it's  the hebrew numerology the letter taf which has  

the sound of t for example but the letter f um  value is 400. so the fool will will either be  

um alef or tough so and what you're asking you're  asking why how come the fool is not 300 because  

the fool's not supposed to be 300. if anything  the world is right shin is the 21st letter

so um so either way the fool would not be  considered 300 would be considered either  

alif or or tough or one or 400. um so as  for the connection to alphabet symbolics and  

hyrule hieroglyphics so the major arcanas before  it became the tarot before they connected to  

the mino arcana there were just 22 of those  there's a lot of it goes back to ancient egypt  

that's the reference to the hieroglyphic i can't  even pronounce what i'm talking about so bizarre  

um and it says that within the pyramids that  were built by the hebrews so see how everything  

connects right the there's connection between  the 22 major arcanas and 22 hebrew alphabets  

hebrew slash aramaic is one of the most  ancient languages we know of and when we go  

back to ancient egypt and pyramids where we have  hieroglyphs we that were built by the hebrews you  

know there's a lot of connections right um so  anyway sorry so they say that inside and i've  

never been there i haven't seen it but they  say that inside some pyramids there are actual  

um uh images of the 22 major arcanas and in the  old and in those days a way of uh in ancient  

egypt a way of um divination was they would  stand in a certain uh distance from those  

images inside the pyramid as a hieroglyph like  it's carved in the wall if you don't know what  

a hero glyph means it's an image that is carved on  inside of walls of ancient structures as ways of  

the of the old of people of the old times you know  their their written ways of storytelling so anyway  

sorry i just keep going it's a different you  would stand in front of it at a certain distance  

you would close your eyes and you would hold  the stick and you throw the stick and whichever  

this wherever the stick would hit whichever  symbol the stick would hit that would be the  

card that gives you an answer so there's absolute  connection between the major arcanas and the  

hebrew alphabet and the hiloglyphs there's a lot  of kabbalah which is the jewish esoterics in tarot  

i teach about kabbalah as well you'll  have kabbalah and the trio life  

in the court cards okay and and hiding  in different in in the different um  

cards as well like the ten of pentacles is  associated with the tree of life from kabbalah um

yeah i'm not going to go into the history if  you want to know you don't have to take my  

entire tarot master class you can just rent my  introducing tarot like the first class zero if  

you go down if you go to vimeo um to tarot master  class on vimeo link is underneath all my videos  

super easy you can rent the classes separately  you can either purchase them all rent them all  

or rent them separately so you can just obviously  recommend to take all of it if you're into tallow  

and having a shamanic going through a shamanic  journey with me but you can also just rent the  

first class which is introducing tarot if you're  into kabbalah then also rent the court court cards  

um if you're a tarot reader and you want and you  want to teach tarot and you're thinking about  

you know going to my class and copying my  material i can't help you you know you're um  

someone will one day ask you a  question and you won't know the answer

you trying it will be your loss so whatever um  that was a little bit snappy of me i'm sorry  

i'm just so tired of people pretending to care  about me when they're just trying to take from me

it's it's really heartbreaking

jennifer thank you for the five dollars i really  appreciate it can you pick up on a time frame  

for me for me to relocate you need to give me  like a date of birth like something to tap into  

maybe reference like where you're considering to  relocate to like uh give me a couple of details so  

i can kind of just so my brain can just tap you're  november 25th 1980 what what was the last number

you're a saggy uh or an or a scorpio that borders  with ophiuchus depending on how i look at it  

hold up so eleven seven t-shirts um

that's a shiver sheesh

okay um and where are you considering moving to  relocating to it's on your choice interpretation

now now um actually your birthday  season will be a good time for you

like your birthday season like around  december will be a very good time for you

um i i don't know where your saturn is but  i know you've already had its return and  

with sagittarius being the south node  being in sagittarius and the eclipse and  

that was in sagittarius a lot of how you define  yourself as is leaving your sphere of existence  

you're you're going to start defining yourself  differently and i feel like it's it makes sense  

it will be like a six months process um and  i think you'll be really ready and certain  

by your birthday season and it will feel it  will feel right it will just work out like that  

you're welcome thank you for the five dollars i  appreciate you thank you for the super chat um

jay good good day ladies and gentlemen  again we are internally grateful for all  

you do to the collective thank  you thank you you're welcome

saturn and sag too you might  get a a if if you've done good  

according to saturn you might get a  nice gift in that from this um eclipse

are you doing private shamanic journey or life  purpose readings i really need something like this  

good question first of all if you're a patron  my patrons can book a private reading with me  

my private readings it can be  anything it really depends on  

you and what i feel and if you have a request  like that that's cool um so if you join patreon  

you'll have the link to book a reading with  me and then we can talk as for shamanic  

journey in specific there's two avenues to  take with me one is to have my take my uh down

why is my head hurting i'm sorry

one is to um get my tarot master class  bunkai because as i teach you the tarot i  

i have you go through a shamanic journey with me

okay so that's that the tarot master  class you don't have to want to be a  

tarot reader i mean you'll obviously  become knowledgeable in how to read tarot  

but it's so such an intense shamanic journey with  me as i teach you the cards i've built that class

in acute intellectual and energetic accuracy

okay i took it very seriously  

and when i take things very seriously  i do them quite an intense way

because i can be a little bit intense i've  been told that before especially by men  

oh well a second option for gate to have a  shamanic journey with me is to have my mentor  

shift so when you uh go to the link to book a  private reading with me you also have the option  

to book a mentor shift which is five consecutive  video chat sessions you pay in advance but you  

pay a smaller amount a smaller price than if  you were to separately book five sessions it's  

like a package deal and then we just go through  like we have like five sessions once a week or  

once and every other week we figure it out and  talk on the video and when i do that with people  

consider yourself warned people changed your life  completely often so if you're not ready for that

consider okay um jennifer murray tarot  masterclass bunkai is incredible i  

highly recommend it yay thank you i appreciate you

oh that sounds good yeah so go to patreon go  to tara master class see what see you know  

just just see what jibes obviously i recommend  both but i understand that you can if you can't  

you know afford both although the terra  master class you can rent for six months  

all of it for a very reasonable price you don't  have to purchase it just check out the options

did i miss out on a question of course  i did i missed on several questions

now after we spoke about my curls now  i'm super conscientious to my hair

i'm normal

that was my monkey

hey do you see me learning tarot in future i'm  skeptical of my ability okay don't guys if you  

want to learn tarot just learn tarot that's not  a question i'm not going to encourage you to be

lazy if you go to my tarot master  class and buy my tarot master class  

you will learn tarot if you don't myself or  anyone else okay i'm not telling you who you  

have to go to but if you don't then you don't  it's that's where your choice and your active  

participation in this life comes in tia hey tia  we have a moderator in the house heimergaine  

i'm late and probably going to bed soon but i  want to say hi hi thank you for joining love


let's see if there was a  different question anywhere

my twin flame is pisces march  set 12 and i'm libra october 7.  

n excel uh sorry from slaughtering your name

guys i've heard the tweet the word twin flame  come up i heard the word soul mate come up i  

myself am worried top saint karma go to my  13th element playlist after this live don't  

abandon me now a-holes stick around and then  afterwards go to the 13th element playlist  

look up um twin flame soul mates carmix  timeless love i named it timeless love love  

the t on twin flames soul mates  and carmix where i explain  

what is a twin flame what is a soul mate  what is a car make and everything in between  

because there's a lot of stuff going on on the  internet so much is happening on the internet  

it's a party of information and  misinformation and news and fake news and just

um sorry so you're he's he's they are  pisces march 12 and you're libra october 7th

you're you're both are so um

polite and politically correct

you just don't talk to each other direct  like both of you just don't talk direct to  

one another you just talk around the topics and  around one another and you never get to the point  

so each of you singularly individually to work on  communicating your thoughts and feelings directly

and then when you both manage to  do so individually you might be  

able to actually talk to one another and  actually say the words you want to say  

sorry i'm not trying to be sarcastic i actually  am meaning it uh they're both such sweethearts  

but you gotta be able to talk all right okay

lorenzo december 17th and

oh you're you're asking about your health so  you're a sad son a pisces rising in a virgo moon

let me say i remember you said you only recently  started feeling okay let me tell you something  

um first of all your your sun  moon and rising are all mutable

uh so this eclipse is going to affect you i want  you in the next month to make sure that you eat  

very very well very clean very healthy and you get  all the rest that you need like self-care should  

be number one number one number one now regardless  you have the access of pisces and virgo which are  

both healers one is a healer of the body another  is a healer of the psyche and the energy and your  

path in order to tap into that healer abilities  is by going through illness don't freak out

if you are aware of it and if you understand  that whatever you go through and manage to  

help yourself with you are then are able and  meant to help others go you know get through  

similar things your life force will  be strong enough to to to deal with it

and when it's no longer something bad  because you'll understand the purpose in it  

from your soul then physically you'll feel better  and the symptoms will be way milder than they  

can potentially be if you were to resist and like  don't make it about oh why am i being punished why  

am i not feeling well why is this happening  to me just be like okay my soul came here  

to heal in order for that i need  to know through the experience  

um this is what i chose it's rock and roll  not in ways of getting yourself feeling worse  

or or and or seeking to feel bad no no no  no if it comes to you that happens to you  

then your conscientiousness of what i just said  and you take it with those proportions and you do  

everything possible to research and feel  how you can make yourself feel better  

and then the symptoms will be milder nothing that  i said though disclaimer uh means that you should  

not see a doctor quite the opposite the whole  point is that you learn a lot about whatever  

it is that you feel so you are encouraged  to see professional doctors and physicians  

be it from modern western medicine or  homeopathic slash natural medicine all of it

you feel ill because you didn't go to  that path like life path of being uh  

of being a healer so your spirit is forcing you  to just know what it is that people go through  

so you can help them with it so just accept  it and it'll be easier i hope this helped um

ella gupta thank you so much for the 299 that's  very sweet of you and i appreciate it thank you  

for the super chat what do i need to do to fix  my anxiety and breathing when i lie down straight  

is it food or something in throat muscle  

guys write me or just write me  your numbers i need your numbers

and you know i'm going to because we're already at  49 minutes i'm going to prioritize super chats for  

questions and then we're going to i want  to make it less than less than an hour  

okay so we're going to end it before 59 minutes so  if you want to ask a question now i encourage you  

to do so now so ella you're oh you already told  me your numbers um july 7th 1983 what i told you

same thing with the career the same thing  that i told you about your career to fix your  

anxiety and breathing stop arguing with the  information that you receive into your brain

your anxiety and breathing is because  you're really really resistant of yourself  

kimberly thank you i'll be  right with you appreciate it  

um so a lot of what you're going  through is because you're resisting

knowledge because it's coming  in ways that are not book  

or not so-called legitimate  you're denying your intuition

you're in resistance to yourself

um and also surrender to it just breathe deep  and be anxious and feel it all i know it sounds  

counter-intuitive and it's painful but your  body goes into a certain um battle with itself  

because there's there's internal resistance  release resistance as much as possible so if  

you have anxiety just listen to these thoughts  talk to yourself argue with people in the head  

i know it's like toxic and we tell ourselves to  meditate and to stop doing that but your brain  

needs needs a release and it needs an outlet so  just do those things so you'll also listen to  

yourself talk and know what it is that you have  in your subconscious okay i hope this helped  

um hi the bane i'm well thank you so much thank  you for the five dollars kimberly i appreciate it  

you are august 30th hey virgo tate is january  17th hey capri oh thank you cha i appreciate  

it i'll be right with you appreciate you uh  tate is january 17th cappy we're going cathy

get this all of our numbers  and your numerology charts  

in our numerology charts match exactly my  question actually pertains to my kiddos  

but you gave me information about you and tate  so how am i supposed to know about your kiddos

so you're married and you get along  great because you're virgo and capricorn

he builds an empire and you make sure  that the details are in place that's great

i don't know about your kiddos you  didn't give me their information

i'm sure they're i'm sure they're they have  very healthy boundaries and healthy structure  

because both of you are good at it i'm sure  they really love you because you're you're  

funny and they enjoy spending time with you  and you're a little you're a kid yourself

i'm sure they admire their dad because he's  probably a leader in his own right and he's that  

he does like a lot of work in the physical  realm um so whatever happens if you're really  

this healthy as i believe you are and you know no  one is perfect and i'm sure you have your your uh  

passive aggressive arguments that they pick up  on by the way so just because you're being quiet  

and passive aggressive about your arguments  doesn't mean that they don't pick up on it  

when you're argumenting when you're arguing  even if you're polite about your argument  

do it in a separate room so they don't  hear it or see it because then what  

they learn is being passive aggressively  toxic instead of communicating directly  

i hope this helped um thank you so much  for the 22-22 i appreciate it um renzo  

thank you so much for your answer it makes a  lot of sense to me about going through this  

in order to kill other people cool you're welcome  kimberly thank you again for the five dollars cha  

did i answer your question already because i don't  see a question from you uh so if you're giving me  

this 22 super chat because i already answered  a question for you so thank you so much uh  

but if i didn't then please write me your  question write me your question i know you  

may have written it before but you know there's  a lot of messages coming in and so i don't know  

any guidance right now okay uh you gave me your  numbers kimberly i'll be right with you again

kimberly thank you so much i hope i  hope the message to the kids applied  

ciao what was your number your december  10th um 1981 right i'm scrolling up to see  

there's saggy sun gemini moon and rising you're  also all mutable but your immutable um balance is  

not virgo pisces you're on the side you gemini  mainly let me think about you for a second

are you jumpy you're you're a jumpy character  right things make you jump super easy like  

you get startled from from noises and from  surprises you don't like surprises you don't like  

people sneaking behind you you like to sit in  a corner of a room so you can see everything  

um also because you you're very  curious and you actually enjoy  

being able to watch and absorb observe everyone  but you also don't like to be startled um

it's a little bit of a challenge for  you because you like to learn so much  

on one hand on the other hand you're  scared of the actual experience  

of learning because you know there's a  lot of newness to it on one hand it's  

exciting on the other hand because you're  so sensitive it can be uncomfortable often

i don't know where your mars is but i'm picking up  that you can something that can help you is you if  

if you tap into your mars energy wherever mars  is whatever sign your mars is whichever house is  

if you put a lot of energy there making your mars  more dominant and more active in the wherever mars  

is is transiting in any given time okay so say  if mars is right now in your second house so  

focus on manifestation and finances um and good  food etc and um and producing things if it's in  

your eighth house and focus on your karma and  quantum debt and finances and sexuality and all  

that jazz colts like just just see where your mars  is really focus on that energy mars in first house

so your mars is in virgo or in libra all right  your mars is either in virgo anymore so anyway  

whichever it doesn't matter focus on that energy  and wherever it transits and the self and ex so  

focus on the expression of the self and the energy  of virgo on exerting to the world the virgo energy  

in you it will help you feel safer in the world  which virgo is although it's immutable it's also  

earth so it makes sense and also on the transits  and wherever mars is transiting in your chart  

okay so if right now mars is in gemini then it's  in the house where your moon is i don't know where  

where gemini oh if you're a virgo rising  anyway i don't have the energy to calculate  

somewhere in the uh your seventh  house is pisces and then we have um

aries towards gemini so eight nine ten so  probably so right now focus on your career  

right and your uh goals in the world right

all right anyone else

i'm also mutable and have health issues and  wanted to ask how the eclipse will affect me  

but i wanted to ask about my self-confidence i  don't have any you do my birthday is june 16th  

1987. forget you have a lot of confidence  in essence you just had a very difficult um  

maybe in childhood you weren't popular or  something or maybe at home but something  

made you feel insecure in childhood you're also  hypersensitive if you have a lot of mutability  

energy um june 16 there's also a lot of sevens

but in essence you are super confident in what  you know in your brain in your knowledge you're a  

sharp intellectual um if weren't for childhood  trauma you'd be super sharp and super dominant  

with your communication so heal your inner  child it's pain and be there for yourself  

like others want and encourage you know  everything that is positive about you  

and really be positive towards yourself and  affirmations and acknowledging everything you're  

good at and and strengthen those things um and  that will allow you to tap into your confidence

which you do have by the way okay

i am so right boom

thank you thank you have a blessed night  y'all thank you have a blessed night too  

yes true my dad abused me there you go

i don't know how i do it with numbers but numbers  just talk to me like that it's crazy they always  

have it i didn't have to study numerology  for that i've had this thing since i was a  

kid and i thought maybe i was crazy maybe i was  imagining but nope as you can see confirmation  

after confirmation after cooperation which  is fun thank you guys for serving as my  

confirmation and giving me the confidence  to know that i know what i'm doing

kimberly he worked all the time he worked so hard  to land a cancer and that was our tower we met 18  

and 19 and sat in the tenth of swords too long  and three kiddos later we divorced i'm 40 now  

wait kimberly are you the virgo and the  capricorn okay well good riddance then

cheers to your new life okay guys um this  is my queue i need to go buy food i haven't  

bought groceries home for the past two three weeks  i've been under such anxiety because my country  

has been under missiles and i could barely  sleep and barely eat and barely think and um  

i've been feeling it all and now i'm slowly  just getting back to thinking straight  

and eating good well again  because i was under such a good  

route like i was so on point taking care of myself  and doing well and then it just all just got me so

i post a lot about it on instagram if the way  for you if you want to support me is you can just  

learn and educate yourself on the topic  because there's a lot of misinformation and  

a lot of fake news and a lot of anti-semitism  disguises anti-semitism zionism and a lot of  

ignorance a lot of cruelty um so just follow  my instagram i just share there a lot um erica

i'm sorry i don't i don't do any questions  anymore i'm done but i hope this helps you  

guys if you're if you've been watching it after  the live you can get messages all the messages  

i give teach something so something can apply  to you somehow you're not here for no reason  

check out tarot masterclass check out my patreon  check out vimeo for your love standards i love you  

guys very much stay magic stay true and take  care and be in the know be in the know learn  

be observant it's not just what is said it's what  is not said what is missing what is the context